He was watching her from a distance.

He watched as she sat side ways on her window ledge, reading a book. Her light, honey blonde hair, which just reached her shoulders, surrounded her face in wild soft curls. Her hair contrasted with her pale, flawless skin. Her beautiful big jade eyes, consumed in her book, were surrounded by dark, thick lashes. She looked so innocent. All she was wearing was an oversized black t- shirt and a pair of grey boxers so you could see her beautiful legs on the ledge. He finished studying her for the third time.


He stared down at the picture he had taken. It was one thing, beautiful. It was the perfect angle and had the perfect light, it was… perfect.

It was just a picture. A picture was limited to a certain amount of information; no one could brace themselves for the amount of secrets one picture could hold. No one would notice that the innocent girl in the picture was really a killer.

He didn't feel sorry that he was going to have to destroy this beautiful girl's life forever. He wasn't sorry one bit because when you look behind the picture, you find out the truth.

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