Under the haze of the
clouds of my mind,
as night's black cloaking
smothers my sense,
we dance and we laugh;
the world becomes mine
as it watches our movements
in giddy suspense.

'Kiss her', it whispers,
I hope he'll comply-
his terrible beauty
is making me swoon.
I am unravelled,
undone and alive;
hoping and happy, in
love far too soon.

As the moon smiles,
his hand reaches out
to touch the bare skin of
my shoulder, exposed.
He says I'm beautiful,
serious, now,
brushes my lips with his
own softly closed.

The moment now shivers,
then shimmers, then fades-
consciousness comes just to
mock what I've seen.
Lonely girl's tears
come caressing my face
and I grieve for a something
that never has been.

Under the haze of the
clouds and the mist
I try to return, but I've
cried myself raw-
wide awake, hurting,
alone and unkissed,
I curse his indifference and
curse myself more.

And morning will mourn for
the saddest of sights,
hidden beneath
this poor farce of a grin;
happy by day, I am
haunted by night,
with love's steady poison
deep under my skin.

Nothing is easy now.
Everything hurts.
He who could cure me is
causing this pain.
Lord, help this dreamer
as Life does its worst,
for I'd sleep forever
to have him again.