Hi Hi! Alice-chan here! This is my first time publishing a story so please be kind with me. This idea came to me when I was in math class (aka the most boring class) about 'What will happen if I would go to Japan...' and tada! The story was born! Well basically the story tells about the life of the four Hirasawa sibilings who are sent to Japan by their father. They are half Japanese half English and their father wants them to spent time in their half home country. This is a quick chapter about most of the characters, the only ones I could think about at the moment. There will probably come more characters but for the time being this is all. Please forgive all my mistakes.

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Japanese In-Training


Alice Hirasawa – Is the older twin sister of Chris and the second youngest is the familly. She is the most mature and is more smarter than her sibilings, getting often annoyed by their silly attics. She is sworn enemies with Touma seeing him only as arrogant, cocky and full of himself but warms up to him eventually. Alice is often worried about her appearance, believing she could never come close to Ran. Her knownledge about Japan surpasses averange people.

Chris Hirasawa – The youngest sibiling of the Hirasawa family. He loves video games and is very clueless about everything that goes around him. He's very protective of his family especially his sister, Alice. Chris already has a girlfriend, Nori, who he spents all his weekends with. He doesn't like Touma very much and is often against him coming to their house. His knownledge about Japan is below averange people.

Ran Hirasawa – Is the first oldest sibiling of the Hirasawa familly. She is extremlly ditzy and cares more about looks than everything else, spending much time looking in the mirror to make herself look though she acts silly and cheerfull she actually feels inferior to Alice, thinking that if wouldn't have her looks she wouldn't be seen by anyone. She is looking for a boyfriend who would see her for herself as she is a very kind and gentle person. Her best friend is Minami. Ran's knownledge about Japan is averange.

Sousuke Hirasawa – Is the oldest sibiling of the Hirasawa family. He is often nicknamed Sou-kun. With his good looks and personality he is often mistaken for a playboy even through he is the complete opposite. Having good looks, Sousuke had lots of girlfriends but never had a serious relationship with any of them. He goes to an All Boys Academy where he mets Kyoko. He is at first attracted to Kyoko and starts panicking until he finds that Kyoko is actually an female. His knownledge about Japan is a little below averange.

Nakamura Kyoko – A crossdressing girl who has herself accepted to an All Boys Academy for a better education. She is at first carefull around Sousuke but warms up to him and starts seeing his as a friend after he finds out her secret. Kyoko is in many ways like Alice who she maintains a sister like relationship. She often has to correct Sousuke's mistakes about various things related to Japan. Her hobby is kendo.

Shiruko Nori – Nori is the twins childhood friend and Chris's girlfriend. A cheerful and hyper girl Nori likes to befriend everyone she mets and sometimes gets on other people nerves. She can be also very sensible and gets annoyed with things she doesn't understand.

Asahi Touma – Touma is the star pupil at Shizuka Middle School and Alice's sworn enemy. With his attitudine he is first belived to be the antagonist but actually he is quite a nice person. He has a crush on Alice and often tries to get his attention with various things. He gets extremly jealous when he sees Alice with other boys especially Fuji, who he declares his sworn enemy.

Osaka Minami – Minami is Ran's bestfriend and a complete opposite to her. While Ran can be sometimes mean and clueless Minami is nice and likes to make everyone around her feel better. She has a slight crush on Sousuke but he only sees her as a little sister.

Kuro Itsuki – Ran's and Minami's boss. He is a very cheerful man and runs a dress shop. He likes to dress up Ran and Minami but his favorite ia Alice. He dresses her is various characters from Alice in WonderLand.

Osaka Fuji – Minami's younger brother who visits the Hirasawas often. He is easly accepted by the whole family and a running gag is formed that he and Alice should start dating since they all like him and he and Alice go along very well. He has a happy go lucky attitudine who makes everyone like him except Touma who is jealous about all the time Fuji gets to spent with Alice.

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