Diary of Love Month


It's February, or almost February. My friends and I often refer to it as 'love month' just because of Valentine's Day. Somehow, at this time of year, everyone seems to be even more interested in love and dating and relationships of some sort. And, it got me thinking:

So often, people always wonder about love. Love has inspired more stories and more songs and more movies than any other thing on the planet. Yet, it's one of the trickiest emotions to ever deal with. Everyone has questions and qualms about it. I thought it might be interesting to do a little study on it.

So here's my proposition. Each day of February, I will give an update in diary entry format. Although, the whole 'Dear Diary' will be skipped, because I'm not talking to a diary but rather to anyone who dares read what I have to say. I warn you, some of the stuff I'm going to say, well you might not be happy about it. But, this is a challenge. I challenge you to read on with me, as together, we discover more about this mysterious phenomenon called Love.

~ Ruby Kart

PS - If you're waiting for the next update in the series, I sincerely apologize. This has been on my mind for a while, so maybe once this is over I will continue with the series. Thanks for reading. And even if this may not be what you were expecting, read it anyway, just to see what happens :)