One cold night alone it seems
and as I walk toward the beautiful dancing figures in the air
I feel the cold wind knock me back
and the figures turn dark and my hand is no longer my own
A pull and a tug and the wind is gone
now only this strange over head light
So bright so blinding
The light turns off
and something cold and wet and pointy is touching my arm
I try to pull it away
but it seems my mind is no longer connected to my body
Now more things brush up against me
and my brain tries to escape
Curse this body holding me back
something slaps against my face and I try to protest
still nothing
it starts to get cold
My skin starts to tingle and soon I don't feel like I have any at all
I focus on my muscles but those are gone too
along with my bones
The only thing that remains is my thought
I feel that same wet sting on my brain now
I've never felt anything like this before
It's like an electric jolt across a synapse
like never hearing music and then getting a dose of Zepplin
a fire grew like a wave from my temporal lobe to my occipital
and the grey matter in my brain turned black
while my arteries swelled
and I felt like a pop 19 years of growth reoccur in less than 19 seconds
My body was once again my own
then before I knew it a hard wind crashed into my body
and I could move again
I test out my motor skills and look for you
from some place unseen you emerge
and I cling to your very existence
you feel my fear and confusion
and I feel your strange breath in my ear
I talk to you about what had just happened
telling you about the benefits of cranial arson
and sticking metal in power outlets
saying things like 'keep track of your skin cells'
and 'since when did the moon lose it's color?'
and you think it's weird
that I think it's weird that you have skin