Chapter 16: Back to the Farm?

It was good to be back in deep space. The trip to Boreal would take sixteen days with three jumps and Heenan saw no reason why they couldn't spend the entire four days between the first and second jumps having sex. Neither of them bothered to put on clothes the whole time, which was a first for Heenan. Even when he lived alone on the ship, he had never gone about naked. Now he was starting to develop an appreciation for Adonis' fondness for nudity. It was pretty comfortable sitting around with nothing on.

Lying in bed spooned up comfortably against Adonis' back, Heenan heaved a contented sigh. "I think I've finally relaxed," he said. "Lots of empty space around us; a nice, safe cargo in our hold; and no one else on the ship but us."

"I feel exactly the same way," Adonis purred in response.

"We're definitely going to have to stick to our policy of no passengers and no human cargo from now on," Heenan continued.

"Agreed." Adonis wiggled his bottom, rubbing against Heenan's genitals. "Being alone is better."

"It sure is." Heenan snuggled Adonis closer to his chest. "I've been going over our finances. We actually got paid pretty well for those pirate jobs. I was thinking we can afford to take a few days off when we get to Boreal. I wouldn't say no to sitting on a beach for a couple of days right now."

"Yay!" Adonis squealed. "That's a great idea!"

"I thought you'd agree," Heenan chuckled. "We probably shouldn't stay at that pricey resort we were at last time, but I think just about any place on Boreal is probably good."

"I want to choose where we stay this time," Adonis stated firmly. "It was really unfair of you to make all those nice arrangements on Eddersly and not tell me anything until after we got there."

"All right. Just keep an eye on the cost. We still need to be able to afford fuel pellets afterward."

"I'll find the perfect place," Adonis said. "Whose turn is it to make lunch? I'm starving."

"Mine, I think," Heenan replied. He patted Adonis on the hip and rolled over into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. "It'll be rations, I'm afraid. We've eaten up most of the fresh food."

"That's ok." Adonis grinned. "I bought premium rations."

"Right." Heenan rolled his eyes. Premium rations were only slightly better than standard rations. "You should go start the pre-jump checks. It'll be time to jump after lunch."

Adonis hopped out of bed. "Will do." He padded out the door naked.

Heenan just shook his head and pulled on a pair of reasonably clean boxers and an only slightly soiled jumpsuit that were crumpled up on the floor. "It's not right for all our clothes to be dirty when we weren't wearing them most of the time," he muttered. Nevertheless, he made a mental note to do the laundry after the jump as he headed for the galley to make lunch. Ship rations actually weren't that bad. Prepared and packaged to stay fresh for months, many of the meals were quite tasty, especially when heated according to the instructions. Ship rations could be eaten straight out of the package, but they tasted better warmed up, so Heenan usually prepared them as directed. It didn't really take all that long. "Hmm… What looks good?" After studying his options for a few minutes, Heenan selected a pastrami on rye sandwich for himself and a roast beef sandwich for Adonis. Neither sandwich actually contained real meat, but the taste and texture were pretty close to the real thing. Sliding the sandwiches into the oven, he typed in the heating instructions. "That should do it." Rather than wait, he went to the control room to see how Adonis was doing. "Any issues?"

"No." Seated at the engineer's console with his legs crossed, Adonis watched the screen finish reporting the results of the jump engine diagnostics. "Everything's nominal. We should be good to go. What's for lunch?"

"Sandwiches. They'll be done in a minute."

"Yum." Adonis typed another instruction and nodded at the response. "Ok, we are on course and at optimal jump speed. Jump in forty-one minutes. Time enough to eat!" He grinned at Heenan.

"Absolutely." Heenan grinned back.

The rest of the trip to Boreal was utterly routine. They did ship maintenance activities every other day and relaxed the rest of the time. Adonis knew more card games than Heenan had thought even existed. He had already taught Heenan a number of games that were fun and sometimes challenging, but whenever it seemed like Heenan was getting tired of a particular game, Adonis would come up with a new one. Heenan was starting to suspect he was just making them up, but the rules always made sense, so he wasn't completely sure. But between, the games, movies, reading and sex, the time passed quickly. Before long, they were plotting the third jump.

The jump out point was about four hours away from Boreal, but since Boreal was a destination planet, the long range sensor started squawking as soon as they reacquired normal space.

"Five ships, no intersecting courses," Adonis reported calmly from the navigator's seat.

Heenan nodded without responding aloud. Because Boreal only had one spaceport, only cargo ships normally landed there. A large portion of Boreal's near-space control envelope was devoted to permanent orbits where passenger liners parked while transferring visitors to and from the planet's many resorts in shuttles. Four of the five ships near them were passenger liners in low orbits. The fifth was another cargo vessel whose trajectory indicated it was making an approach.

"We're a little low for the approach," Adonis said.

"Right." Heenan nudged the controls and their flight path changed, climbing up above the equatorial belt reserved for orbiting ships. "Boreal Approach Control, this is the Graceful Lady on long range approach, requesting a surface landing."

"Graceful Lady, proceed to approach vector N12 and report at five hundred thousand kilometers."

"Graceful Lady proceeding to approach vector N12."

Adonis plotted their course and popped it up on Heenan's screen. "It should take us two hours and forty-nine minutes to reach the reporting point." The approach vector highlighted on the screen, showing the descent angle to the surface, and a glowing red spot appeared along the path.

"Looks good," Heenan said. The flight in was completely routine. They acquired their approach vector and reported in right at Adonis' estimated two hours and forty-nine minutes.

"Graceful Lady, continue on vector N12 and acquire landing beacon 72. You are cleared to land."

"Graceful Lady, aye." Heenan exchanged a grin with Adonis. Boreal might have a lot of traffic, but with only a limited number of ships landing at the spaceport itself, apparently there was no waiting. He reduced speed as he proceeded down the approach path. They intercepted the landing beacon just before entering the atmosphere and glided down to their berth, a wide flat concrete slab. The Lady settled in place with a gentle bump. "Shutting down." The ship creaked and groaned as the engines shut down and things began to cool. "Shutdown readings normal."

"Hull temperature is dropping," Adonis reported. "Outside temperature is a balmy twenty-four degrees Celsius with forty percent humidity."

"Nice! Have you decided where we're staying yet?"

Adonis smiled sweetly. "I have a place a mind."

"All right." Heenan returned his smile. "Why don't you get us a reservation and I'll contact our customer."


It was midafternoon local time, so there was no reason not to call right away. Heenan called the number on his invoice and was greeted by a perky young woman who looked younger than Adonis.

"Good afternoon. Boreal Resort Construction."

"Good afternoon. I've just arrived on planet with a shipment of concrete for you."

"Oh, wonderful!" The girl beamed at him. "Let me call our spaceport crew. We don't have any other deliveries at the moment so they should be right over."

"Great. When can I expect final payment?"

"The crew chief will take care of it."

"That's perfect. I'll open up my hold right now and wait for them."

"Thank you very much, Captain. Good day!"

The call disconnected and Heenan looked over at Adonis. "The customer has a spaceport crew. She said they'd be right over, so I'm going down to open the hold."

"Ok." Adonis was hunched intently over his screen in a position that blocked Heenan's view. Apparently, he was determined to keep their vacation destination a secret.

Heenan chuckled as he walked out. It was cold in the hold, but not uncomfortably so. The heat generated by atmospheric friction during landing always warmed it up a little, even after a long crossing. But he didn't dawdle on his way to opening the door. Warm air flowed in as the door rumbled open and Heenan drew a deep breath. It was nice being on a planet that wasn't choked with reeking smog. Boreal's air was fresh and clean. Heenan stepped outside with a smile. Spending a few days on a Boreal beach was definitely a good idea.

Adonis jogged out of the hold and clasped his arm. "We're all set. I've ordered an air taxi to pick us up in three hours. I hope that's not too soon."

"It shouldn't be. In fact," Heenan nodded across the tarmac, "I think that's them." A small caravan of flatbed trucks was driving toward them, with the last two towing forklifts. "This looks very promising."

The trucks pulled up in a neat line in front of the cargo door. A man hopped out of the cab of the first truck and immediately began shouting orders. Several people descended from the trucks and split into two groups. Four people began unhooking the forklifts and the rest jogged toward the ship, led by the foreman. "Afternoon, Captain," the foreman said. "I'm Gabriel East from Boreal Resort Construction."

"Afternoon, Mr. East," Heenan replied. "The hold's all yours."

"Thank you, sir." Gabriel turned to his team and raised his voice to a commanding roar. "All right, you lot, let's not waste time. Get those tie downs undone. I want the first crate sitting on the tarmac by the time the forklifts are moving. Let's go!" The efficiency of this crew was a stunning contrast to the last one. The group inside the hold moved the crates onto the tarmac briskly and the two forklift operators moved them onto the flatbeds steadily. There were no delays and no wasted effort. When the last crate was lashed in place, Gabriel jogged over to Heenan. "All set, Captain." He pulled a tablet out of a thigh pocket and tapped the screen. "The delivery's in order and I've authorized payment in full."

Heenan touched his ID to the screen. "Thank you very much, Mr. East. Pleasure doing business with you."

"Same to you, Captain. Good day." Gabriel hurried back to his truck and the vehicles rumbled away.

Heenan smiled down at Adonis. "Let's pack. I'm ready for a vacation."

"Me, too!"

The air taxi arrived right on time, parking on the edge of their landing pad. Adonis jogged over to meet the driver while Heenan locked down the ship. They were only taking one small bag between them since, like last time, Adonis was not planning to wear a lot of clothes. The driver put the bag into the trunk of his vehicle. "Have you visited Boreal before?" he asked cheerfully. His easygoing grin revealed very white teeth in his dark-skinned face.

"Yes," Adonis said. "We loved it, so we decided to come back."

"We have the best weather and the best beaches in the galaxy," the driver quipped. "You can't go wrong on Boreal no matter where you're staying."

"As for that." Adonis sidled closer and lowered his voice. He and the driver had a brief whispered exchange and then both of them grinned at Heenan.

The driver opened the rear door and beckoned them in with an expansive wave. "Welcome aboard, gentlemen! Relaxation and pleasure await!"

Heenan just rolled his eyes and climbed in after Adonis. The taxi lifted off, but didn't climb very high. Instead, the driver flew along about three meters off the ground, following a designated path. But when they left the spaceport, he gained altitude and zipped along high above the sparkling blue water. Small islands with white sand beaches and boats with brightly colored sails were visible below them. After about thirty minutes, they began losing altitude. Ahead of them, a large island drew closer, its wide beaches dotted with cottages. A round landing pad jutted out into the water and the taxi floated down onto it with a nearly imperceptible bump.

"Here we are!" the driver sang out. "The Resort Island of Endless Bliss! Welcome!"

The salty tang of the ocean struck them as soon as the taxi door opened. Stepping out onto the landing pad, Heenan put his arm around Adonis. "Endless Bliss, eh?"

"Every guest room is a separate cabin. The deluxe cabins are right on the beach in an area farther out from the rest of the resort so it's not as crowded."

"Let me guess," Heenan drawled, "we're staying in a deluxe cabin."

"Of course!" Adonis grinned. "But it wasn't that much more than a regular cabin. We just get a little more privacy."

"And there's nothing wrong with a little bit of privacy, is there?" the driver said with a wink and a smile. He handed Heenan their bag. "Enjoy your stay, my friends." With a wave, he hopped back into his vehicle and took off.

"You prepaid?" Heenan asked.

"It seemed easier." Adonis tugged on his arm. "Let's go! I want to go swimming!"

"All right!"

They didn't make it to the end of the walkway from the landing area before a resort employee, a pretty young woman with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, came hurrying up to greet them. "Welcome to Endless Bliss, gentlemen!" she called out brightly. "Are you the Cartwright party?"

"Yes, that's us," Adonis replied.

"I'm so happy you've arrived!" she bubbled, sounding like she actually meant it. "Your cabin is all prepared. I'll be happy to take you straight there, if you'll just follow me." She turned and almost skipped off down the path, cheerfully pointing out amenities as she went. The resort was spacious, crisscrossed by smooth concrete paths flanked by attractive tropical gardens and cute seating areas. Most of the guest cabins were in little groups, but after a short walk, they came to an area where each cabin sat by itself in the middle of a spacious garden. "Here we are!" their guide chirped. "One of our finest cabins." The cabin was surrounded by lush tropical plants. Leading the way in, she stopped just inside the door and swept her arm out. "Is that not a view?" she exclaimed.

It was a good view. The ceiling of the cabin angled up, so that the far side of the living and dining area was half again as tall as the entryway. The entire far wall was a set of sliding glass doors, giving them an unobstructed view of the beach and the ocean.

Crossing the room, the young woman pushed the sliding doors open. "These doors slide back completely to let you experience the best of indoor/outdoor living. Out here, you have a completely private lanai and your own path to the beach. What do you think?"

"It's perfect," Adonis said. "I'm ready to go swimming."

"Very good! I can check you in right here and you can start your vacation without delay." Producing a small tablet, she looked from Heenan to Adonis with a faintly questioning smile.

Heenan started to reach for his ID, but Adonis put a hand on his arm. "I'll get this one," he said and pulled out his ID. With a grin, he touched it to the woman's pad.

"Thank you, Mr. Adonis," she said. She typed one-handed to complete the check-in and smiled warmly. "There you go! You can access the hotel guide and make reservations through your television. Please enjoy your stay!"

"We will, thank you." As soon as she was gone, Heenan grinned at Adonis. "Nicely done, partner. Let's go swimming."


Shucking their clothes on the spot, they ran down the beach and into the ocean. The water was warm. It sluiced over their bare skin and felt wonderful. They swam and splashed and generally acted like little kids until they were both exhausted. Then they stretched out on the warm sand and went to sleep. They woke up later to find that someone had covered them with thin towels.

Heenan blinked at the towel. "What the hell?"

"Maybe it was to protect us from sunburn, since we were sleeping," Adonis speculated.

"That makes sense." Heenan sat up and ran his fingers through his hair. There was sand everywhere. "We should shower and decide where we want to eat dinner."


The resort had six restaurants catering to different clientele. They selected a restaurant that was designated for couples only. The meal was excellent and the service exemplary. They returned to their cabin later feeling comfortably full and a little bit drunk. As they tumbled into bed kissing, Adonis purred, "This is going to be a great vacation."

"Um hmm."

"I want to be on top tonight," Adonis demanded. "I'll let you watch me put in the lube."

"I think I can accept that arrangement." Heenan watched with growing excitement as Adonis straddled him and popped open the lube. With a salacious grin, Adonis lifted up on his knees, bent back, and stuck his dripping fingers between his legs. He twirled his fingers and wriggled his hips, moaning sensuously with his mouth open and his eyes closed. Heenan was starting to drip after only a minute of watching. "Aren't you wet enough yet?" he groaned.

Adonis opened his eyes and grinned wickedly. "Are you?"

"Yes, you little wretch!" Heenan growled.

"You know it's better if you're really ready."

"I'm going to take over."

"No, you're not. It's my turn." Adonis grasped Heenan and shifted back so he could slid the hard member into his opening.

Heenan groaned as Adonis settled onto him and pushed down. "Ok, you can go first."

Adonis leaned forward and kissed Heenan on the chin. "You know you like it," he whispered and sat back up. Without any more preamble, he started moving up and down. Heenan clasped Adonis by the hips, but lightly so he did not impede his young companion's movements. Adonis moved steadily and deliberately, massaging Heenan with deep, satisfying strokes. Hot pleasure pulsed through Heenan. He couldn't help lifting his hips, pushing up against Adonis' firm bottom deliciously. It felt great and he had to struggle to hold onto his orgasm. Adonis was just warming up. He started moving faster, bouncing up and down with little gasps of excitement. Glistening moisture started trickling down his erection. The sight made Heenan's heart beat faster. Impending orgasm stiffened his muscles and his mouth fell open. Abruptly, Adonis cried out and shot his load all over Heenan's chest. His body jerked and Heenan exploded in response. Wave after wave of ecstasy crashed through him and he shook helplessly.

When he could finally speak again, Heenan heaved a contented sigh. "That was great."

"Yeah." Adonis slumped down on his chest, smearing his cum around. "It's your turn now."

Heenan patted his bottom. "Give me a minute. I'm not as young as I used to be."

Adonis just snorted.

In the morning, they had breakfast at a beachfront bar. The open-air seating area was under a thatched roof, but it was right next to the sand, so they could watch people playing and frolicking in the water while they ate. They had just finished eating and were figuring out what they wanted to do after breakfast when they spotted an extremely attractive woman strolling gracefully across the sand heading in their direction.

"Isn't that Talitha Mascarine?" Heenan asked.

"I believe it is," Adonis answered. "I wonder what she's doing here."

Talitha continued in their direction, turning heads every step of the way, even though she was wearing an attractive business suit rather than a bathing suit. She walked straight up to their table and smiled magnificently, causing all conversation at neighboring tables to stop. "Good morning, Captain Cartwright. Good morning, Adonis. It's such a pleasure to see you again. May I join you?"

Heenan was instantly suspicious, but it was impossible to say no to that smile and there was a spare seat at their table. "Of course."

Talitha sat down. "Thank you. I imagine you're quite surprised to see me."

"To say the least."

"I know you're on vacation, but I was hoping I might discuss a possible business matter with you." She paused to give him time to protest, but Heenan said nothing. He exchanged a look with Adonis and Adonis just shrugged. Talitha inclined her head. "I'll be brief. We at Red Lantern are quite interested in reclaiming Adonis' genes for our breeding program. We've been following his career since he joined you and are extremely excited by the intelligence and talent he's exhibited. We believe he is one of the best companions we've ever produced and we are eager to see more companions of his quality coming out of the farm here on Boreal."

Heenan's mouth fell open. It was pretty much the last thing he had expected to hear from her. "You want Adonis back?!" he finally exclaimed. "But you gave him to me! You wrote him off!"

Talitha smiled deprecatingly. "All businesses make mistakes," she said. "We are hoping you will allow us to rectify ours."

Heenan fumbled for a response. He didn't know what to say. He didn't want to lose Adonis. His young companion was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Licking his lips, he choked out. "You'll have to ask Adonis. He's a Federation Citizen now." He stared at Adonis, unable to decipher the youth's expression.

Adonis tapped a finger against his lips, studying Talitha thoughtfully. "Are you asking me to join the herd?"

"That would be our preference."

"But you don't normally hire former companions into the herd."

"I admit it's rare, but mainly because our customers are usually very reluctant to sell back their companions. But in your case," she smiled sweetly, "it is a straight hiring situation."

Heenan flinched. So she already knew that Adonis was a free citizen and addressing her initial remarks to him had just been a polite formality. He frowned, but held his tongue. This was Adonis' decision, as much as it pained him to admit that to himself.

"I'll have to think about it," Adonis said.

"Very well." Talitha drew a business card from her jacket pocket. "Please give me a call with your answer. I look forward to hearing from you." She rose gracefully and inclined her head to Heenan. "It was nice seeing you again, Captain. Good day."

Heenan mumbled a response and scowled until she walked away. "I don't believe this!" he snapped as soon as she was out of earshot. "Why do they need you? There must be people on Pinter with the same genes as you."

"Possibly," Adonis responded. "But that's one of the reasons why the herds are so large. They try to avoid having the same two people mate more than once to ensure a good mix of genes. Normally, if a man or woman exhibits characteristics that they want to retain, they'll ensure that particular person mates with a good selection of partners. So I may not have any full siblings, but I very likely have lots of half siblings. But remember, I didn't know any of the people in the herd we transported, so I doubt they have any of my relatives on Boreal."

"So introducing your genes into the herd here would benefit the local product line."


"I don't like it," Heenan admitted unhappily. "I know I don't have any right to tell you what to do, but I really like having you as my partner. I've been a lot happier since you joined my crew."

Adonis shifted uncomfortably. "I really liked living on the farm," he said slowly. "The accommodations are really nice and there's always lots of fun things to do." He chewed his lip. "But I didn't know any other life when I lived on Pinter. Now, well..." he hesitated and met Heenan's eyes. "I think living on just one planet would feel too small. And I would miss you. But then..." He rubbed his hand across the top of his head. "Being asked to join the herd as a breeder is a huge compliment. Even Red Lantern products aren't guaranteed to be accepted. I'm conflicted."

Heenan swallowed. He'd already said he wanted Adonis to stay. Saying anything else would be putting unfair pressure on his companion. "Like I said; it's your decision. Let's go swimming. Give yourself some time to think about it."


But it was hard for Heenan to relax and enjoy himself. Watching Adonis glide through the water, his swimming form absolutely perfect, he felt a sudden terrible pang of impending loss. Swimming close to Adonis, he captured the youth in his arms and kissed him soundly. Adonis responded warmly, his tongue sliding between Heenan's lips, and he wrapped his arms and legs around Heenan's body, causing them both to sink under the water. After a long time, Heenan came up gasping for breath with Adonis still clinging to him like a monkey. "Kissing is nice, but so is breathing," he said hoarsely.

"Um hmm." Adonis fixed his large dark eyes on Heenan's face. "You're still thinking about Talitha's offer."

"I can't help it," Heenan confessed. "I just don't know what I'd do without you." Unconsciously, he cupped Adonis' bare bottom in his hands.

"I've been thinking about it," Adonis said slowly, "I was thinking that I missed over a year of companionship after I was stolen. You've been such a good master that most of the time I don't think about that lost time anymore, but Talitha's offer brought it back to me. Because it was Red Lantern's fault. They should have tried harder to recover me." He frowned slightly. "In fact, they should never have lost me in the first place. So I don't think I should let them have their way the very first time they ask. I want a lot more years of companionship with the best master anyone could ask for." He snuggled his face into Heenan's neck. "I'm still young. I could join the herd ten years from now and still have time enough to father a bunch of kids, even if I only stayed for a year."

Heenan blinked in surprise. "Would they let you do that? Just stay for a year, I mean."

"Probably. If they really want my genes that badly, they'll make any kind of a deal to get their hands on me. But then," Adonis made a face, "I'm not sure I want to have sex with women. It sounds kind of gross."

Heenan broke out laughing. "Is that the biggest downside you see?"

"Well, yeah! I like men. Especially men with big cocks to stick up my ass." He kissed Heenan's cheek. "A man like you."

Heenan kissed him back. "Well, I tell you what. I doubt Red Lantern will leave us alone even if you say no today, so let's finish our vacation, get a cargo lined up and then call her from the ship. You can tell her we'll be back on Boreal in five years and she can ask you again. What do you say?"

"That sounds like a good plan to me!" Adonis rubbed his genitals against Heenan's tummy. "Let's go back to the room and fuck. I want to be thoroughly pounded by my beloved master."

"Very well. And after dinner, you can start teaching me level two of tantric sex." Heenan made the offer even though his heart raced at the prospect.

Adonis giggled happily and kissed him on the nose. "You're such a good master! To the cabin!"

Heenan carried Adonis all the way back to their cabin and into the bathroom. "Showers first," he said. "I don't want to get sand into anyplace personal." The shower was large enough to accommodate them both, so they washed each other, which meant the shower took way longer than it should have and they were both thoroughly aroused by the time Heenan deemed them clean enough.

Scurrying back to the bedroom still damp, Heenan scooped Adonis up and tossed him onto the bed. "On your hands and knees, pretty boy, and show me your delightful bottom!" he ordered.

"Yes, master!" Adonis giggled. He rolled onto his knees and stuck his butt on the air. But instead of resting on his hands, he stretched his arms out in front of him and dropped his chest onto the bed. The position arched his back and made his butt stick up even more. "Can I get fingered?" he begged, waggling his bottom.

"Absolutely," Heenan replied. He retrieved the lube and squirted a hefty dollop onto his fingers. Grasping Adonis by the hip, he slid two oily fingers into Adonis. "How does that feel?"

"Really good!" Adonis moaned. He writhed sensuously. "Go really deep!"

"As you command, partner." Heenan fingered him deeply, eliciting long deep moans of delight from Adonis.

"Oh!" Adonis groaned. "I need to get fucked! Please!"

Heenan loved it when Adonis begged. He positioned himself behind his young companion and smeared the lube on his hand up and down his cock. Grasping Adonis by the hips, he pushed into his warm interior, groaning with pleasure as Adonis' body clasped him. "Oh, yes!" he moaned. "So good!" And then there was no more talking. He pounded Adonis' ass as hard as he could, rocking the youth back and forth and making him howl with ecstasy. Adonis bucked up and down, his climax soaking the bed, but Heenan kept pounding him until shattering orgasm locked him in place. Then his body jerked back and forth as jet after jet of cum shot out of him. When it finally ended, he slumped over Adonis' back with a long, rasping sigh. "Oh, that was good."

"Um hmm," Adonis echoed. He pulled his arms back so he was resting on his elbows. "There's no way I could leave this right now," he continued after a moment. "I think I've known ever since you found me on Mine 117 that I belonged to you."

"You know what, kid?" Heenan replied softly. "I think I've known since then that I belonged to you, too." He kissed Adonis on the shoulder. "Ready for round two?"

"You bet!"

-o- The End -o-

For now! But look for Heenan and Adonis' space adventures to continue in a future volume!