The Tykran Commonwealth

The Commonwealth or Persemakmuran Tykra as it is called in the native language is a vast, decentralised interstellar economic block and political union that spans more than a thousand star systems. It is oldest and largest continuous spacefaring society in human history. The spread of Tykran language, technology, culture and religions after the Second Exodus is the result of their pioneering interstellar merchants, astrogators and terraformers. After three thousand years the Commonwealth remains the ultimate human economic, political and military superpower and host to some of the most spectacular and wealthy locations in the known galaxy.

As a sign of importance in all starmaps the system of the former planet Tykra is considered the very centre of the Otremir. A good knowledge of all things Tykran is essential for any serious traveller.

Getting There

Tykran-ethnic worlds are not hard to get to as most of the core worlds and regional trading hubs in the Otremir are Commonwealth members and in turn own the majority of long haul interstellar shipping companies. Due to their wealth and prestige, the odds are if you are travelling to see anything worthwhile it will be located in a Commonwealth Realm. The Commonwealth is a fairly laissez-faire commerce orientated society so there are few travel restrictions that could interfere with the freeflow of people, information and cargo (except regarding the Egalitarian Federation), however if in doubt contact your government or a local embassy to find out if there are any restrictions at your destination. The most common issues usually involve bio-compatibility and commonsense disease and foreign microbe quarantine requirements.


The Structure of the Commonwealth

The Tykran Commonwealth is a giant common market that currently contains 906 Commonwealth Realms in inhabited star systems and claim to thousands of unpopulated systems. The entire Commonwealth is governed by an elected constitutional monarch, sharing power with a council of rulers of decentralised local governments, lobbying chambers of commerce and some direct cyberdemocratic institutions.

Commonwealth Realms are the most developed worlds of the Commonwealth are ruled by viceregal dynasties, with almost complete local political independence who govern their Realms in the name of the Sovereign. Crown Colonies are dependencies which are developing worlds or parts of systems where newer terraforming projects have smaller populations and insufficient infrastructure to be self sustainable. Due to their status as dependent royal territories, Crown Colonies are civilly administrated with little or no local autonomy by Wakil Governors who are appointed representatives of the Sovereign and act on the orders of the Colonial Office on Lamu.

The Sovereign

The Sovereign, known as the King of Kings or Queen of Queens (Raja Raja or Ratus Ratus in Bahasa Tykra) is the ultimate source of legal power. The entire Commonwealth is the de jure personal property of the Sovereign, making whoever holds this position the richest individual in the galaxy. The Sovereign however only directly administrates the Tykran and Lamuan systems. The central role of the Sovereign is as Head of the Commonwealth is to be Supreme Commander of the Royal Navy to keep the peace and safeguard interstellar trade route and to resolve any great matters of state which effect the flow of commerce. Upon the death or abdication of a reigning Sovereign the Viceregal Congress meets to nominate and elect a new Sovereign. The position is not hereditary but candidates, regardless of age and gender must be members of the Royal Family. The 265th and current reigning Raja-Raja is Bolaran Kesepuluh (The Ninth Bolaran), who ascended the Throne in 3297 SE. His official style is: His Supreme Majesty, Bolaran Kesepuluh, King of Kings of Tykra and Lamu, Sovereign of the Commonwealth, Fountain of Abundance, Uniter of Faiths, Lord Defender of the Tykran Colonies beyond the Stars.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family (Keluarga Kerajaan) is the oldest continuing line marriage, the orthodox family unit in Tykran society that is still in existence having spanned since the Second Exodus. There are tens of thousands of members of the Royal Family who reside in the Palace City on Lamu. All future Sovereigns are chosen regardless of gender, age and direct decadence from the previous incumbent, from the membership of the Royal Family. The principle role of the Royal Family is to train a wide variety of worthy candidates to be elected to rule the Commonwealth. The education and training afforded to Tykran royalty easily rivals the brightest of Mondilite geniocrats and most royals take up successful careers in business, public service and the military. On the other hand not a day goes by when the Lamuan tabloid media has exposé's regarding the latest extravagant shenanigans of other royals.

Viceregal Congress

The rulers of all the Commonwealth Realms, together referred to as viceroys (Raja Muda) regardless of titles are all members of the Viceregal Congress. This is the only pan-Commonwealth legislative body. The Sovereign summons and presides over the Viceregal Congress for an Annual General Meeting on Lamu to petition the Crown, debate proposals and to approve Royal Directives and the rate of the Crown Levy owed by Commonwealth Realms to His Supreme Majesty's Government in order to maintain the Royal Navy and trade infrastructure. Prior to the beginning of the Merdarto Revolt in 3312 there were 906 members of the Congress. As of 3315 there are only 724. In Congress each viceroy has a weighted vote that is based on the subject population of their territory. Realms exceeding one billion sapient beings receive five votes as opposed to one vote for smaller populations.

Tykran Viceregal Titles

Commonwealth realms are worlds or systems that have been developed adequately to achieve competent self governance and sustainability or applied for membership for economic reasons. A local viceregal dynasty found by distinguished persons or existing local powerbrokers is then created by Royal Decree. The greatest honour a Tykran can recieve is to be elevated to viceregal status to be lord of a Realm given by the Sovereign. There are several viceregal titles that indicate the lordly rank and Realm status of a viceroy.

Bupati: This is a lord of a Commonwealth Realm that consists of multiple star systems. These are most senior nobles. Example: Osseowalay, Bupati of Merdarto.

Emir: This is a lord that governs an Emirate which is a territory consisting of a single star system or smaller. Example: Kitzi Dynasty, Emir of Trussika (Pre 3227 SE).

Wali: This is a minor lord with small territory such as an asteroid or habitat. Alternatively this could be an honoury title for someone who is trustworthy enough to safeguard a Royal person. Wali do not have seats in the Viceregal Congress and those with lordly status must direct their petitions to their immediate viceroy.

The People

Each Realm of the Commonwealth has some form of elected council for citizens to share government with their lords. There are many different forms of constitutions that include a representative democracy, direct cyberdemocracy or elements of both.


The Commonwealth has a single currency: the Kwid. It is also used as the galactic reserve currency. As most of the modern economy predominately runs on a nano-based post-scarcity model where the value of the Kwid is pegged on the price of units of energy produced across the Commonwealth economic block, which in turn depends on the few scarce commodities remaining such as Helium, Xenon and raw minerals. There for price of goods and services is determined by the cost of energy required. Energy is traded at 1 Kwid per hectowatt-hour. Currently 1 Tykran Kwid can be exchanged for 0.65 Genetate Terrines.

The Tykran economy was based off their early techno-industrialisation and advanced interstellar propulsion technology based on the Iratyle wormhole drive. Tykrans had a niche in the early transport and helium trades. The economy of most developed Commonwealth members comprises of exports of high tech manufacturing, commodities, autofab product schematics. Tykran worlds are major cultural centres so naturally they export fashions and pop culture trends and multimedia information. Multistellar terraforming corporations are also huge cash cows for governments due to the long term nature of contracts. Tykran High Retailers have franchises in most systems and are licenced and supplied with the autofab schematics to produce luxury goods.

Some of the Commonwealth's busiest interstellar ports include Lamu, Wumkafre, Tykra, Nesfurak, Hangzhou, Bharat Jauh, Tokelau and Zyraenika.


There are literally thousands of languages, sub-dialects and other forms of communication used within the Commonwealth however the official language of all these worlds and habitats is Bahasa Tykra. It was the language spoken by the original colonists of the planet Tykra because of their extensive trade and exploration and has evolved over millennia had become the primary means of commercial communication and the Otremir's lingua franca. Though there is a central proper Tykran strain governed by the Royal Linguistic Institute on Lamu the language has countless offshoots and local variations that have developed on other worlds where it is spoken. A basic proficiency with the Tykran language is the most useful tool for any being travelling anywhere in the Otremir.


Tykran is a broad term. Who is a Tykran? Today the term does not refer to the descendents of the colonists of Tykra but transcends ethnicity. Tykrans come from hundreds of worlds but a united by a central language and shared common principles. The difference across the Commonwealth is the degree which locals care more about regional identities more than the pan-Tykran identity. Many worlds joined the Commonwealth for economic gain and others were belonged to another group who contracted Tykran terraforming companies to make a home. Tykran culture is a celebration of diversity and pursuit of wealth. Despite a heirachical social structure it is an extremely liberal society which does not tolerate the oppression of sapient beings. As a sign of tolerance many AGIs have emerged along with virchworlds.

Tykrans have a spiritual culture that is blessed with complete freedom of religion but expects citizens to at least have one. The spiritual pluralism is embodied in the Sovereign who is a member of all the major Tykran religions as an example of unity. The largest Tykran religion is Lohmism. Lohmites believe in a deist philosophy where there is a supreme being, referred to as Tuhan, the Great Architect of the Universe, and that this can be determined using reason and observation of the nature alone. It was based off the teachings of the 3rd century SE philosopher Lohm. The only mainstream religion to recieve a negative reaction on Tykran world is the ancient Ibrimite faith which differs greatly from Lohmism in its violent, fundamentalist dogma.

Relationships in Tykran society are predominately polyamorous with group marriages as the standard where multiple men and women form a family unit in which all members share parental responsibility for all children as a result of it. Monogamy exists but most Tykrans consider it unnatural. The best example is the Royal Family which has been a continuous line marriage of hundreds of people that has existed since the foundation of the dynasty.


After three thousand years of mercantile and colonial supremacy the Tykrans have required the use of force to keep the peace along the commerce routes of the great Commonwealth free trade zone. The primary role of the Royal Navy is to aid local defence forces in the Commonwealth with anti-piracy activities beyond their local districts and enforcing sanctions and embargos declared by Royal Directive. All Commonwealth Realms pay a levy to the Crown to maintain it and in return receive guaranteed protection.

The Royal Navy of the Commonwealth has a fleet of about 8000 combat capable starships and 14 shaodaks. The Tykrans were the designers of the first shaodaks, which were huge commercial/industrial starships that could be used as a central base to colonise a new star system, later converted for military purposes. The Treaty of Lamu ending the Third Genetate-Tykran War forced the fleet to reduce its composition by half to its current strength. To compensate, the Royal regime makes extensive use of private and Pitharoon mercenary forces in emergency situations to reinforce the fleet. Most developed Commonwealth Realms have their local defence forces which can be called upon to support the Royal Navy by an Act of the Viceregal Congress.

All Royal Navy vessels bare the prefix (KD) Kapal di-Raja-Raja: His Supreme Majesty's Ship.

In times of interstellar war the Sovereign will appoint a Jendral Besar who would command Commonwealth forces on campaign. This is an honoured title and a significant victorious campaign would often lead to a Jendral Besar being granted Viceregal Status. The most notorious and feared Jendral Besar in modern times was Miariksu, a Royal Navy officer and native of Kaiwa whose brilliant strategies almost destroyed the Genetate in the Third Genetate-Tykran War. Though he suffered the humiliation of being executed at the climax of the Gaolin Ansarin Veiser's triumph on Shinir, the mention of his name still strikes terror into the people of the Seven Worlds.