Work Rules

Bath and Body Works



1. Stay in your zone.

2. Stay in your zone!

3. Sometimes your name will be highlighted blue.

4. When you're name is blue, it means something.

5. If your name is blue, you have a shitty shift ahead of you.

6. Almost no relevant information can be found in the guide book.

7. Almost no guide books can be found.

8. If asked what "sales XNS" means, the answer is not "uhhh".

9. Reprimand of "under stocking" will always immediately be followed by chiding of "overstocking".

10. Everything you do will always be wrong.

11. You will not be taught to use the trash-compactor. You will be sent out the back door at 11:45pm to face a one story tall metal trashcan with the best of luck.

12. Manager will ask arbitrary questions every instant eye contact is made.

13. The candle display can never be done right.

14. Questions are frowned upon.

15. Employees are expected to learn via a series of screwing ups.

16. Speaking is highly discouraged, but apparently not against the rules.

17. Your shift is over once an inherently irreversible feeling of absolute antipathy sets in.

18. Employees are expected to know the difference between "The Body Shop" "Bath and Body Works." and "Bed Bath and Beyond"

19. Stay in your zone!