This poem can either be about being tired of waiting for love or falling in love with a fictional character... Both apply to me...

All in the Mind

By Lilith Gray

I jump out of bed
As the nightmares grow worse.
You're a wonderful blessing
And a terrible curse.

I've dreamt of pure horrors
And I'm relieved they're not true.
If I could choose my dreams
They'd be about you.

You stole my heart
The second we met,
And I'm dying to see you,
But I haven't... Not yet.

I've wished you were here;
I've had nothing to do.
When no one else will listen
I could talk to you.

You're quiet and sweet,
So gentle and kind.
It pains me to think
That you're just in my mind.

What causes these dreams?
There's so much I can list,
And the first is my sadness
That you don't exist.

Our love could be true--
We were meant to be together.
I need you in my life,
Always and forever.

Just thinking of you
Makes my wounds start to heal
But they return as I realize
You're not real.