Slashy One-Shots for Hire

This is to collect slash stories so I don't clutter my page with one chapter bits. Below are all the stories with brief info about them.


"Tony" has lost his memory and with it his past, but a chance connection with the empath Vincent may give him a second lease on life.

Lonely Keys

It's an honor when the royal key is bestowed upon you. Too bad Brett was too drunk to remember and his best friend Seth is just making jokes about "the key to his heart"...

To the Groom

For his bachelor's party, Andrew's friends get him a stripper, per the norm. Only when she arrives...she's not exactly what they expected...

First Date

Don didn't want his mom to find out about his date, but his little sister has a big mouth. (This is a really short piece.)


Appeasing God shouldn't be hard when you're a direct conduit of communication, but when the Prophet finds himself in a new situation, even he may misunderstand.

That's So Gay

In a perfect world, it wouldn't matter. Too bad for Dade, this world isn't perfect...or fair.

After the Poison

If it becomes any more apparent that her brother and his manservant are madly in love, Rose might just have to do something about it. [ humor ]

A Romance Story

What do you do when your first love is getting married? Surely you don't attend, leave in a huff and end up kissing him.

Both the Spider and the Rain

I'll protect you always and forever. I'll never let them hurt you. Never. Never. Never.

This Year Will Be Better

Halloween is just a bad time for Anton, but Emma is forcing him to enjoy it this year.