"So you've got a secret, huh?"

"Yes. Yes I do." He said in that icy, chill manner that made shivers go down my spine.

I didn't let them show.

"Well then," I said, rolling on the balls of my feet "Care to tell me?"

Yeah. I said that to him. Insert cheeky grin here.

"No." Ouch. That was cold.

"And, why ever not?"


"Because? What kind of answer is that?" I made rolling gestures with my hands, prodding him on.

"Just. Because."

"Why? Do you think I'll freak out? Because I don't freak out easily. What are you?" I said in that spastic manner of mine, which made my parents wonder if I really was their kid. "Vampire? Werewolf? Zombie? Any other cheesy, corny, screwed up thing? Oh, oh, wait, I know! Edward Cullen! No, wait, no. You're more of the Jacob Black type."

"I said that you won't ever know."

"But why?" I oh-so-very-childishly whined.

"Because," He took a deep breath then slowly let it out.

I swear, he was testing me.

I looked on, eagerly awaiting an actual answer.

"It's not safe for you to know."

Yeah, his answer was that cheesy.

"Really," My voice just dripping with sarcasm, "What's so bad about it?" Yup. That's how subtle I can be.

"That's not very subtle." He said, flashing me a quick grin.

Ahem. Apparently I'm not that subtle.