Once, long ago in the time of the gods, when all the animals were newly created, there was a fox named Hain.

Hain was the cleverest among the animals. There wasn't a creature alive that he couldn't decieve. The great god Skah knew that Hain was the master of tricks and he wanted to see just how clever Hain really was.

Hain lived in a beautiful forest where the trees were made of gold. The forest was surrounded by a massive river that never ran dry.

One day, Skah used his power to burn the forest and dry up the river. Then, Skah took a large glass bottle and filled it with water from an icy mountain stream. He gave the bottle to Hain and told him to watch over it for a thousand years and that if he drank even a single drop, his home would never be restored.

Hain decided to obey Skah in order to have his home restored. But the land where the forest had once been was hot and the golden ashes from the trees

had piled up to form massive hills that went on forever. Skah shone down on Hain, making him theirstier than he had already been. After 999 years, Hains thirst became too great to bear.

Unable to stand his thirst any longer, Hain drank from the bottle. Skah saw him and came down from the sky.

"Hain," he said. "You have disobeyed me; therefore, you shall be punished." Skah chained Hain to the bottle and cursed him to wander the desert.

"At least I shall never be thirsty again!" Hain laughed to himself. But Skah heard him and dumped all the water from the bottle, replacing it with sand. Where the water landed, an oasis was created.

Now, Hain wanders the deserts, pulling the jar full of sand behind him. Every thousand years, he comes to the oasis to quench his never ending thirst.