once upon a time
there lived a girl of fifteen
her incomparable beauty and perfection
making her loved by all

(never mind the fact that had the fairies not given her beauty and kindness and all those other fluffy things, the girl would have been a complete troll)

and so
it was a great tragedy
when she pricked that delicate finger

(which never would have happened if her father had not snubbed a power within his realm… what on earth did the fool expect when he failed to invite fairy number thirteen? coffee and cake? congratulations on a job well done?)

and fell

(quite literally)

into a deep deep sleep

(did the silly man really think that taking away his people's means of supporting themselves would stop such a prophecy? it would seem that every heroine of the fairy world lucks out in the father department…)

and so a hundred years passed
with her blissfully unaware
of a changing world
her dreams only
for he who would come to save her

and so the young prince came
tales of an outstanding beauty
within a wall of thorns spurring him on

(but what is this? the gifts of kindness, intelligence and humour rendered superfluous already? who would have thought a flouncing boy would be so obvious…)

he arrives
and finds easy passage
the thorny branches parting
the flowers all in bloom

he continues on
and happily he finds her
in deepest slumber
and overcome, he kisses her pink lips

(well, nowadays we call that sexual harassment, dear boy)

joy of joys!
the kingdom awakens
a marriage is planned
and all are invited

(even fairy number thirteen? one would guess not… after all, history has an uncanny knack of repetition, and the fathers in fairy tales never are all that bright…)

enjoy it, little aurora
for now it's time to live happily ever after
whether you like it