Made: Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time: 2:11p.m

There she goes again:

Lit like a fuse;

Ranting and raving about him,

For he is the accused.

There he goes again:

Whining and sobbing

How she hates him,

How his heart is throbbing.

She says she hates his grovel

But can never get him away,

Signed a contract with the devil,

And that there's no other way.

He says he loves her

In every possible way.

Doesn't care about her troubles,

And blackmails her to stay.

She is doing bad stuff again—

Going to alcohol and blades.

In a corner, he has her pinned.

There's no way through this charade.

He is threatening bad things

Just for his happiness to be unfurled.

He has no guilt or shame,

Because everything revolves around his world.

I sit back and listen

To both of their tales,

Just shaking my head.

This relationship has failed.

I notice something else:

One just wants it to end,

The other can't get enough.

To think, these two are my friends.