Curtain call

(After the company has bowed they sing-)

All: When it seems impossible

When it seems improbable

And crazy situations have ensued.

It's hard to say

Since things seem tough

But this will ring true-

Just hold on and fight that fight

And you will make it through.

Men: When your life

Women: when your life

All: Is a musical.

It's your life with an added kick-butt score

When your life is a musical.

It's the life you knew but different than before

It's the life you knew…

Only different than before…

Greek Chorus: Life, Life, Life…

Neal (spoken) Now what?

Conscience: The show's over!

All: Your life is a musical!

(Fall curtain)


Oh my goodness I can't believe I FINISHED THIS THING! (Thank you Lord!) Hopefully I'll get those songs up on youtube and get the links in my profile. Probably not in order though(Since some of them are quite hard to post by myself coughprincessofbelugacough). Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed it! :D