Sleep well, in peace

An angel guards you tonight

Breathe deep, dream sweet

As a devil dances in the firelight

Just close your weary eyes

As feathered wings fill dark skies

Let the world fade to black

As angels warn the demons back

Stay comfortable in your bed

While battles rage about your head

Sleep so that you won't fear

The shadows that ever draw near

Pray for your soul to keep

Angels and devils dance as you sleep

Dream the night away

For these demons are here to stay

Nightmares fill your head

As a demon floats above your bed

Then an angel strikes with a ray of light

But you're oblivious to the fight

Angels and devils dance

And there's a kind of sick romance

Sleep and dream so you won't hear

The battles that are so near

Don't listen to silent screams in the night

Don't open your eyes to the ghastly sight

You could see the white of the demons' eyes

The angels they continue to surprise

Finally dawn breaks, spreading sunlight

The demons scatter, chasing the night

The angels all shout, they cheer

In voices that you just can't hear

Not paying attentions to shadows nearby

For there hide demons sly

They sneer as the winged warriors take flight

Angels and devils will dance again tonight