It's well past midnight
And my oil's still burning
There are things on my mind
That just won't go away.

It's well past dawn, now
And my eyes are not sleeping.
There's so much I'm thinking
That I somehow can't say.

Tell me where to find the words
To let this truth spill from me.
Where are all the well-placed phrases
That can make someone understand.

It's too late to turn back
And my mind is running far and fast
It's too early to decide
What I'll end up going through.

It's too strange, now
To think where I just came from
All of the places I've been,
Well, other people have been there, too.

Tell me where to find the strength
To set this truth inside me free
To show my true colors
And not fear or regret.

Am I out of my mind
Or simply out of my comfort zone?
All these thoughts that I'm thinking
Are impossible to comprehend.

Am I out of touch
Or just out of date?
When I open my mouth,
You don't understand.

Tell me where to find the words
To make you see
And all the melodies
You would understand.

I need a melody
To make you understand.