When Madison first met Anthony it was when she was a junior. But there first time having sexual intercourse was when she got her lip ring that he begged her to get finding she had only pierced her ears. She agreed and he drove her to the nearest place that did piercings which happened to be a tattoo place. She got out of the car looking at the building. White wood tile things that looked like people peed all over them and then didn't bother to tell anyone. It smelt bad and she was about to run back into the car and lock herself in. not like it would work, what with him having the keys. There was a little garden section but there wasn't a single thing in it but a tree the town had planted. Her hair was getting in her eyes and Anthony was watching her.

"Can't we just go to like clears or something? It's just a lip they can do that right?" She begged him and he shook his head.

"Nope you promised you would have your lip pierced and here is where it's going to be done. So grab your pieces and let's get going." He commanded and she pouted.

"Come on. I wouldn't even trust the toilet in this place. Can we go somewhere else? Please!" She begged once more and he crossed his arms. He had saved up the money for it too. With her help. "Fine!" She gave in and he smiled to her.

"Before we get in." He started and she groaned.

"Don't make me pause or I won't be able to do this." She scolded him and was suddenly in his arms.

"Oh I just wanted to kiss you again before the ring. So I will remember before I find the ring as a total turn on." He said and kissed her before she could even complain or make a noise. She kissed him back and found that she could stay right where she was for a while longer.

When the kiss was getting too heated up he had to pull her away from him and she pouted. But he knew what she was trying to play at. She was stalling and he was starting the stalling for her. He smiled and started to pull her to the door. She started to pull against him changing her mind. She would rather get a nipple tattooed first.

"Well here is the tattoo place." He stated and she cried out. Finally they got in and she looked around feeling out of place. He was talking to the man at the front of the desk as they looked at which one to get. She just stood in the corner trying to figure out how to get around Anthony and out the door. But then there was the locked car.

"Madison. Silver or black?" He asked her and she pouted.

"I don't know. Which one complements my eyes?" She said still trying to figure her way out. The man behind the desk laughed at what she said and Anthony smiled.

"We'll take the black one. Okay Madison come here and fill these out." He said and she walked to him. He made sure that the door was behind and he was between them. She sighed and finished the papers. He then told her to fallow him and she did with Anthony behind her. His arms wrapped around her and he whispered into her ear. "Do this and I will treat you tonight." He said and a shiver went down her spine.

"You will owe me big time, mister. I might just take a limb." She said and he laughed. She sat down in the chair and tried to calm down.

"You look as it you just found out your pregnant and need to tell your father." He said and she glared at him.

"No when I get pregnant I am throwing you to the damn shark. If there is anything left then I will calm him down." She said and he made a sad face.

"You hate me that much?" He pouted and she just glared at him, calling on his bluff.

"Well, why would you throw your pregnant girlfriend to the sharks?" She said and when she put it that way he looked like a bad guy.

"You woman and the way you make everything sound bad if it isn't in your best interest." He said and a male walked in.

"Okay Miss. May?" He said.

"Madison." She said.

"Madison. Have you ever had piercings before?" He asked and she showed off her ears and how she had like three holes in each ear. "Okay so you know it's painful. The lip piercing is more delicate because you have nerves here. So sit still and down move. Did you want it on the right of left side of the bottom lip?" He asked and she thought about it.

"I don't know. Anthony what do you think?" She asked and he thought about it.

"What's your dominate side?" Anthony asked.

"The right side then." She said and sat back. He went about doing his job and when he held the gun to her lips, she was looking everywhere but at the damn gun. He counted down but Anthony told him not to count. He stopped and said he was going to pierce her now. Within thirty seconds he pulled the trigger and she winced. He pulled the gun away but held onto her lip to add the back part so it wouldn't fall out. Once that was done they left to the front to pay for it.

"My lip is killing me." She said while they were in the car heading back to Anthony's apartment. He was smiling and telling her how proud he was of her actually going through with it. Saying how he thought he was going to have to beg and crawl to make her get it. When he said that it made her think that she should have made him do something first. It was only because she loved him and wanted to prove that she could do that too. He promised her that they would do something later and he would pay her back. She smiled to that till her lip hurt her from that. She cringed and he just smiled.

When they got to his apartment she went to take a quick shower. She said because she was playing a game with her friends that she wanted to take one. He smiled to her and told her she could. It was something new and he wasn't allowed to do much. He planed of kissing the hell out of her lips with the ring and fondling her boobs at the same time. He couldn't do much else and she had no courage to really do much but touch him through his pants. Or when he wore sweats he got her to slip her hand down and she watched his face as she felt him grow in her hand. It was something amazingly new to her and she didn't even have to watch. That time she let him cum in her hand and not just watch him please himself through his pants.

She grabbed a towel and didn't grab any clothing. He took this as a sign that she just forgot and went to turn on the TV. She watched him for a few seconds and found him watching his favorite TV show. She smiled and ran to the bathroom. She stripped and got her shower started. She quickly undressed and hopped in. getting her hair wet and washing it fast while thinking of her plan. She was smiling and not caring that her lip hurt her. She just did her hair because that was all she planned on doing. When she stepped out she grabbed the towel and manly dried off her hair. When it finally stopped dripping but not completely dry she gently toweled herself down a little. She walked into his bedroom and smiled and fixed some of the pillows.

"Anthony!" She called making sure the towel was somewhat wrapped around her. She heard the TV turned off and listened to his footsteps. She watched the doorknob turn and saw Anthony appear.

"Yeah Madison?" He said before he saw her standing by his bed with nothing but a towel on, showing off part of her chest and legs very well, and her wet hair slightly still sticking to her. His eyes went from her feet to her blushing cheeks and shinning eyes.

"I was wondering… if you could assist with something." She got out in an even voice. He stepped in fully and shut the door.

"What do you need help with?" He said having trouble keeping his eyes off from the water moving over her skin. She smiled and he walked up to her.

"Remove your clothing." She said and he smiled. He pushed her down onto the bed. "Hey!"

"Madison. Before I do anything." He stated looking down into her eyes while bending over her onto the bed. She could see that he was trying to be serious. As best that any horny teenager could. "Are you sure you are ready for this. I don't want to lose you now. Not when we have been together for a while happily." He said and she smiled up to him. She took her left hand off the towel, but her right still held it, and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Yeah. I'm ready." She said and after she found her lips captured in a deep kiss. Her lip hurt a little but she couldn't care. She had realized that she trusted him enough to get a piercing that she could give him something that he has been truly wanting sense they met. She pulled her left hand away from his hair and tried to take his shirt off one handed. He pulled away and stood. He quickly removed his clothing while watching her move to the center of the bed with that towel still around her keeping her parts just barely out of eye sight. He growled and left only his boxers on. He then crawled to her and she laughed at that. But he stopped her with another kiss and he tugged at the towel. She was a little reluctant but she let him pull it away. He was still preoccupied with the kiss that he just let his hands play with her breasts. She wasn't totally ready but he was going to help her out. She had found a lot of courage from somewhere and he didn't want to scare it all away. He started to trail kisses down to her neck and started to leave hickeys. His hands played with her nipples and she moaned silently.

"Madison, don't be afraid of the noises you make okay? Just let yourself go. I'm here to keep you safe." He said and her hands went to his hair and pulled him back up into another kiss. His right hand started to trail down and she moaned again when it touched her stomach.

"What do you plan on doing?" She asked. She wanted to know but didn't but she wanted to know what he was going to do so that she wasn't totally shocked when something happens. He smiled and sucked on her ear. He laughed gently and whispered to her all the little details of what he planned to do. He was going to finger her for a little before his lips took his place. He was going to make her so horny that she was begging and then he would drag it out even more. And when she's about to go insane he was going to introduce her to something call his dick. This sent shivers down her spine and she was both excited and worried. He then made her forget what he was going to do by sucking her ear again. His right hand traced her belly button around a couple of time and then went down the final streatch.

She gasped when she felt one of his fingers slip past her lips and touch her bundle of nerves. He gasped something into her ear but she couldn't figure out what it was because she was trying to remain as calm as possible. His thumb played with her nerves and she found that breathing had begun to get hard. Shorter breaths where befalling upon her and her hands where dying to be doing something. So she slipped them back through his hair and found that they slowly started to trace his stomach and found she was doing the same as him. He stopped her though with his other hand while he still made her moan.

"No Madison. It's my turn." He said and she whined at that. She had to do something or she was going to have very fidgety hands. He told her to keep them away from his hips or lower and she looked down to him. He saw that she needed to do something but he shook his head. He then slipped his a finger between her lips and she gasped. It was weird having something move around inside her, for the first time. She never thought that something like this would feel good. He started to suck on her other nipple, the one his fingers where playing with before, and she arched her back. He didn't fight her on this because he knew she would win.

After finally playing her with three of his fingers he started to trail kisses down and she was beginning to panic. He smiled against her skin and bit on her hip before doing anything. Something to distract her mind from his lips movement. But she knew and she was debating on weather this was going to feel good or just down right weird. He whispered things to her but her fogged mind could only focus on one thing at a time. She gasped when he pulled her lips apart and she had to open her legs more for him to be situated there. His tongue came out and licked her and she arched at this and gasped his name. Her eyes where heavily hooded and her fingers where clutching the blankets behind her. She panted and wiggled her hips, which he had to hold still with his arms as he played around with his tongue.

When he slipped his wet muscle inside her she gasped and moaned at the feel. Okay so it was good for her but she could also feel his thumb still rubbing against her. He was driving her wild with just his fingers and lips and tongue and everything else he could use. She held onto the blankets tighter to keep from pulling out his hair. She didn't want to hurt his head of mess up his hair to much. Just the right amount of bed head would have suited her.

Finally her moaning his name to just take her was over. After what seemed like hours of burning feelings. He was about to have sex with her. He moved back up her body and when he was face to face with her, she pulled him down in to a very needing kiss. He was surprised at all the feeling he could feel in the kiss. She was going to go insane soon and he was about to bring her to her first peak ever.

"Madison. It's going to feel weird and tighter than my fingers did. Just bare with me." He said and she nodded her head. She then found his hands pulling hers above her head while lasing his fingers with hers. "Put your legs around me." He said and she did and found he lined up with her perfectly. He started to kiss her cheek and he slowly moved in. she groaned to the tight feeling. He barely was in her and she was running out of breath. It was painful but also weird burning sensation hit her. She grabbed onto his hands and shut her eyes trying to learn her breathing again. There was a sudden release of the stretch and she sighed when she found him stopping. "That's only my head love. I'll move slowly, but tell me when it gets to be too much? Kay?" He asked and she looked up to him and nodded. She smiled and kissed him when he slowly started to move again. She made a noise some where between a moan and a groan. He sucked on the other side of her neck and kissed every where he could.

It seemed to take forever but he finally stopped and he was all the way in. she didn't shed a tear or whimper in pain. There was a little pain but he moved slow enough and at the right speed to make it as painless as possible. She kissed his neck feeling the sweat and how tense he was. It took a lot of his will power not to move so fast in to her and she could feel it within his muscles.

"Keep moving Anthony. Please." She said and that is all he needed. Still resting his head on her shoulder a little he moved out faster then he went in and slowly thrusted back in. Still not to fast because she was actually really tight. He panted against her neck and she did the same. His rhythm was slow at first but with each new thrust he started to get faster. Her fingers where tight around his and he was grabbing onto her hand just as hard. The slow rocking rhythm was moving faster and she was now moaning slightly into his ear. Her eyes shut and she tried to gather her breath.

"Don't close your eyes Madison. Keep them open." Anthony said and watched as she blinked them back open. He then kissed her and she moaned. He couldn't hold back any more and started to go even faster making her cry out in new found pleasure. It was exciting and the feelings he was giving her made it seem like he knew everything about her.

"Ah Anthony! Please, go faster." She begged and he complied. He knew that she wanted to feel a release she has never felt before. And he was all too happy to help her out. He kissed her cheek as she tightened her hands even more and her legs tightened on him as well. He could feel her walls around him quiver and she was closer. But she wasn't ready. She needed something to bring her over her edge and he knew what to do. He slammed into her and she arched her back and nearly screamed, but what he wanted to do was going to have to use his hands. His right hand loosened and she seemed to understand what he needed her to do. She slipped her fingers back through his hair and pulled on it gently. He groaned at this and retaliated by thrusting into her hard again. His hand then went down to between them and he found her nerves. When he thrusted in he pinched her nerve and that was all it took. She came crying his name with her eyes held tightly shut and her back pushing her chest into him. He felt each constriction of her walls on him and he grunted his release as well. They stayed like that till he moved out of her and they laid together.

"I take it you are staying the night with me after all." He said and she laughed.

"I'll call my dad later and tell him that I am staying. You all ready have some of my clothing. Let me get some sleep?" She asked and he kissed her lips gently. When he pulled away he put his right hand on her left cheek and traced her bottom lip till he stopped at the ring.

"I never thanked you." He said.

"I trusted you; you don't have to thank me for anything. We are even after all." She kissed his finger and passed out shortly after that.