Day 28:

Today is the final post. I have learned so much this past month, and I hope you have learned something too. This is my final post, and so I wanted to tell you about True Love. A love so great and so magnanimous, it literally did change the world. A love that I have experienced, and want to share with you. This is your warning: you may be offended by what I'm going to speak on, so you have the freedom whether or not to read on. But don't send me any flames, because I did warn you.

We've dealt with love on so many different levels. There's love of things, and friends, and family, and special some ones, and people in general. Love is so much bigger than anything else in the world. But what happens when a single act of Love completely alters history?

Have you ever lied? Stolen something? Swore? Disobeyed your parents? Those are all sins. Answer yes to any of the previous questions, and you are a sinner. All of us are. But someone who hadn't ever done any of those things decided to love us in spite of ourselves.

About 2000 years ago, a man named Jesus Christ walked the earth. But He wasn't just a man – He was God's son. God incarnate walking on earth amongst other people. He lived a sinless life, showing kindness to everyone. He healed the sick, brought the dead to life. Was kind to the poor and taught the multitudes. But what happened?

He was crucified on a cross. What does that have to do with love? Everything! As the Son of God, He didn't have to stay there on the cross and be beaten and mocked and die for us. So why did He? Because he loved us.

There had to be a perfect sacrifice for all of us, because we're all sinners. There was no way we could earn ourselves righteousness or salvation. We're all on a road to Hell because of our sins. And the only way we could ever receive salvation was by innocent blood being shed for our sins. Jesus was completely innocent of any and every crime. He never sinned – He lived a perfect and blameless life. He didn't deserve to suffer as He did – that's what we deserved. But He loved us, and He chose to be crucified in our stead so we could one day be with Him.

We described love as being selfless – He was selfless. He literally died for us! What's more – He chose to. No one forced Him to, He chose to out of love for all of us. He knew we weren't going to be perfect – He knew some of us wouldn't believe that what He did was real, but He still chose to be crucified.

This is how I perceive His love. He looked down on me and saw who I was. He saw everything I'd ever done wrong. He saw all the times I'd cursed his face, all the times I'd turned my back on Him, all the times I'd made mistakes. He saw every word I said and all the pain I would cause Him. And on top of seeing all that, He still decided that He was going to die for me. Even before I was born, even before I had made my mistakes, even before I accepted Him – He decided He would die in place of me. He would sacrifice Himself for me, even though I didn't deserve it and couldn't earn it. And He would do it all, because He loved me.

See, Christ's love is stronger than any other type of love out there. He didn't just speak love, He showed it. He literally bled it! And after everything I've done, He still wants a relationship with me. He still wants to love me, and invite me to be a part of His family.

Sometimes people have this view of God as being this giant judge with a gavel in hand condemning everyone to Hell because of their sin. But why don't people see Him as a God full of love that died for us, even before we were there. He was willing to sacrifice Himself whether we believed Him or not. God doesn't condemn us to Hell; we ourselves do by not accepting His sacrifice and His love.

God wants to have a relationship with us. He created us – as soon as conception began, we were a person and God wanted to be a part of our lives. He shed his blood for us, so that we might live eternally with Him. He died for us, because He loves us and wants us have a relationship with Him and be with Him for all eternity.

If you want to be with Him for eternity and accept the love He's given you, then just pray this simple prayer:

Dear Jesus, I love you because you love me. Jesus, I believe that you did something really special for me. You died for me and rose again so that I can live forever with You. Dear Lord Jesus, Come into my life. Fill me with your Spirit Jesus. Amen.

If you prayed that prayer and believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God – then I want to welcome you into His family. God's love is so big; you really can't wrap your mind around it. If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to PM me. And if you didn't pray that prayer, I want to tell you that God still loves you and still died for you, and is waiting for the day when you decide to make Him a part of your life.

One final challenge for 'Love Month': don't let the end of February be the end of your love. Just because updates are over doesn't mean we should stop loving people. Continue to learn about love as you go through the rest of this year. Love others around you as you would want them to love you. We may be one person, but we can show love one person at a time. Treat love as the jewel it is, and show others how powerful it can be.

~ Ruby Kart

PS – I love you guys!