Warning - This story is chockful of tastefully hot guy sex. Please be advised.


Chapter 1: Stolen Goods, Part 1

Heenan Cartwright hated these backwater planets owned by the mining conglomerates. They were always dirty, smelly, and overpopulated by ragged, underfed, indentured employees who were always trying to stow away on his ship. But unfortunately, for an independent hauler like him, this was where the money was. The conglomerates had their own ships that they used for moving ore and bringing in supplies for the miners, but the corporate executives stuck managing the mines preferred to use independent shippers for moving their personal goods. Heenan knew that was because they were usually bringing in contraband forbidden by corporate policy, but that was not his problem. If the client paid enough, he moved it. He didn't care what it was, as long as the cargo matched the manifest. His only prohibition was slaves. He didn't ship human cargo. This was not entirely out of some altruistic sense of injustice, however. His main reason was considerably more practical. It cost too much to keep his hold heated and pressurized during the long hauls between worlds.

The Ponzo Mining Corporation's Iron Mine Number 117 was a typical mining planet. Consisting mainly of iron ore and other hard metals, it boasted almost no surface water and just enough atmosphere to allow inexpensive surface dwellings, rather than the more expensive pressurized domes or underground caverns required on the airless worlds. But the planet was far from its sun, so it was dim and cold in the middle of the day, and freezing overnight.

So even though it was still early in the afternoon, Heenan tucked his gloved hands under his arms as he watched the dockworkers unload his ship. There was no sign of the Ponzo executive whose name was on his shipping order, but the man's secretary stood a few feet away, ticking off items with a stylus on a small screen in his hand. "That looks like everything, Captain," he said as the last crate was pushed past him. He made a final entry on his screen and tucked the computer into the breast pocket of his fur-lined jacket. "Final payment will be transferred to your account after the goods are inspected."

Heenan sighed. This always happened. Even though every crate was intact with the originator's undamaged seals showing they had not been opened, the clients always wanted to inspect everything before paying. "Of course," he said sourly. "I'll just hang around in one of your quality establishments until then."

The secretary chuckled sympathetically. "Might I suggest the Rat's Ass? Despite the name, it is probably the least objectionable pub nearby. Overseers patronize it. Good day, Captain."

"Right," Heenan muttered. He slapped a gloved hand against the door plate and watched the big cargo door fold back into place. When the heavy latches clicked shut, he tapped the lock code into the control panel. Now his ship was safe from unwanted intrusion in his absence. He doubted he'd find much in the way of good beer or decent entertainment at the pub, but he'd just spent the last three and half weeks alone on his ship. Even bad company was better than no company at this point.

The Rat's Ass was easy to find because it had a large neon sign of a shapely female anthropomorphic rat wagging its behind at the street. Heenan ducked in through the saloon doors below the sign and was greeted by a blast of warm air and loud music. He pulled off his gloves and tucked them into his pockets as he surveyed the establishment. The pub was pretty big, with a large circular bar at the center of the room. The main floor, which was crowded with tall tables, was encompassed by a raised seating area where apparently food was served. The main floor tables did not have stools. Men and women leaned on them with mugs of beer in their hands, talking loudly to be heard over the music.

Heenan made his way to the bar and pushed between two men. "Beer!" he shouted.

The bartender acknowledged him with a flick of her eyes as she reached for a mug.

A cry of pain and a chorus of laughter made him look over his shoulder. Up in the seating area, a man was leaning over a table, pinning someone face down with one hand while he unzipped his coverall. Egged on by his companions, he pulled out his dick and stroked it, getting himself hard. But before he could stick it in, a woman at another table threw a half-eaten burger at him, hitting him smack in the face

"Take it to a back room, Cube!" she laughed. "No one wants to see your little prick in here!"

Her companions laughed uproariously and the man glared at her. "Stupid bitch!" he snapped. He took his hand off the back of his victim to wipe his face and the person bolted. Heenan blinked in surprise. It was a boy. Someone stuck a foot out and tripped him as he darted away, but the boy rolled over and popped back to his feet without slowing down. He leaped over the railing separating the seating area from the main floor and dashed out through the saloon doors without looking back.

"Now look what you did!" Cube cried. He shoved his dick back in his pants and zipped up his coverall. "I could'a got me some!"

The woman shook her head as she laughed. "You know you ain't supposed to touch gentlemen's meat, Cube! You'd be doing double-shifts in the deep-down if I hadn't stopped you."

"He wouldn't've come in here if he didn't want it," Cube flung back.

Heenan shook his head and turned back to get his beer, ignoring the barbs that the two locals continued to toss at each other. If this was supposed to be one of the better pubs, he dreaded to think what one of the bad ones must be like. He sipped his beer in silence, letting the noisy ambience of the place remind him of why he preferred to be alone.

"You're from off-planet," a breathy female voice purred beside him. "Gonna be around long?"

Heenan glanced at the young woman at his elbow. She was dressed in a filmy, low-cut cocktail dress that left basically nothing to the imagination. "Nope, just passing through."

"But maybe you got time to buy a lady a drink?"

'Lady' was pretty much the last term he would have applied to this particular young woman. He wondered how many men had already been in her that day. He made eye contact with the bartender and held up two fingers.

The woman sidled closer, pressing her breast against his arm. "My name's Lydia."


"Nice to meet you, Heenan."

He let Lydia chatter at him while they drank their beers. Lydia finished hers fairly quickly and then stared at him expectantly. "You want to go in back?"

"No, thanks."

She blinked in surprise. "But you bought me a beer!"

"Yeah, but that's all I wanted." He gave her a pleasant smile. "I'm heading back to my ship now." He tossed a credit chit onto the bar.

"You got a ship?" Her eyes went wide with sudden excitement. "How much does passage cost?"

"More than you got."

Her cheeks flushed. "I got money! And I can pay in trade!"

"Not interested," Heenan said flatly. "Talk to me when your contract's up."

Lydia's face twisted into a snarl. "I'm not under contract!"

Heenan patted her cheek. "Nice try, kid, but you better move on to the next customer." He pushed away from the bar and headed for the door while Lydia hurled curses at his back. While he wouldn't have minded getting his dick wet, contract whores were not his style. He stepped out into the freezing night and immediately regretted not putting his gloves on before leaving the pub. "Shit, it's cold! I hate these fucking planets!" He hurried back to his ship, his breath puffing out in a white cloud.

But when the dark bulk of his ship came into view, he stopped. The Graceful Lady was anything but. She was a hulking Varagon-class cargo freighter, designed for the long haul between star systems. But for all her size, she could be manned by a crew of one, as long as that one had training in piloting, navigation and engineering. Heenan had been the captain of the Graceful Lady for eleven years, ever since he won her in a poker game from a pair of brothers who had failed to mention her broken down engines and dodgy computer system when they put her pink slip in the pot. The computer was still a little flaky, but Heenan had repaired everything else himself and he knew the ship inside and out.

So that was why, even in the black shadow cast by her bulk, he could sense someone pressed against her side next to the control panel. Silently, he strolled across the tarmac and stopped a few meters away.

"You aren't going to guess the access code if you haven't figured it out by now."

The person whirled around in the darkness with a gasp of fear. "I wasn't trying to get in!" a boy's voice exclaimed.

Heenan just shook his head with a smirk. "Of course you were." He stepped forward and the boy slid to the side, his face coming into view. Heenan stopped in surprise. It was the boy who had escaped being raped at the pub. "I don't take passengers or human cargo," he said calmly. "Especially not contract workers."

The boy scowled bitterly. "I'm not under contract!"

"That's what you all say."

"I'm not!" the boy shouted, tears springing into his eyes. "I never signed anything! They stole me!"

Heenan was caught by surprise. "Stole you? That's a weird thing to say."

"It's true!" The boy's voice shook and he dropped his gaze. "I was stolen."

"From where?"

"Pinter. It's in Gaul."

Heenan pursed his lips. He didn't know the planet Pinter, but Gaul Sector was way on the other side of the galaxy, months from where they were now. "How'd you get here?"

The boy shook his head. "I don't know. I was walking with friends and someone grabbed me. I woke up in a crate with a bunch of men staring at me. One of them said I'd get a good price and they all laughed. The next time I woke up, I was here. That was a year or so ago."

Heenan studied the boy. From what he'd heard in the bar, he could guess the rest. The boy had probably been sold as a sex toy to some wealthy mining executive. Even in the dark, he could see that the youth was quite handsome. "You use the term stolen," Heenan said slowly, "which implies you were property before."

The boy frowned. "But that doesn't mean people can just take me and sell me to someone else."

"True." Heenan continued to regard the boy thoughtfully. He was attractive and well-spoken, which meant he had probably been raised to be someone's companion. "Do you think I could get a reward or a finder's fee if I took you back to Pinter?"

"Maybe?" the boy said hopefully.

"Maybe's not much of a reason to risk it," Heenan said. He looked the boy up and down. It was stupid to even consider it, but he hadn't gotten a cargo that would take him out of Hecate Sector for a while. Gaul was a richer sector. "If I take you, you'll have to earn your passage. Nobody rides free."


"You know what I mean."

The boy looked away. "Oh."

"What's your name?"


Heenan stared. "Adonis?! No kidding?"

Adonis glared at him. "That's my name! All right?"

Heenan held up his hands. "Right! Right! I didn't mean anything by it." He moved next to the control panel and blocked Adonis' view of it before typing in the unlock code. The cargo door dropped open and he walked in. "So come on, before someone sees you." Adonis darted in after him and Heenan closed the door. When it boomed shut, Adonis heaved a sigh of relief. "Don't relax yet," Heenan said. "I can't leave until I've been paid. If they notice you're missing before then and want to search my ship, I'll let 'em and declare you a stowaway."

Adonis stared at him in dismay.

"I'm not risking my livelihood for a runaway slave, kid," Heenan said. He turned and led the way to the stairs to the upper deck. Varagon-class cargo ships consisted of one giant hold with racks, shelves and tie-downs for transporting cargo of various sizes. A floor above the hold contained the living spaces and control room. Narrow steps climbed the wall of the hold to a landing high above, where a single pressure door blocked off the hold from the rest of the ship. But it stood open at the moment since he was on a planet with air. Heenan stopped at the first door past the pressure door and slid it open. "This is the store room. Stay in here for now. If you're still on board at liftoff, I'll give you better accommodations."

Adonis glanced through the door and bit his lip. "Should I start paying my way now?"

Heenan grinned. "Not yet. Until we leave, you don't owe me anything." He gave the boy a gentle shove and propelled him into the storeroom. "You may as well go to sleep. They probably won't pay me until morning." Adonis stopped just inside the door and turned to face him. In the brighter light of the ship, Heenan decided the boy was probably older than he looked, but his slender build and small stature made him appear younger. His hair was jet black, thick and cut so that it spilled around his face in soft waves. His wide set eyes were gray and framed with very long, very dark lashes. "How bad is someone here likely to want you back?"

Adonis shrugged. "He probably won't even look for me till tomorrow. He was smoking opium when I left."

"What were you doing in the pub?"

"Earning money." Adonis looked down as he said it and Heenan figured he knew what Adonis was selling.

"You're experienced?"

Adonis nodded without speaking.

"Good enough. Sit tight for now. I'll come get you after we lift off." Heenan slid the door closed. "This is stupid," he muttered to himself as he walked away. "He better be worth more than a few months of good fucking."

He waited in the control room, dozing off and on, until the ship phone jangled.

"Captain Cartwright? It's Harold Imbry, Mr. Hedina's secretary."

"Good day, Mr. Imbry," Heenan responded. "Inspection all finished?"

"Yes, everything's fine. The final payment has been transferred to your account." Imbry paused. "If you want to wait a few days, I could probably get you another cargo."


"No, it's a pickup."

"From where?"

"Mine 53."

Heenan heard the faint hesitation in Imbry's voice as he spoke. Mine 53 was a nasty place. He'd delivered a cargo there once and had sworn never to go back. "What's the pickup?"

Now the hesitation in Imbry's voice was plain. "Personal goods."

Over the years, Heenan had learned to trust his instincts and now all of them were screaming at him to get the hell out. Keeping his voice calm and level, he even smiled as he spoke into the phone. "Thanks, but no thanks, Mr. Imbry. Mine 53 is a cesspool. I'd prefer to keep my hands clean. But I'll make a referral. I know a guy who does human transport."

"Of course, Captain. Thank you." Imbry's tone told Heenan that he'd guessed right. The pickup was human cargo.

"I'll send a message to my colleague as soon as I'm in clear space, Mr. Imbry. If he's nearby, you should hear from him within the week."

"Thank you, Captain. Safe journey."


As soon as he disconnected, Heenan powered up his systems. The sooner he was off this cold, arid rock, the better. Bulky and ungainly-looking sitting on the ground, the Graceful Lady earned her moniker when she took flight. The ship rose smoothly into the air, climbing into the upper atmosphere with increasing speed. Once cold dark space was around him, Heenan finally relaxed. Living on the ground never felt right. He preferred to be in space. But mindful of his promise, he typed in a message about the job and broadcast it. Someone would respond. There were plenty of haulers out there who were way less picky than he was. Then he set a course and programmed the hyperspace engines for the first jump. It would take a couple of hours for the ship to build up enough momentum to make the jump, though, which meant he had some time to kill. So he went back down the hall to the storeroom.

Adonis was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall, his hands dangling between his knees. "Did we take off?"

"Yup. You're all clear."

For the first time, Adonis smiled. It turned his already beautiful face radiant. "Thanks!"

"Don't thank me," Heenan said. "It's time to pay up. I got a couple of hours to kill until jump."

Adonis nodded once and stood up. He drew a breath and faced Heenan, tipping his head to one side and fixing his large gray eyes on Heenan's face. "What kind of boy do you like?" he said in a silky purr. "Innocent? Eager?" He lowered his chin slightly so that his bangs spilled across his eyes. "Frightened?" he whispered.

Heenan felt a stir of excitement. The boy was a professional. "I like to be in charge," he said.

Adonis glided toward him and slipped his arms around Heenan's neck. "I like being told what to do," he purred back and pressed warm lips to Heenan's mouth. The kiss was tender and sensuous, sending pleasant tendrils of arousal down Heenan's belly and into his cock. It stiffened in response. Heenan encircled Adonis' slender waist with his arms and pulled the boy close. Adonis pressed against him, his hard, flat pelvis massaging Heenan's engorging member.

"Let's move to my quarters," Heenan murmured. He kept an arm around Adonis' waist as he guided the boy to his sleeping quarters. The cabin was nicer than one might expect for a freighter like the Graceful Lady, but Heenan lived on his ship. It had a large bed with a mattress, soft bedding made of real cotton (a luxury in deep space) and an enclosed water closet that was a combination shower and toilet.

Adonis' eyes widened when he saw the bed. "Would you like me to undress myself?"

"No, I'll do it." Heenan took Adonis to the bed and urged him down onto the mattress. They stretched out together and Heenan kissed him again, enjoying the softness of his lips. "What did your master like to do?"

Adonis made a face. "He was boring. He just liked to watch me suck his dick. Then he'd pass out. Sometimes he'd pass out before I finished. Opium users have trouble getting it up."

"That's it?" Heenan unzipped Adonis' coverall.

"I told you: boring."

"Well, I'll try to be more interesting."

Adonis giggled as Heenan caressed his nipple.

"That tickles?"

"A little."

Heenan licked it. "What about that?"

"That feels nice."

"You like getting your nipples sucked?"

"Of course," Adonis smiled. "Doesn't everyone?"

Heenan chuckled. "I can see we're going to have fun on this trip." He pushed the coverall off Adonis' shoulders. "How was that guy planning to get in you back there at the bar?"

"He ripped my coverall," Adonis pouted. He rolled onto his side, presenting Heenan with his backside. "See?" A ragged tear separated the seam over his buttocks, exposing a curve of pale skin.

"Did you at least get money from him first?"

Adonis grinned. "I stole his wallet!"

Heenan stared. "Is that why he was trying to rape you?"

"No. He just wanted to try me because I belonged to Mr. Hedina."

Heenan started at the name. "Hedina?!"

"Do you know him?"

"No, but I just delivered a bunch of goods for him."

"So it's fair that you took me in trade," Adonis declared. "He probably underpaid you." He pulled his arms out of his coverall and pushed it down to his hips. "I suppose it doesn't matter if I have nothing else to wear, I guess." He favored Heenan with a sensuous smile. "I need practice looking beautiful naked anyway."

"Oh, really?" Heenan skinned the coverall the rest of the way off and lifted his eyebrows. "I can't imagine why you would need to practice. You look pretty good naked right now."

"Only pretty good?" Adonis stuck his lip out and rolled his head to the side, but he kept his eyes focused on Heenan. He folded his arms above his head and crossed his ankles, lifting his hips toward Heenan.

Heenan looked up and down the boy's slender form and felt his erection come to full attention. Adonis' pose oozed sensuality. He licked his lips. "Ok, you look beautiful. And sexy." He stood up so he could strip out of his jumpsuit. "I think it's time to get serious about collecting your payment."

Adonis smiled. "Just tell me what you want and I'll do it. I like pleasing handsome men."

"Handsome, am I?" Heenan laughed. About the only time anyone called him handsome was when they were about to rip him off. He was by no means an ugly man, but he knew his plain brown hair and eyes and average height were not going to win any prizes. "Let's see if you still think that when I'm pounding it into you. But before we start, let me get some lube. I like my boys nice and wet."

Adonis wriggled his hips. "Now you're getting me excited." He rolled onto his stomach and presented his bottom to Heenan as he returned to the bed with the lube. "No one's been in me for a while," he said. "I was just sucking guys off at the bar."

"Wouldn't you get more for ass?"

"Yeah, but it's easier to hide the smell on my breath than cum running down my legs." Adonis wrinkled his nose. "If Mr. Hedina was sober enough to realize I'd been with someone, he'd get pissed off."

"Would he hit you?"

"No, he'd decide that the miners were behind quota and order double-shifts."

"Seems unfair."

Adonis shrugged. "Mining's a sucky job."

Heenan patted Adonis on the butt. "Ready?"

"Always." Adonis got up onto his knees and stuck his behind in the air. Heenan squirted lube onto his fingers and slid one in. Adonis took it easily, so he immediately added a second. "You seem pretty open for not getting used regularly."

Adonis looked at him over his shoulder. "I keep myself in practice," he said with a suggestive smile. "It's part of the training."

Heenan rotated his hand, twisting his fingers inside Adonis' body. Adonis moaned deeply. "Seems to me," Heenan drawled, "that you just like it."

"There's that," Adonis agreed, moaning again.

Heenan worked lube into Adonis until it was running down the inside of Adonis' thighs and dripping onto the bed. Adonis clawed at the sheets, writhing slowly and groaning with pleasure. His responsiveness had Heenan dripping as well. "I think we're both ready to go," he said. He wiped his hand off on the sheets so he could keep a good grip on Adonis' hips and positioned himself behind him. Adonis arched his back, dropping his chest and tilting up his bottom, presenting his wet entrance to Heenan eagerly. Heenan put himself in and pushed in slowly, savoring the tight wetness of Adonis' interior.

"Oh, yes!" Adonis moaned. "You're big! I like that!"

Heenan chuckled, but his laugh turned to a groan of delight. Adonis felt wonderful. Heenan moved in and out slowly, taking his time so he could really appreciate the carnal pleasure of intercourse. Adonis responded with eager moans that turned to panting cries of joy. He was obviously enjoying himself. Heenan picked up speed, thrusting into Adonis with increasing urgency as his arousal started to peak. Adonis' cries got louder, echoing off the cabin's metal walls. He climaxed before Heenan, but not by much. The shuddering contractions of his orgasm enticed Heenan to join him in ecstasy. Heenan closed his eyes as he came, shaking helplessly.

When he finished, he slumped forward onto one hand. "That was good. I haven't had a fuck that nice for a while." Adonis nodded mutely. After a moment, Heenan pulled out and stretched out on his side, pulling Adonis onto his side against his chest. "I'm out of practice. I need to rest for a minute before I can go again."

"Ok." Adonis twisted around part way so he could look at Heenan. "You haven't told me your name. Should I call you Master?" There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"My name's Heenan," Heenan replied. "Or you can call me Captain. I don't own you, so don't you start any of that master shit with me."

Adonis laughed lightly. "As you say, Captain!" He faced forward again. "Thank you for taking me away from there," he continued quietly.

Heenan stroked Adonis' soft hair away from his forehead. The boy really was cute. "You're welcome, Adonis."