there was once a king named midas, and everything he touched turned to gold.


her name was ann, and she was the most beautiful thing he had ever set his eyes upon. she had messy brown hair and eyes so green that sometimes you wondered if they were real, and while she wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, he was sure that she could compete.

and he might have been alone in thinking this, yes, but he was prince midas and he would make her his wife.


"i don't want you," said she when he first proposed. she was a gardener and he was a prince and everyone knew that princes did not marry gardeners.

but she truly didn't want him.

"everyone wants me," he said cockily, waving off her rejection as if it was insignificant. and to him, it was. she was in denial, of course.

look at him, with eyes like thick honey and blonde hair that shone silver in the sunlight and the moonlight and any light he wished to put on. everyone wanted him, and she would not be the exception.

he would not allow that.


said prince midas to his servant, "bring her to me."

and so ann, in her shackles and with the dirt still evident on her face from the previous day, was brought to prince midas (whose eyes were thick honey and whose hair was the envy of all the people in the world).

"marry me," he smiled graciously, "and you'll be let out of the chains."

her eyes were narrow and her expression defiant, and she told him that she would rather bed a pig than marry him. and she thought for two moments more, and shrugged, settling on the conclusion that bedding a pig would not be much different than becoming his bride.

impatiently he slapped her and told her to leave, and she did so



"i'll give you all the gold in the world if you take my hand," he said to the girl in shackles with the green, green eyes and the tousled brown hair. she scoffed at him and told him that he didn't have all the gold in the world anyways, and she would only marry him when he came to her with everything gold and nothing else standing.

because it was impossible.

he tipped his nose into the air and left the cell.


prince midas (with thick honey eyes and silver blonde hair) struck a deal with the devil, who told him that if he gave him his heart, everything he touched with his right hand would turn gold and she would never be able to say no then.


it never bothered him, really, that he lived in glistening yellow.

when his servants complained of the harsh shine, he scowled and struck them, and then realizing his mistake, he stared in awe at the frozen figures in front of him as if it held all the secrets in the world, and then he spun around, gathering all the pieces.

"what are you staring at?" he snapped at the left-over servants

and soon there were no servants left to fold his clothing and dress him and bathe him. but it mattered not at all, because she had to agree now.


he opened the door with his left hand. and there he saw a girl with messy brown hair and such green eyes that he was mesmerized.

"marry me," he said, "because i can give you all the gold in the world."

"i don't believe you," she smiled haughtily, and he picked up a pebble and watched as it turned to gold, crushing it in his hand. she blinked and blinked and forgot to breathe, and when he came to her with his hand outstretched, she recoiled back.

"don't touch me, bastard."


she wore a white gown and he was dressed in his finest clothing and the only one who bothered to care for the ceremony was the devil, who thought, what a fool he is. he does not even feel anything anymore, but to know that he has won is good enough.

prince - king midas, now, has never liked to lose. and because he is standing there at the altar, with this beautiful gardener girl in front of him, he knows he has not lost.

but then, who has won?


"don't go," he says, raising his eyebrows, tilting his head as if curious.

"i wasn't serious when i told you that i would marry you for all the gold in the world."

"i suppose that's fine," he says back, and it is the most decent conversation they have ever had.

"how is that?" she says uneasily, wondering how he can be so calm when she is so close, and how much effort he has put into simply winning her.

"i don't need you if i have my gold."

she jumps.

without a sound, but he knows that she is gone. the empty hole in his chest says so, aching a little because it used to be so full and now it is not.

he turns back and saunters back into the castle.


and the devil watches because he is ever so proud of his latest accomplishment, who knew how easy humans were so simple to play?

him, of course. it's always been him. and he watches, playing puppets with king midas's heart on strings, as she hits the ground. an undeniable warmth spreads through his cold body and he looks at the heart with disinterest, now that the game is done.

because he's the won to win the game, and he crushes the heart with his foot, grinning so, so wickedly.

and king midas falls.


there was once a fool named midas who believed that gold and deals were the solution, and so he watched his beloved die and he crumpled and wondered if he could take his gold with him to wherever he was to go.


i've never liked this story. it scared me when i was little.
didn't turn out the way i wanted to, but this is okay until i try again.

Characters: King Midas, Ann the gardener, the Devil.
Prompts : devil, the story of king midas, greed.