World War I

Persuasive posters line the worried street,

While desperate soldiers fight for defeat.

The fall of the German army is their aim,

So that the freedom of Britain can remain.


They'd be home for Christmas, that's what they said,

But they're spending it in a trench, with no warm bed.

While their families are at home, completely unaware,

Of just how bad it really is out there.


Artillery shells thunder through the air,

The young naive boys get such a scare.

Brave lions led by donkeys, or so the saying goes,

Foolish generals sit while the army freeze to their toes.


There's a saying that was said by someone very wise,

When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die.

On both sides, there are many lives lost,

Just how much is this war to cost?


Now, years later, they lie deep underground,

In those still fields, there isn't a sound.

No guns, shouting or frightened cries anymore,

Because this is the true price of a terrible war.

That was just something I wrote in my History lesson, what do you think?

X =D