All I can think of is how you're
Beautiful, in a boy-type way. You
Can make me smile when I just feel like
Digging a hole and jumping in.
Every time I see your
Face, I smile. You make me
Giddy. It's hard to explain. I
Hope that you can tell how hard
I try to impress you, because I
Just can't imagine that you'd
Knowingly spend time with a girl
Like me.
My heart does back flips when you come
Near. I try not to be
Obvious, but I think I kind of fail. I'm a
Pro at being awkward. I get
Quiet and unsure of myself.
Rarely do I say things that make
Sense in your presence.
Though I know it's
Unusual, I just thought I'd write this
Very odd, but
Well-meant poem to demonstrate my
Extra special, extra stupid,
Young, teenage, over-
Zealous lust.