Together Forever

As my father led me into the room, my breath caught in my throat. I felt like I'd been waiting all my life for this day—like everything that had happened to me until now had just been to prepare me for this moment.

I clutched the small cluster of flowers to my chest and began my agonizing ascent up the endless aisle. I had to concentrate on not tripping because the film of tears in my eyes and the thin veil before my face combined to significantly impair my vision. I felt comforting touches on my arms and heard the warm words being whispered to me as I walked by the throngs of relatives sitting in the church pews. I almost laughed to myself, seeing the melancholy looks on their faces. Sorrow at a time like this seemed ridiculous to me. Sure I cried, but they were tears of joy. For, you see, I was about to be reunited with the man I loved. As soon as I reached the end of this aisle, I would look into his face and tell him how much I loved him. Then I would take my rightful place by his side where I would stay for the rest of eternity—together forever.


The priest watched as the young girl reached the end of the aisle. She walked right up the edge of the casket and dropped her roses over the silk-lined edge. She peeled back her black lace veil and leaned forward to whisper a few last words. The girl's resolute poise as she said good-bye to her young lover almost moved the priest himself to tears. But then the girl did something entirely unexpected. From beneath the black satin hem of her skirt, she withdrew a small silver pistol. Before anyone could stop her, she aimed it at her own heart and pulled the trigger falling face forward onto the casket. Slowly, her lips pulled up into a small smile even as her tears streamed in rivulets down her cheek and her blood streamed onto the shirt of the young boy beneath her. With her last breaths, she whispered the words "Together forever."