You're waiting for that perfect day
to ask that girl to be yours.
With a gentle hug and maybe a kiss
she'll say yes, a million times yes.

You two can be the It couple.
Everyone will envy you.
"How did you get such a perfect girl?"
Is what they will all ask.

But I can tell that she's all fake.
Behind closed doors she beats you.
No one can tell, not even you
that she's breaking you.
You're falling apart.

You're still waiting for that perfect day
to ask her to be yours,
and all I have is until that day
to open your eyes to the truth.

On Valentine's Day will you be with her?
Will you be with the one that breaks you?
Or will you see the truth of it all
that you can get much better?

A/N: The line where it says "she beats you" I mean emotionally, not physically.