Kara was hurt. Her own daughter hated her. She knew that it was no one's fault but her own. If only Sally had not heard what she said to Cecil. That witch knew how to twist things. She sighed and finding a place to sit she waited for Sally's plane to come in. She remembered the conversation as if it were yesterday.

"So Kara this makes what husband number six? I'm surprised you stayed married to the last one as long as you did." Cecil said as she gracefully walked up to Kara after the wedding.

"Cecil! How lovely to see you. And he's husband number three. I thought with all your snooping you'd at least get that right." Kara her tone sharp enough cut steel.

"Well when you were married to Sally's dad you did look a bit plump on your wedding day. I was shocked you made it to nine months. Speaking of the munchkin, I can't believe you didn't put her in the wedding." Cecil continued maliciously.

"She did not want to be in the wedding." Kara replied stiffly. The subject of the slight rift between her and Sally was a source of constant pain to her.

"Then why is she here at all?" Cecil asked, catching a weakness and latching on to it.

"She's my daughter Cecil. What do you think? Are you really that stupid or just drunk? Do you think I would just send her an invitation just to humor her and let society smile upon me? Is that what you want me to say? I sent Sally an invitation to my wedding and I didn't really want her to come." Kara hissed losing her temper and the perfectly dressed woman in front of her.

"Mom! Well it's nice to know what you really think of me." Sally cried as she twisted on her hel and ran out of the reception her voice breaking.

"Sally! Sally honey, wait!" Kara said running after her daughter only to be stopped by Cecil's smirking face. Slapping her sister, she turned to go after her daughter but discovered it was too late and the damage had been done.

That marriage did not last as long as she had hoped. Kara smiled ruefully as she waited for Sally at the airport. But Paul was a wonderful man and Kara hoped that Sally approved of him. Kara spotted Sally standing by the rental car kiosk. Rising from her seat, Kara squared her shoulders and headed for her daughter. She knew the moment Sally saw her. The teen ager stiffened and her face lost all semblance of expression. Kara motioned for Sally to follow her and Sally silently obeyed.

"How was your flight?" Kara asked her estranged daughter as they placed Sally's luggage in the trunk. Sally just shrugged in response. When they got into the car Sally pulled out her Zune and tuned Kara out. The car ride was completely silent.

Once they got to the house Sally met Paul. They hit it off just like Kara had hoped. Unfortunately, Sally refused to speak to her mother. Once Paul left, Sally stopped talking. Sally went straight to bed and gone was the bright, lively girl that entertained them a few minutes ago. Kara felt that someone just flipped the off button in her daughter.

Kara decided to change into her pajamas and call Sherry.

"Hey, David is Sherry there?" Kara asked softly as she dialed the familiar numbered.

"Yeah, She's here. I'll get her for you. Hold on for a minute." David said gruffly, sleepiness coloring his tone.

The next voice Kara heard belonged to Sherry.

"Hi, Kara. How is everything?" Sherry asked soothingly.

"Everything is fine, considering that my daughter hates me. But she's here, safe and sound." Kara retorted a little bitterly.

"I'm sure she doesn't hate you Kara. Look, I'm sure she's at least speaking to you." Sherry sighed.

"No I haven't heard a word all day." Kara answered resignedly, she placed her head in her hand.

"Well then, it sounds like we're in the same boat. She's not talking to us either. What about Paul? How did that go?" Sherry said brightly.

"Well she seems to like him."

"It must be females then. She talked to David before she left but didn't say a word to me. She's probably going to sulk for days." Sherry said knowledgably.

"I see. So I shouldn't get my hopes up?" A tinge of desperateness colored Kara's question.

"Well she is a teenager and they tend to do stuff like this on a regular basis. I remember one time she wanted Steve to buy her this dress and it cost the moon. She had to have it. But Steve put his foot down. She didn't talk to him for a couple of days. Eventually she got over it. She's a sweet girl really, but she does have her moments where she is totally selfish. But aren't we all selfish at some point. That doesn't mean we should put up with this indefinitely, but give her some more time. Let her warm up to you a little. If she's still sulking in a couple of days, then we'll bring in the Calvary and break her out of it." Sherry explained trying to help alleviate the stress that she knew Kara suddenly found herself under.

"Well I haven't heard her speak at all since she arrived. She talked to Paul but she has yet to say a word to me." Kara responded, hurt evident in her voice.

"Don't take it to heart." Sherry counseled kindly.

CRASH! Kara turned her head sharply to face the sound. "Listen I have to go. I just heard a strange noise. 'Night and thanks for helping out Sherry."

After hanging up with Sherry, Kara poked her head out of the kitchen and into the hallway. The sight that greeted her almost had her gaping in surprise. Sally sat on the floor and a few odds and ends from the end table were littered on the floor around her. The table was overturned but nothing looked broken and most importantly Sally looked unharmed.

Without a word Sally began to clean up the mess she made. Sally was still straightening when Kara made her way completely out of the kitchen. They stood immobile staring at each other for a minute neither one speaking. Sally finally cracked a small smile and picking up the notebook she said goodnight quietly and headed back up the stairs. Kara decided to call Sherry again. This time she had good news to share.

After that night Sally began to thaw towards Kara. Kara was getting to know her daughter, and while Sally still acted reserved toward her Sally no longer gave her the silent treatment. Finally it was the eve of the wedding. The rehearsal dinner was over and Sherry and David were ensconced in their guest bedroom in Kara's house. After the reception they were spending one last night in Kara's house and flying out the next day. They were to lock up and leave the key with the doorman of Paul's apartment. Paul had gone home leaving Kara and Sally alone in the kitchen.

Kara decided to prepare tea before she went to bed. As she gathered her tea things she heard Sally clear her throat. "I didn't want to come. I knew, I mean I thought that you didn't want me here. Sherry and dad made me come. But it turns out that the time here has not been that bad. But I always wondered, I always wanted to know if you meant any of the things you said to Aunt Cecil that day." Kara turned and faced her daughter.

"Oh honey, never, I mean I never meant those things. Your Aunt Cecil can be very hard to get along with. That's no excuse, but as an explanation Cecil and I said some things that day that should have never been said." Kara said emotionally.

"If it should have never been said, then why did you say those things?" Sally asked with a hitch in her voice.

"I guess I let her goad me to the point that I didn't really think about what I was saying. Again, there is no excuse for what happened and the pain I caused you. Do you think you can forgive me?" Kara asked uncertainty evident in her voice.

"I , I have to think about it." With that Sally left Kara alone in the kitchen.

A/N: Will Sally ever forgive her mother for the rash words said all those years ago. Where is Kara going on her honeymoon? What is Sherry going to say to Sally? Discover all this and more on the next installment of ______________! Still haven't thought of a title for this.