Made: Monday, February 1, 1010

Time: 10:20am

The rain pours outside the window

For the clouds are weeping widows.

They cry for their loved ones,

Whose emotions have since gone numb.

Their loved ones are the world

And all those people—whether nice or cruel.

Because the world has come to ruins

Due to corrupted hearts and minds in

This corrupted society of ours.

The sand can fall for hours,

But will eventually break through the glass.

Too late now—the curse has been cast.

This is our fault now.

Can't you see how

These decisions have affected us?

In ourselves, we have lost the trust;

Looking over each shoulder

And giving up and turning back at each boulder

That stands in our way

On the right path today for everyday.

But through confrontation,

I say in hesitation,

We were doomed from the very start.

Maybe we were born without heart

Or with a soul dipped in evil.

And so we fail to comprehend things so trivial.

But perhaps we're start over

And stop all the caused trouble.

Perhaps we're smile truly

And mean our words fully.

Perhaps the widows will forgive us

And we will stop this fuss.

The sun begins to show itself—

No longer crying for help.

The people all stand tall,

Knowing well that they will fall

Yet again, just like before.

But now we shall reveal the door—

Everyone knowing who is who—

And it shall open for self-righteousness and the truth.