"Night Air"

By: darkdreamerx


Black boots carried me to the parking lot,

destined to find a car somewhere in the distance.

My hazel eyes looked up at the black sky,

taking in the nothingness...

A sudden wind whipped about me;

I shivered, and pressed the books in my hands

tighter against the petticoat on my body.

As if that little action would protect me

from the cold air that stung my cheeks...

Quickening my pace I walked on

with thoughts of you dancing in my head.

The dead of night stole away your face;

warmth of your arms slowly forgotten.

Eyes that eased my heart were fading

in the back of my mind...memories, memories.

Darkness welcomed me as I stepped onto

the tar while the wind tried knocking me down...

I wonder if you're looking at the same dull sky

that is surrounding me now; cold, so cold.

"I miss you," left my lips as the whisper

disappeared in the stillness...

and I silently hoped that somehow,

you would hear it.