Author's Note: This is a guide to the worlds and settings of my story: I,Veiser. Im putting it together for easier reference while writing but I hope this will be a useful resource that better explains my fictional universe to my readers.

The Lonely Galaxy Almanac of the Otremir (Mondilach Edition)

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The Lonely Galaxy Almanac is an easy to follow, up-to-date, essential guide for any sapient being travelling across the human Otremir and its diverse nations, cultures and locales. Whether you're backpacking across Galeentheid or shopping on Lamu this Almanac is guaranteed to be your comprehensive best friend while hopping around the galaxy!

The Otremir: our slice of the galactic pie

The Otremir is an elliptical shaped region of our galaxy roughly 2000 light-years across the Outer Arm, 35000 light-years from the galactic centre. Its expanding frontiers are considered the limit of habitation and exploration of human civilisation.

The word's etymology originates from a Mondilach term from the Second Exodus period describing the area of general 'outer rim' region of the galaxy that the Mondilites were travelling toward. In earlier times the name Otremir was commonly used to distinguish this new place from Orion, the region where humanity and the Second Exodus originated. The disputed location of Orion is between 15000-20000 light-years corewards from the Otremir.

There are many names for the Otremir in other languages. The most common are Bola Beradab and Cygnus.

As of this year, 3315 SE, civilised humans are known to inhabit 8955 star systems and colonised 5341 planets and moons.

An unknown number of star systems are inhabited by uncivilised humans called Pitharoon. Their societies are believed to be native to the Otremir and have been pushed further out to the frontiers in the three thousand years since their Second Exodus cousins' arrival. Today their origins still remain a mystery.

There are eight other sentient species that exist within or intersect the Otremir. They all have varying degrees of interaction and interest in humans.

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