Description: Female Madison May, 18 years old, high school senior, no job but is looking, smart to common knowledge, not book worm smart, blond hair down to half her back, blue eyes, 5'3", 185 lbs, doesn't like dress',

Male Anthony Deorwine, 19 years old, graduated high school, has a job working for a big company, assistant floor director, very smart, black hair to about his ears, brown eyes, 5'10" 210 lbs

Locations: School dance to hotel
School bathroom
Shower room
Locker room
First time lip piercing
Art room

It was the school's final dance and she didn't want to go. Her friends where bugging her about the whole thing and she wanted to stay home and spend the night with her boyfriend. The school was throwing prom for her senior year and she had a beautiful dress. It was a deep rich red and had a black strap of cloth that tied around her waist and floated down to about half way to her calf. It had a simple neck piece of see through cloth of what felt as soft as silk. She starred at it and the black shoes next to it. It was only three hours away from the dance and she didn't know if she wanted to take him to the dance. Holding up her hand she looked down to the two tickets. The numbers 210 and 211 where on them. There was going to be a massive crowd so they where going to be dancing in the gym. If there wasn't so many then they would only be in the cafeteria.

Her phone ringing brought her out of her musing as she looked down to her cell-phone her father had bought her with his tax money. She smiled when she saw that it was her boyfriend calling. His ring tone was the bad touch by the blood hound gang. She flipped the phone open and giggled when she heard what sounded like music in the background.

"Hey Tony!" She giggled out and she knew he was probably smiling on the other side. She heard the music turn down and she finally heard his voice through the line.

"Hey Mady!" He said and made her growl.

"You know I don't like that name." She said into the phone as she glared at the dress.

"You know I hate it when you call me Tony too. I'm not a tiger." He said and that made her laugh.

"Fine. What's up?" She asked hopping it wasn't about the dance she didn't want to go to. She went to his last year and she didn't want to go to another one again.

"You know why I am calling. I sent someone to your home to make sure that you are getting ready and to help you with your hair and stuff." He said and she growled again.

"Why do I have to go again?" She asked him and he just laughed.

"Because I want to spend the night with you. And not at your house. Your father knows that I am taking you out and that we will be also spending the night together. Your dad is pretty laid back you know. I think you should take advantage of that some time." He said and she shook her head.

"Then I wouldn't be the good child now would I?" She said and he just laughed again.

"Yeah well I will be picking you up at your house. Your dad isn't going to give me the whole star down is he?" he asked and sounded nerves.

"Last time I knew, no." She said and stood up to look into the mirror. "When are you picking me up?" She asked and he laughed that time.

"Around seven thirty. The dance starts at nine right?" He asked her and she nodded her head. "I can't hear a head nod Mady." He said and she shook her head.

"Yeah at nine. Nine till eleven." She said and heard the door bell ring.

"That's her. I will let you go now. I have to go and fight with my own outfit." He said and she laughed that time. If she had never seen it with her own eyes she wouldn't have believed that he had trouble putting something formal on. Knowing him to well she knew he would show up with a clip on tie to. But with a real tie for her to help him with when they saw each other.

"See you when you get here." She said and made a kissing sound on the phone.

"Later babe." He said and the line went dead. She through her phone onto her queen size bed and went to answer the door. The bell ran one more time before she could get there.

"I'm coming. Hold on." She said opening the door. She watched as a woman with shirt cropped red hair starred at her. There were tattoos and piercings all over her. She smiled and waved her hand.

"Hello my name is Jessica and I was sent to help you out." She said and Madison let her in.

"My name is…" She started but was cut off.

"Madison not Mady. Now where is your room?" She said and looked extremely happy to be helping her out. Madison looked down to the box in her skinny fingers but lead her to her room.

It was seven fifteen and her hair, makeup, nails, toe nails, and rest of her body was covered. Lotion on everything else. Jessica made her ware her black boy shorts with matching bra. She then helped her put her red and black dress on and then her shoes. Once completely done they looked Madison over in the mirror.

"Well I say my work here is done." Jessica said.

"Thank you for this. I would have just probably put my hair up in a ponytail and put lip gloss on." Madison said Jessica laughed.

"That's what he said you would have done. Either way he already made a deal with me. I help you he set's me up with a friend at work." She said and she laughed.

"Well at least you get something out of it." Madison said and she smiled to her.

"If you ever need anything, give me a call." She said handing her, her phone number. Madison took it happily and walked her to the door. Her father than came from the kitchen and smiled to her.

"You look good dresses up." He said.

"Thanks dad." She said and rolled her eyes.

"You know what I mean." He said shaking his head.

"Well I'll be in my room for a while till he comes. And dad. Don't do the whole star down thing. I don't want to relax his nerves after." She said and he laughed.

"I'll try." He said and watched her walk up to her room. She grabbed her cell-phone, tickets, and wallet. Placing them in her awful purse, she put that over her right shoulder. Letting it rest on her left hip. She then looked into the mirror and looked herself over. She really didn't look that bad. She turned in the mirror and smiled.

'Maybe tonight's dance won't be too bad. I wonder where he is taking me to dinner. Hopefully not somewhere expensive. Don't want him getting kicked out because he treated me to all this.' She thought when she got a text message. She opened her phone and saw it was him.

'Be there real soon.' It said and she smiled. Closing it back up and putting it back, she took one final look at herself.

The door bell rang and Madison was smiling happily. Her father got the door and told her he was there. She yelled down that she was coming. Her hair curled and pined back but still flowing was behind her shoulders. Dress in place, makeup still alright, and shoes on. She headed down and found him at the bottom of the stairs. His hair was done and stuck in place. Tux placed right and matched her. Black pants, shoes, jacket but his shirt was red and a black tie. He starred at her and she could see the lust in his eyes.

"Thanks father. I got it from here." She said and he left for his den but stopped and turned around.

"Your mother would have my hide if I didn't do this." He said holding up the camera. She groaned and Anthony laughed. "Just one." He said. She resigned and stood next to Anthony and smiled. When his hand went around her waist. There was a flash and her father went away.

"Come on. Dinner is waiting." Anthony said and helped her out to the car. She smiled and sat in. buckling up, he got in and drove out of the drive way.

"Did you find the new apartment yet?" She asked and saw him smile.

"I found one I think is pretty good. I'm meeting with the person on Monday to see if I get it." he answered and grabbed her hand. He kissed the back and she smiled.

"Will I like it?" she asked.

"It's a little far but I think you'll love it." He said. She turned on the radio and sung to the song that came on. He was taking her out of town and she was starting to wonder where.

They pulled up to her favorite restaurant and she hugged him happily. He laughed but pulled her in anyway. She smiled and gently kissed his cheek making sure not to leave a mark.

"Come on Madison. Let's get something to eat then head back to town." He said and they got a seat.

Madison was happy eating and talking with Anthony as they talked about the end of the school year and finding a job. She was excited to get a scalar ship to a local school. She was learning to become a nurse assistant. The ones that get to watch the new born babies and help deliveries. He was just happy that she would be moving in with him soon. That's why he had to move. His little apartment wasn't going to fit them both.

When they were heading back Anthony heard his phone ringing. He went to grab it but Mady had answered it and put it up to his ear.

"Yes boss?" He said and watched the road. She was quiet for him and even turned down the radio. "It should be in your mail box." He said and Mady looked confused. "Is it in your email?" he asked and he smiled when he heard the other man. "Yes. I'm off all night." He said and looked to her. She smiled back and he nodded his head. "Yes boss. Have a good night." He said and she turned off his phone.

"What was that about?" She asked a little curious.

"Boss couldn't find a document. Someone emailed it to him. He hats that because it has to be printed either way." He said and she laughed.

"Have to love technology." He said and giggled while turning the music back up.

When they got to the school it was all ready nine o'clock. He pulled in and they got out. They spotted two of her friends arrived as well. She waved to them and they walked up with their dates.

"Stephanie, Alice!" Madison said and hugged both of them. "You two look beautiful. Told you the pink will look good on you." She said and Stephanie and laughed.

"You look good yourself. Who helped you?" Alice asked and she giggled.

"That's my secret." She said when Anthony wrapped his right arm around her waist.

"Shall we go in?" he asked and she nodded her head. Taking out the tickets the six of them went school id. They let her and Anthony in. they went to the gym where some hip hop song was on.

"So dance first?" He whispered into her ear but loud enough to be heard.

"Sure." She said and was pulled to the dance floor. Her friends joined the area and they danced happily. Through the slow song and the fast. Everything in between as well. He would pull her into a kiss every once and a while and she giggled. She was feeling giddy and would allow his tongue to play with hers. There where judges for the king and queen and then the people pulled people apart. None of them ever bothered them.

When the time came for the crowing Madison was happily wrapped up in Anthony's arms. She smiled to him as the speaker asked for silence. They turned to watch the crowing. A brief speech was given.

"I wonder who queen will be." Anthony said and Mady rolled her eyes.

"Probably one of the preps or cheerleader." She said.

"it would be nice for a change huh?" he said into her ear and kissed her neck.

"Maybe." She said and there was a drum roll and king was announced. Brad Chamberlin. "See a jock." She said and he laughed.

"Now for queen." The speaker said.

"A cheerleader." She said as the drum role begun.

"Madison May." He said and she froze. Anthony laughed next to her.

"Some cheerleader." He said and pushed her forward.

"Wait… what?" she said and was pushed up to the speaker and king. He didn't look too thrilled till he saw her. He starred and knew he probably was drunk he had a slight blush. She walked up and was crowned queen. Her friend's cheered and she saw Anthony was smiling to her. She smiled back to him till the speaker announced that they had to dance. She turned to brad and he held his hand out for her. She sighed and prayed it was going to be quick. She could see the angry glared at her from the cheer group. She smiled smugly to them. The song came on and she danced with brad.

"Keep that hand up or I'll rip your fingers off." She said, glaring at him. He moved his hand back up her back.

"Why didn't you ever make yourself look like this at school? You know you could still be my girlfriend if you asked."

"No thanks. I have a boyfriend all ready." She said and caught his eye. He was glaring at brad.

"Some loser no doubt." He said rolling his eyes.

"unless you thin last year's king is a loser." She said and he looked shocked.

"You are dating Anthony Deorwin? I thought that loser was living on the street." He said and that was it. she lifted her knee up as fast as she could between his legs. He fell to the ground and cried in pain.

"Don't every say something like that about my boyfriend." She growled as Anthony came to her side and pulled her away from brad as his fuck buddy came to him.

"Mady what happened?" Anthony said.

"He was saying some very ruse stuff. It was the last straw for me. You are not living on the streets." She said and her friend looked to her.

"Come on let's get out of here. Before the teachers get us." He said and laughed as she pouted.

When they got to the car he pulled her into a kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist. She threaded her fingers through his hair and moaned when his tongue played with hers.

"I have a surprise for you." He said pulling away from the kiss making her whimper against the action.

"What?" She asked as he pulled out a paper. She opened it and there was a card and an address to it. "What's this?" She asked.

"a place where we are staying. Your father said I can have you for the night. I'm going to use this. You are mine for the next twelve hours." He whispered into her ear. She smiled though he couldn't see it.

"So why are we still here?" she whispered back and giggled when eh opened the door for her instantly. She got in and buckled up. She has been waiting for him to finally take her again. Yes they had sex before and he was her first and only but with him at work and her trying to really get into her collage of choice. They haven't been able to do anything but a couple night dates and make out's

She started to remember her first time with him. He showed interest in her when she was a junior and he was a senior. He had to convince her to go out with him. He liked the challenge and she knew it by the look she got from his eyes. After a few dates he finally got to touch her but she couldn't let him do much more. Finally after a month of that he got her so worked up she told him to. That was the night she became a woman and lost her virginity. She could still remember all the things he did to her. Making her beg because she made him wait so long for her. But when he finally got to their actually love making he become gentle and patient with her.

Anthony snapped her out of her thought with his hand on her thigh. She felt the right side of her mouth pull up into a smile. She knew what he was trying to do. Please her to get her ready for the hotel. She grabbed his hand and brought him to her lips. She licked him and sucked his middle finger into her mouth. He groaned and felt her tongue play with him.

"Madison." He groaned out and she pulled his hand out.

"Yes Anthony?" she said and he moved his hand back to her lap.

"Don't do that again if you don't want to crash, before we get to the hotel." He said and she giggled.

"Just showing you what you are in for." She whispered into his ear and finally he got the dress up to her waist. She giggled when he growled at her panties. "Something wrong?"she asked and got a quick glare from him.

"You love to ware to much." He said and finally got his fingers in her panties. She gasped as he played with her clit and slipped his middle finger between her folds. She moved to get more force but he pulled with her. She whimpered and he was the one laughing.

"Be patient." He said but didn't pull his hand away.

"damn tease." She growled out but he circled his finger around her clit and she was panting again.

"Damn straight." He growled out and they went on like that till they reached the hotel. She had to fix herself before she got out to walk to their room. He wrapped his arm around her waist and growled into her ear.

"You ware to much." He said and she laughed.

"All the better to tease you with." She said and the doors opened. They walked straight to the elevator and he hit the fifth floor button. When the doors shut he started to kiss her neck where she giggled.

"You like to make out while people are watching?" she said referring to the cameras in the room. He groaned and pulled away till the floor came and pulled her to the room. She giggled and pulled out the card. Sliding the card into the slot, it gave a small buzz and opened the door. He pulled her in and when the door was shut he pushed her against it. He pulled her into a kiss and she moaned.

"The bed." He got out and she nodded trying to gather her breathe. He pulled her forward where she stopped and kicked her shoes off.

"They are a pain." She said and started to pull him to the bed. Once she got there he pulled her to him and once again attacked her lips. She threaded her right hand into his hair. She moved against him and he pulled her hips to his. Grinding himself to her. He become impatient and wanted her naked now. He went and pulled up her dress. So she could take it off. They pulled apart far enough to breathe and remove his tie and shirt. When that was out of their way he laid her down on the bed and smiled down to her. He kissed her quickly and started to trail leading to her chest. She whimpered to him to move faster but he wouldn't go any faster.

He finally took a nipple into his mouth and watched her moan and arch her back off the bed. He loved the sounds she made and he wanted to hear more of them nibbling on her nipple his hand went between her legs. He pinched her clit as he moved to her other nipple. She whined his name and threaded her fingers back through his hair. She pulled him tighter.

Once be dubbed that her nipples had their share of attention, he started to kiss down to her sweet spot. He thrusted his middle finger into her and she groaned at the feel. His lips first kissed her then he dragged his tongue slowly up her fold till he found the spot that has her begging for more. He sucks it between his lips and sucks hard enough to make her thrust her hips against him.

"Anthony please." She begged and he slipped a second finger into her and made her moan. Her fingers tighten in his hair.

When she's so close to reaching first orgasms, he pulled away and she all but swore his name. She looked up to him where she finds him smiling evilly.

"Why did you stop?" she panted out and he smiled

"Trying something new." He said and flipped over so he's on his back. Still smiling to her. She gets up and troughs her leg over his waist. She thrusts herself on him, slowly grinding herself to him. He groaned and she sucked on his neck leaving a little mark.

"Mady!" he said and she growled against his neck.

"Don't call me that!" She thrusted him into her and he groaned. She started to move at a slow pace. Slow enough to drive him near insanity.

She found herself on her back looking up to him. Her legs wrapped around him as he thrusted fast into her. She through her head back and moaned out his name. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down into a kiss.

Time passed by and she couldn't tell you anything about it other than the glow of the moon over her shoulder, how his body moved against and in hers, to make her near scream his name. the kiss's they shared while remembering how to breathe. And when she came, how complete she felt again with him inside her. And when she came down from her mental high, he was there pressing himself to her. He pulled out of her and laid down next to her. He pulled her closer and she kissed his chest.

"I love you." She said and closed her eyes.

"Love you too. Get a little sleep now." He said planning on which way to wake her up in the morning. He smiled to that and shut his eyes as well.