Okay. So, maybe I should start from the beginning. Where exactly the beginning is? I'm working on that. My name's Anna, and I'm seventeen. This is my story.

"Oi! Wake up! Get out of bed! Don't waste your life sleeping away!" I turned with a groan. Don't you just love my alarm clock? Getting insulted first thing in the morning by a purple-and-green-dinosaur with a Japanese accent? Check. I turned the damn thing off, and rolled over again, covering myself with my blankets. Then it hit me. It was the first day of school. A new school. Where no one knew me. I knew no one.

Well, this sucks.

After reluctantly rolling out of bed, and stubbing my toes several times on the way, I found my way to the bathroom, where I proceeded to get ready.

You see, my father got promoted several weeks ago, so we moved to a new town for him to be closer to his work. I missed my friends like crazy, but I decided, what with technology nowadays, we could keep in touch easily. And besides, it was senior year, which meant, that in time, I would again move back north into New York with its lavish cafés, and not-so-lavish streets. Home. In the meanwhile, our new house was this huge ancient Victorian-style manor, which was painted yellow, with white lace. It was breathtaking. It's too bad whenever I try to explore it, I end up getting lost.

Anyways, back to my day. After getting ready, and picking out something half decent to wear, (White tank, with a black cardigan, teal scarf, worn lose, and simple gold chain necklace paired with blue jeans alongside my doodled-on converse,) I made my way to the kitchen. (Which I found my way to because I put signs like Turn Right Here, and Keep Going Down!) Which made it so much easier, because at six in the morning, I don't want to get lost in my own house, gorgeous or not.

I met my parents in the kitchen, making and eating their breakfast. I grabbed a bagel, and smothered half of it with peanut butter, the other half with jelly. What? It's an awesome combo. And healthy too.

"Good morning Anna." My mother, Ruby Franklin. She was an author, what I wanted to be when I grew up. She would always give me tips, and her job allowed her to live anywhere. She was my inspiration. When I grew up, I wanted to be just like her.

"Morning mom. Morning dad." I said to my father, Daniel Franklin, who was carefully inspecting his toast.

"Morning Anna." He said, frowning at said piece of toast. "Hey, do you see any mold in this toast? Your mother said no, but I'm not taking my chances. It looks a little too purple to me."

I inwardly laughed at my dad's antics. He could be so clueless sometimes. "Dad, that's not mold," I said shaking my head, but smiling all the same "That's a raisin. It's raisin bread."

"Oh." He said, scratching his head. "Well, who got raisin bread? No one likes raisin bread! Well, actually that's a lie because your mother loves it, but it was my job to do the shopping this week." He looked proud at his 'discovery.' …And then deflated because of another discovery. "…Which I… didn't do." He looked sheepishly at my mother and me.

I laughed out loud, almost spilling out my coffee. My mother just smiled, shaking her head, as I was doing earlier.

I downed the rest of my food and coffee, hastily kissed my parents goodbye, (while my father was quietly eating regular toast,) and walked to school.

The school was just a block down from where I lived. It didn't take long to get to, but I still tried to memorize my surroundings. I walked slower than usual, taking in all the grassland. Before, when I lived in New York, there was nothing like this. It was all city, all for show. I decided I was going to like it here for now; just miss all those taxi horns at night, when I was trying to fall asleep.

I finally arrived at my destination, Stonewell High. It had that antique feel to it, just like the rest of the town. Before I saw anything around me, I almost got knocked down. I mean, it would have happened on my own anyway, but it wasn't due for… another six minutes. I'm a klutz. (Hey, that's kind of fun to say. -oh. I'll stop now.) Said dude (yes, he oh-so-happened to be a guy,) got up, shook his head, and looked around, confused. After he saw me on the ground, something must've clicked, because, he started bombarding me with apologizes, and helped me up… Until he lost his grip and I fell to ground… again. And I think that's around that's around the point where I started laughing out loud.

I must have looked a little crazy or something, because said dude, (who I still didn't know the name of… I'll call him Aaron. Because he needs… air… in…) started looking at me strangely. Then, looking at our predicament again, he sat down on the ground with me with an amused smile on his face, while probably trying to synchronize or place me. (He probably failed, because, me? I can't be placed.) As I gathered my scarf, which fell on my way down, I looked at him with a close, yet subtle eye.

Blond/Copper hair (à la Something Cullen/Eddie Whatshisface, except he could actually pull it off,), green-ish, blue eyes, that were like clear oceans, clean, pimple-free face, with soft, yet rugged features. All in all, the dude didn't do too badly in that department. (No, not THAT department! Get your minds out of the gutters, people!) Although, I must have been slightly over subtle, because he looked over at me cockily, and said in an oh-so-confident manner;

"Hi. I'm Will." Then, he started to turn on his charm. By now, we had gotten up, and on a bench conveniently located several meters from where we fell. "But, enough about me." With a very suggestive eyebrow move and wink, he started speaking again. "What about you? See anything you… like?" I think we all could tell what was implied. I decided to turn on him.

"Hi. I'm Anna. But, I'm sorry, I'm a lesbian." Keep that act up Anna, you can do it! No, no, don't smile, do… not… twitch… Yesss! He's totally falling for it. How incredibly easy.

"Yeah, right," he said with an awkward snort of laughter. Then again, I also detected that he sounded unsure of himself. Could it be… he was dare I say… jealous? "You're pulling one over on me, right?"

Now's my chance to be that pessimistic bitch, show off my acting skills, and go all feminine-rights on him. This is going to be so great. "'What do you mean 'Am I pulling one over on you?' In this modern day society, it is perfectly acceptable to be a lessi! I mean, everyone is cool with gay guys thanks to things like High School Musical and that gay dude on Glee. But, yes, it is possible to go and not be into guys just because I am a girl! I'm totally opinionated to my own choices and rights! It says so on the Bill of Rights! What, do you suck at history and government, or something? " By this point, passing students and pedestrians were giving me strange looks, and truth be told, Willlooked a little scared and uncomfortable.

"Err, um, okay then. I'm sorry I was insensitive to your… preferences." I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but that was where I cracked.

"You… looked… so…scared, and I… and you… and man, that was funny!" I said between wheezing. But boy, did I get him good.

"Why do you make fun of gays and lesbians? Is it all a joke to you?" He seemed genuinely serious, and I worried if I offended him. I mean, what if he was über popular, and I just ruined my chances of fitting in and being accepted?

"I.. um… I didn't… I mean, I did, but… Are you… I'm really… "Oh, golly this is swell. Ten minutes in, and I'm already stuttering.

Will seemed to be amused, because he didn't seem to have a problem laughing up a storm.

"Hey! What's so funny?" I inquired, determined not to be out of the loop.

He fell into a serious façade. "I'm gay."

I shook my head at him. "Dude, I just pulled that one over on you, like three seconds ago. Be original. Or, at least use it on someone who hasn't heard it before."

"It is so wrong to be gay in today's society? I mean, it's okay to be lessi, but not gay? And I can't believ-"

Oh… I should have seen it coming. "Okay, okay I get your point. But, you're not actually gay, are you?"

"Of course I am! I wouldn't just pull the same thing over on you. Besides, that is just ta-cky." Well, he certainly seemed gay.

"Hey! Dude! Errr- Dudette!" I grabbed a nearby freshman. "Is he gay?" I pointed at Will.

"I uhh… dunno… I'm new here… and… uhh… bye!" She raced out of sight. I must've seemed… intimidating.

"Wow. I'm sure you've scarred that poor girl for life." Will was getting on my nerves. But in the 'Hah! You nerd, best friend' kind of way. I decided I liked him… as a friend.

I tugged on a passerby's arm. Luckily, though, he looked like a senior, too. Unluckily? He looked intimidating. I decided to suck it up, and ask anyway.

"Hey. Do you know if Will here is gay?" Will, who was making funny faces, and puckering in his cheeks as to look like a fish, stopped. He sheepishly waved at Mr. Intimidating, and turned around, pulling me with him.

"Are you freaking crazy? That's Gabriel Ford! He'll rip you to shreds if you annoy him! Don't do it, Anna! You'll never make it out alive!" Will cried out with an unnecessary flair of drama.

"Oh, shut up. I've dealt with junior delinquents in NYC. I think I can handle him." But as I turned, there was a lump in my throat. He looked pissed…

"Excuse me?" Said Mr. Intimidating- err, Gabriel.

"I mean, I pulled it over on him, like, two seconds ago, so he just told me that he's gay, and, um, yeah. Is it true?" I asked, quirky as ever. (This, in reality, isn't really very.)

"How the hell am I supposed to know everyone's preference? Do you think I just go up to people and say 'Hey, I need to know this information for my personal records. Are you gay?' Am I supposed to tally up the number of gay and straight people in this school? And what the hell's wrong with you? Do you just go up to people and ask if one person or the other is freaking gay? Do you actually think I care if he's gay? Do you think I even know his name? Probably not. I don't intend to learn yours either. So, let us both just go about, and not ever converse again. Agreed? Good."

Wow. How rude. And even though he asked for my intent, he didn't even bother to listen to it. Huh.

After Mr. Suck-The-Fun-Out-Of-A-Room had left, I knew better than to ask anyone else about Will's gayness. I mean, who knows? I might piss someone else off! I just went with the flow.

"So, what's it like being gay?" I asked him, as we walked to the building.

"I dunno. I guess I can live my life just a lot better, and funner than most of the others guys I know." He thought for a second, and then added something else. "Although, most people cower away from me when we change in gym class."

I laughed at that, and decided I would like it here. Well, for now anyway. And, you know, just avoiding this one, itty bitty person. (Although, he wasn't really that itty bitty.) Avoiding those very little facts, I walked into the building.

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