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Lesson 3!

How to meet a boy

"Uff, uff." Ran whispered as she draged the shopping bags after her. It was Saturday morning and she was the one supposed to make the shoppings after all the food from the refriregator had gone. Sousuke became their official chef while Alice, Chris and Ran would be doing the shopping.

"Damn it, it's so heavy..." She whined setting the bags on the cement as she panted, her hands on her knees. She never liked doing chores especially shopping.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" A young male voice asked as Ran looked behind her. A boy about 2 years younger than her with black hair and black eyes stood there waitting for her answer.

'He looks... familiar...' Ran thought as she continued to stare at him a bit longer until she finally snaped off her gaze and trusted the bags in his hands keeping only one to herself, favorably the lightest one.

"You're such a good child." She complimented as the boy stuggled with the heavy bags.


"What's your name?" Ran asked after a few moments of walking. They were nearing to her house and the boy hasn't talked at all. She was growing a need of comunication.

"Asahi Touma." His plain monotone answer hasn't satisfied her at all but she still showed a smile, an extremlly fake one.

"Well, I'm Hirasawa Ran." He noded not really showing that he cared at all.

'What a strange kid.' Ran thought as they finally arived to their destination. Taking a look at the place the boy slowly stated.

"I live here too..."


'Where is she?' An annoyed Alice thought as she taped her fingers on the chabudai while Chris was playing a video game on the TV and Sousuke was searching trough some recipes.

It was a hour since Ran left and Alice was startting to get impatient. Her stomach growled as she blushed and put a hand over it while Chris snickered and Sousuke gave her a worried glance.

"Tadaima!!" She heard Ran yell from the apartament door as she sat up and slid open the paper door.

"Oi!! What took so much?! I was-" She started but stoped when she observed the other presence in the hallway. A boy about her age with black eyes and hair sat there holding six bags of groceries while Ran was taking off her boots. She observed the boy suspicosly. He was rather handsome but Alice knew that looks were deceiving, for example her brother. He was also good looking with short messy brown hair and dark brown eyes, having a good tan and a healthy body, but in Alice's perspective he was a obssesed video game idiot. She had no respect for him.

Lost in her observation about the new boy she however missed the slight blush on his face.

'She lives here?' Touma thought as he blushed slighty and looked away from her. He still hadn't found the answer to his strange sickness and hoped he wouldn't see her until Monday, on school. Luck wasn't on his side.

"Who are you?" Alice asked bluntly as she snapped out of her daydreaming. Touma took a step back surprised by her bluntness and with a slight blush still on his face he answered.

"A-Asahi Touma."

"Hirasawa Alice." She introduced as she blinked at him a frown on her face. She didn't like strangers in her house.

"Yoshi! I bought all you wanted Alice!!" Ran exclaimed happilly showing the younger girl the bag in her hand and the ones in Touma's arms.

"I see that." Alice responded narrowing her eyes at the older girl and took the bag from her but was stoped by Touma when she tried to take his bags.

"Allow me." He said taking the bag from her.

Alice blinked at him confused at him while Ran squealed.

"You're so manniered, Asahi-kun!!" Touma blushed again as looked the other way muttering.

"I-Ia, not really."

Alice narrowed her eyes again as she examined him. 'He has something to hide.' She reached this coclusion after her starring.

"Ah! Asahi-kun you should come inside!" Ran exclaimed grabbing Toumas whrist and leading him to the living room. It took a moment for Alice to process what just happened.

'Oh, no! If Chris and Sousuke-nii see him they will surelly freak out!!'

It was no secret for those who knew the Hirasawa familly that the two boys were extremly overprotective of their younger sister, of who they usually adressed 'Hime' or 'Princess'. As soon as any other male was close to their 'Hime', the two would glare at the intrudder as he was the most evilest person in the world. After time Alice got used to this, but that still didn't make the two overeact whener they saw another male in the house or in the vecinity of the 'Hime'.

That was exactly how it happened as soon as Alice slid open the paper door she was greeted by the sight of Chris and Sousuke glaring at Touma while Ran looked unneasy about what to do.

Sighing in relief that the two hadn't attacked him yet she sraightned out and replied in a annoyed voice.

"Stop it already, you two. He helped Ran-neechan with the bags. He's no danger." Sousuke's glare flatered a bit but Chris was still glaring hatefully at him as through he didn't hear Alice.


"Give me the sushi, please."

"Get it yourself."

"Ah!! That's so mean!"

"Hmph! Like I care!!"

"How rude!!"

"Cut it out, right now!!"

"Sorry, Sou-kun/-nii."

'What have I done wrong to be punished like this?' Alice wondered to herself as she watched Chris and Ran fight until Sousuke stoped them. As she sighed she turned to glance at the figure next to her. Somehow along the introduction it was decided that Touma would stay for breakfast, even trough Chris and Sousuke oposed this idea imediatly.

'He looks so relaxed.' She thought as she saw him concentratting on his food like nothing has happened at all. She was slighty envious that he could ignore them like that. Poutting she glared at him until he took notice she was starring at him. He caught her eyes and after a few seconds looked away feelling suddenly uncomfortable. He wanted to apologize for the rudeness he showed when they bumped into each other. But couldn't bring himself to do it.

'Why does he look so familiar?' Chris wondered as he stared at the guest. The black hair and eyes reminded him of someone but he couldn't really put his finger on who.

'Could it be... him?!' his eyes snapped in realization as his mouth hung open. He cleary remembered the jerk who bumped into Alice in their first day here.

'Damn him!! What the hell is he doing here?!'

"I should be going..." Touma slowly stated as he sat up. He couldn't stand the presence of the girl any longer. He was way too uncomfortable. The guilt and strange feelling weren't helping him at all.

The members looked at him surprised before Chris and Sousuke's faces washed with relief while Alice was neutral. Only Ran seemed to be dissapointed with him departure.

"Eh? But you just got here."

"Gomenasai. Arigatou gozaimasu." He said as he bowed and left the house in a hurry.

"He left." Alice stated dully after a few minutes. Everyone one was silent until Ran raised her arms in the air and shouted.

"It's all your fault!"

"Eh, how so?"


"Mou! How can we make friends if you scare them away?!" Ran complained as she sat at the chabudai with her chin rested on it. Alice was doing her homework, Chris was sleeping and Sousuke reading a cooking book.

Alice paid her no mind while Sousuke looked at her with a confused face saying.

"What do you mean? We haven't done anything."

"Ha? You call glaring and yelling nothing? The poor boy looked so scared! I felt sorry for him!" Ran exclaimed glaring at Sousuke as she said the first two propositions before going in another sulking face.

"Just for once I wish you wouldn't be so antisocial to others."

Sousuke stared at her a little bit longer before looking to Alice who was still doing her homework. He sighed before going back to reading the book.


'I couldn't apologize this time either.' Touma sighed as he made his way down the stairs to the second floor where he lived. He really wanted to apologize to the girl but hadn't a chance. It also seemed that her sibilings didn't like him at all... maybe except Ran. She seemed pretty nice. Another sigh escaped his mounth as he thought about a plan. It was going to be pretty hard.

I'm Hirasawa Alice. I'm 14 and live in a slighty dysfunctional family. Today we meet a typical japanese boy who seems mostly the silent type... He seems innocent and normal but I'm sure he has something to hide. Perhaps something really deep...

Kind of a bad chapter really... It was mostly to introduce Touma-kun so yeah. Anyway I hope to make the next chapter a little more interesting.

Tadaima - I'm home

Hime - Princess

Gomenasai - I'm sorry

Arigatou gozaimasu - Thank you very much

Chabudai - Low table