We both tumbled into the doorway laughing our heads off, but I had to get up again and hush ourselves.

"Shhh, mom and John are sleeping!" I giggled. He nodded and picked me up like a baby, running into my room and closing the door. He sat me on the bed and I grasped the poles for balance.

"You're insane." I whispered, trying to stop laughing.

It soon died down as our gazes met. I felt an icy feeling in my stomach and goose bumps were creeping up my arms. He slowly walked towards me, stretching his arms out and slouching.

"Michael, I—" I started, but he silenced me by putting his mouth on mine. Our lips parted and he Frenched me. I inhaled deeply, feeling my heart beat race.

He sat beside me as we kissed. Our eyes were closed, so I could only guess what he was doing.

He brought up a finger and touched my cheek, breathing heavily. He put a hand on my collar bone and lightly laid me flat against the bed. Michael laid beside me, propped up by his elbow while leaning over me. My heart raced inside my chest, I wanted more than anything for him to stay with me forever, alone in our own little place.

His eyes looked over to the alarm clock on the table. It marked 11:00. He shifted his gaze to my face, and I could tell what he was thinking.

I slid up to the head of my bed. He smiled, laying beside me. I felt my heart beat into my ears.

"Michael, I love you, I love you, Michael. I love you, I love you." I told him over and over again. It wasn't me that was making the words by now, it was my beating heart. I turned over and faced the direction opposite to him. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I closed my eyes, feeling sleep overwhelming my soul and lowering me down the huge, dark pit in the earth.

He started humming my lullaby as I pulled the blankets over us. The air conditioning came on (I really had no idea why it came on) and it got chilly inside the small room. He traced circles around the bare skin on my arm, raising goose bumps all over my body.

"I love you too." He whispered into my hair. I sucked in a breath of air, listening to him sing my lullaby perfectly. It was such a beautiful song it made me want to cry, but I kept the tears in because I knew it would make him stop singing if I started crying.

"Just try to go to sleep." He whispered, bending his knees with mine. I sighed and drifted off, listening to him sing.

I awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. I opened my eyes and lazily climbed out of bed, not waking Michael. I put on my white towel robe and slunk to the front door. My parents must have not been up yet.

I opened it up only to find a skinny little man standing on my porch he had gray hair, a bit of a mustache, a clipboard, and he was wearing an expensive looking suite and ties set. He looked up at me politely.

"Hello, is this the home of Mr. John Fleming?" asked the short little man. I blinked.

"Yeah, but I think they are still sleeping…" I informed him. He looked quite surprised for a second, but then nodded.

"Yes, I will come back later in the day, or maybe next week?" he said. I shook my head.

"No, no, I will go and see if any of them are up yet." I said, letting the man in and telling him to stay where he was. I went out to the patio to se if my mother and stepfather were up, and sure enough, they were.

"Mom, someone is here to see you." I said in monotone. They nodded, getting up and walking past me. They looked at the little man in the foyer area, he nodded to them.

"I am Mr. Gianni Rodriguez, a record producer at Rodriguez Records. I have come to do business with you. I saw your son performing at the South Creek Mall last night with your daughter, and I have come to offer a record deal." He told them, getting out his clip board. My dad coughed in surprise.

"Um, I think we should discuss this with our children." He said quietly.

"MICHAEL, GET YOUR SINGING BUTT OUT OF BED AND GET OVER HERE!" he screamed down the hallway, obviously infuriated. Michael then came flying down the hall, running with his boxer shorts on. I blushed red, knowing we were going to get it this time.

"What, what is it?" he asked, looking at the guest. The little man shuffled around with his clipboard, obviously taken back by Michael's looks.

"Did you and Morgan go to the mall yesterday and sing to a bunch of people?!?" asked my mom. We nodded simultaneously.

"Well, I didn't like it at first… but then we did that Scream song… and it had to be a duet…" I said slowly. They looked outraged.

"We were supposed to lie low!" said John. Michael rolled his eyes, finally standing up for himself for once.

"Look, I love to sing and dance and I want to do it for a living. I would like to make money with it. I would love to help people by doing it. If you don't like it, then why did you bring me here in the first place? What did you expect?" he said casually. My stepdad shut up immediately.

"Now, if you would excuse me, I am going to put some suitable clothes on." he said politely, nodding his head at Mr. Rodriguez. I raised an eyebrow. Michael strode into the hallway for a few seconds, disappearing in his room.

"You know, I can come back at a time that is more convenient, if you like." said the little man, shuffling with his clipboard again.

"Oh no, I will be right out." Michael called from his bedroom. Rodriguez looked at John, who had on a facial expression that clearly said Michael had dominance. The man nodded.

Suddenly I became very subconscious of being in that room in my pajamas. I decided to put on some normal clothes, to deal with business in a proper way. I just hoped Michael new what he was getting into here, I hoped he had read Moonwalk. I hoped he knew that he would become an instant celebrity, probably one of the biggest ones in the world, too. I just hoped he knew what life would be like if he got famous.

"Alright, let's talk business." Michael said as he walked back into the dining room. I was sitting at the table with everyone else. Michael took a seat beside me. The little man shuffled with his clipboard again, getting everything ready.

"Well, if you want to be part of Rodriguez Records, you need to just sign a few recording contracts. They will cover all of the terms, and you must not break them. Also, we also need the consent of a parent or a guardian." He said, taking out a piece of paper that was littered with text. Michael looked at my mother expectantly.

"You really want to go through with this?" John asked.

"Of course I do."

"Then I guess we should support your decision, but you won't be able to go back."

"I won't go back in the first place." Michael insisted. John sighed, hesitating, but then nodded. Within a few hours, all of the legal work was done and Rodriguez sat the two of us down, telling us what he was going to do. All of the secrets poured into the legal work, and now he knew that Michael was a clone.

"I am going to make you two the biggest stars in the world. There won't be a planet that won't know about you. You will also be some of the richest teenagers in the world." He said.

It was Michael's idea to make a band with Eric and his crew. They and their parents had come to our house to set up most of it. They seemed to take the idea that Michael was a clone of Michael Jackson surprisingly well, for some reason. I wasn't sure why, but they didn't seem taken back at all. I didn't understand that one bit.

So we decided to call our group, Michael Jackson and the Actaeons, because of the Greek god that was turned into a stag and killed by his own hunting dogs. I liked that name, but I knew I wouldn't be contributing to the band as much as Michael or Eric would. I was only to be used as a back up singer or a partner in duets.

But really, I didn't care a bit. I didn't like singing as much as the others did, and I could be used as something better then a singer. Even though Michael said different, I knew I didn't have a singing voice, so I didn't care.

So, the first thing we had to do was go to school the next morning. We hadn't performed in front of anybody yet, so no one knew about us yet. We knew that we were going to get famous, and fast, so we would have to move to someplace fancy, like Hollywood. Eric and his crew wanted to say goodbye to everyone before we moved, so to my dismay, our parents made us go to school.

We were going to stay half the day, and then we would go home and move away. Money was pouring into the savings accounts; we were getting rich, very, very rich. We were gong to have to leave that place as fast as we could, because it was going to get very unsafe for someone with a lot of money and no way of security.

"Ah! You're moving?" exclaimed Lily as I cleaned out my locker. She had started to cry, which I thought was extremely unnecessary.

"Yeah… I know it is pretty sudden, but I can't tell you why, so don't ask." I told her.

"You know, I heard that Eric, Conner, Tyler, Dylan, and Michael are moving too. Isn't it strange, how all of my friends are moving at the exact same time, at the exact same day?"


"And they have nothing to do with each other?"


"Oh come on! I'm not that stupid, Morgan, I know you are hiding something from me. What is it?" she asked incredulously. I shook my head.

"You'll find out soon enough, but I will have to go soon, I just came here to get my stuff, we are leaving today."

"But, can't I have an email at least? I wanna keep in touch with you." she pleaded. I thought about it.

"Well, ok, but as long as you keep it to yourself and don't go sharing it with everyone to get attention." I said, taking out a piece of loose leaf paper and scratching down my email address and handing it to her. Lily looked puzzled.

"Why would I do that?"

"You'll fin out soon enough."

Then, someone bangs my locker door closed. I turned suddenly and saw a black haired football player leaning up against the green metal. My eyes narrowed and I felt like hitting Travis in the nuts. He stared into my eyes for a few seconds, before stalking off. None of us had exchanged any words.

"Well then," Lily said, making a scary face and growling after him. Then she laughed and turned to me, who was opening up my locker again and taking the rest of my stuff out.

"Well then I have to go, sorry." I said, wheeling around and disappearing down the hallway, leaving Lily to herself.

I walked outside and saw Michael and Eric and his crew. We were going to walk home together, obviously. I decided not to tell Michael about Travis at the lockers, he was probably stressing enough. I kissed him quickly on the cheek and we started down the street.

"Well, isn't this sweet? We are going to be famous!" Conner said, obviously happy about it. I nodded lazily, not impressed.

"After this our lives will change forever." Michael said, dragging his feet across the frozen dirt.

"Well, yeah, but it will change in a good way. I mean, think about it: live concerts, talk shows, after parties, celebrities, girls." He said it like a dream come true. I shrugged; they didn't know what it would be like. It wasn't going to be like that, it would be more like drugs, work, singing till your throat hurts, paparazzi, and more work.

Our first concert was scheduled for next month. We had that time to rehearse and get the props up. Rodriguez Records was going to tell us what we were going to do after that. I knew that life would be so much different. I tired to keep positive and said rather to my self,

"Look, this isn't going to be over. I have to realize, this isn't it."