Note* No violence or language in this chap, but I'm hoping it still meets the boundaries of it's Teen rating.

The Lover's Society
Chapter One
First Impression

Selic Jentis walked in one fluid motion with the ever so massive crowd. He wasn't expecting so many people in one place, then again, that was the life of living in the bare territories of Africa, but he was a quick learner and gotten use to so many people in one place.

Bumping into a pedestrian, he muttered an apology where as the other kept on walking, without even looking back.

Either they just didn't care, or were to rude to usher a courtesy reply.

Yeah, that's right. An augmented voice bellowed out, Keep walking.

Just leave it alone Annoyance. Selic said to himself. The guy didn't do anything wrong.

I was just having some fun. Annoyance said, catching up to Selic in the appearance of an all out gargoyle -- massive wings, tail, a thick muzzle, beady black eyes, black wiry hair and walking on double jointed legs with big feet, all on a large hefty frame.

The odd thing was, no one seemed shocked by the sight, they didn't even bother to look to him.

That's because Annoyance was all in Selic's head. Not that he was insane and imaging Annoyance, not even suffering from multiple split personality disorder. Annoyance in short was the techx half of his blood cells, the animal side to his human half, he having been imprinted there since he was conceived but never surfaced until about two years. Seeing Annoyance meant he was maturing, it meant he was heading for another metamorphosis, one that would turn him into Annoyance.

Selic was Annoyance and Annoyance was Selic. They were the same person in one body.

He couldn't just will away Annoyance either whenever he became too annoying, only way to do that was to render himself unconscious, so he just tolerated his other half's presence and let him dissipate into the depths of his mind on his own accord.

Selic sighed deeply as he looked around to every one surrounding him going about with their daily lives.

He was glad he could call Africa his home, but the United States had so much to offer and so much to see. Even if locating a mate for himself turned up empty handed, the sites and people he had met during his three year journey countered that balance. Still, never lying with a mate yet and not able to find an appropriate one was testing his patience.

For some reason, his brain couldn't relay messages to his body properly, he couldn't in a way "get it up", even when one was splayed out on his bed or even in season. His mother eventually told him that's just the luck of some males, they would have to go out and find a mate that properly suited their fancy, whatever that might be. He was searching blind, all he knew was that he wasn't satisfied so far and didn't know what he was looking for. Hoping that all his frustration would finally allow his own body to finally pick one, even if she was something he wasn't looking for and bed with her.

He was a half breed, half human and half techx. The techx side of him had him standing well over a foot taller than everyone else around him, and since his metamorphosis nearly six years ago, when he was fifteen, that changed him even further into a techx, he had all the heightened senses, gained a considerable amount of weight, not too mention the height, was consuming more food and had the ill tolerability for heat. Also the fact that all techx would naturally inherit the memories of their mother and father, as did Selic, just as they would with their abilities. If not both than one. Selic had inherited his father's speed, a human, he was a natural born runner. From his mother he inherited her intelligence and quick thinking.

Whatever the ability the parents possessed would be integrated into their offspring's very own basic instincts. And so, the techx naturally wanting to run off their instincts. Selic had the desire to run as hard and fast as he could, not too mention wanting to play any sort of mind games. Even if it meant getting himself into trouble.

The only thing he couldn't do was walk on all fours and sprout wings and tails as they could.

People did know about the techx, but not like that. The techx had been in hiding for thousands of years and secretly bred here on earth while taken back and forth between the stars by their masters, the nocturin for their never ending wars. But the tide was about to be turned, the techx were finally taking a stand and letting their presence as well as intelligence be known. The first step was a baby step, let their presence of a "new mammal species" be known to the humans. The humans entitled the techx "Dresjen".

It has maybe been about five years now since the techx surfaced, but the idea was to use the humans a shield, the nocturin wouldn't approach the techx if the humans stood en-garde for the species the occupied their planet.

What neither human nor notcturin knew was their ability to shift before techx and human forms.

The twenty-one year olds eye's wondered around the area, taking in all the buildings, crowds and vehicles passing by. His ears listening to the hustle and bustle that was a gigantic city. His nose taking in the scents of sweat, cologne, food, garbage, oil and gasoline. His nose so sensitive it could even pick up the scent of the metal and fiber glass from the vehicles as they drove by, and for some strange reason made him chewing on his own tongue.

These people hadn't the foggiest what was really going on around them.

Black combat boots that were his own steadily clomped onto the cement below, the wind kicked up and tried throwing his long back hair about but didn't do as much but frizz up as it was tied down and braided into a ponytail. His eyes hidden behind his "Johnny Walker" sunglasses and hands tucked into the pockets of his black trench coat.

Before leaving his safe African home, he was warned of the places in the entire world he should not venture. He was allowed every where, in all countries, but certain places had techx nests that would not appreciate his presence.

Top on the list was the Yanu nest. To the humans, they were a large medical supply business tycoon industry that spanned world wide. To the techx, they were a massive nest that didn't like rogues entering their territories, especially the main nest located here in Chicago, Illinois. But what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them, he would make his passing through quick and quiet. He just hoped his mother wasn't keeping track of his activities through the family credit card, she would flip if she seen it being spent in Chicago.

He stopped dead in his tracks when a familiar yet strange scent caught his nostrils and craned his neck to find where the owner might be located.

He caught the strange whiff of a grown female half breed. What was strange was the fusing mix smelled like male as well, like they were all in one body.

Eagerly wanting to get down to the bottom of the smell, he started jumping about the crowd, looking for anyone of thick stature, black eyes and taller than everyone else.

The features that said techx all over. It could fool a human, but not a techx.

He looked across the street and that's when he seen an odd group of people walking together, they seemed taller than those around them, thicker and with dark eyes. Even the women were taller.

Don't you even think about it. Annoyance spat with fear.

Not thinking and going with his gut, he shoved through the crowd and darted across the street.

Dodging oncoming vehicles was a game he liked playing.

Making sure to stay upwind where they wouldn't catch his scent, he began trailing them and sure enough, that strange scent of male and female was stronger. He could smell the whole group of six, but that one scent in particular stood out to his nose.

What do you think you're doing? His other half hissed, If those techx catch wind of you, we're dead.

They'll catch me for a sure if you don't shut up. He retorted to himself. Keep talking and they'll pick up on our energy signature, I need my human half for this.

He turned and looked to Annoyance whom only shot daggers to him before scoffing, folded his arms and disappeared in a cloud of mist.

He couldn't hate Annoyance. Since he'd awakened, he had given him information he never known before and had helped him out of sticky situations, situations his mother would kill him if she had known.

The group before him were made up of three women and three men. They didn't look to be "together", but the women resembles sisters with all the same scents. Half breeds. The men certainly did look like pure bloods and was confirmed that when getting a good whiff of them. He just hoped the wind wouldn't shift and those pure bloods would pick up on his scent.

His guy knotted when discovering whom they were.


I told you. Annoyance barked with reappearing, Now can we go?

"Will you shut up!" Selic had vocally snapped, turning to where Annoyance was standing, but the only person that was there in reality looked to him like he was crazy before making his quick pace even quicker.

Look Annoyance, He now said in his head, but with a more calmer tone. please. Just give me a chance here. You don't want to be a virgin forever. Do you?

Annoyance's jaw shut tight and averted his eyes with a snort and stood there for some moments before looking back to Selic, Just be careful. he said quickly before disappearing again.

The group before him derived of three sisters. The twins being Kendra and Kenda Yanu in their late twenties, looked identical and were dark-skinned with long black hair. Femmulus Yanu, roughly seventeen or a bit older on the other hand held the same facial features but was the smallest out of the entire group with a light skin pigmentation and short, wavy brown hair. The three pure bloods were the drones, their body guards.

He knew as much about them as any normal person would know through the media. So not much on a detailed personal level.

His brain was eager to figure out which scent that was coming from. Was it one of the women, or the men?

The drones were smart, they would surely pick up if someone was following them after a couple turns around the block so pulled out his cell phone and switched on the camera. This way he could watch through the screen, and if any were to look back, they would just see a pedestrian piddling on the phone. And with a little movement of the fingers over the keypad, it would look like it was completely engrossed with his phone.

Having some more time to juggle through that one scent, he came closer to picking out a stronger female scent to it, so it had to be from one of the women.

If he could only get a bit closer. Right now he was trailing by ten feet.

They took a right into a store and Selic looked up seeing it was a women's clothing store.


He heard Annoyance laughing deep in the back of his head and gave him a good kick in the butt. Having needed his concentration for this.

Now he was really going to stick out. What would he say if a drone asked why he was in their?

Shopping for some petite clothing for himself.

Even that story wouldn't hold. One - being that they could detect a liar. Second - his get-up of black boots, black pants, black shirt, black trench coat, black sun glasses with the black hair didn't exactly say "priss". If his clothing was toned down to something tighter and brighter he might be able to pass himself off as gay. But it was a little too late for that.

Thinking of something off the top his head, he strolled his way through the spinning doors with confidence.

Once inside, he propped the phone to his ear and tried speaking some what in a mild tone level and went straight to rummaging through some dresses.

"Yeah," he said out loud, "what color and what size?"

A moment later he spoke out a reply.

"Please, if they had see-through you would want that."

Still going through the dresses.

"I see only white and pink, no yellow."

The idea of his imaginary conversation was to play it out like he was shopping for someone else, someone that was female.

Glancing from the corner of his eye, he seen the three ladies were already gathering armfuls of clothing.

First thing first, he had to siphon out that smell.

Making his way across the floor, he weaseled his way close to them but not so close where the drones couldn't hear a second voice. If he was close enough, they would hear him reply to a voice that wasn't on the phone. That would be a bad thing.

His heart began racing when he was three feet from Kendra Yanu, but she smelled like a normal half breed female. A glance from the chrome off the hangars showed the drones standing behind had their eyes on him.

Taking the heat off, he moved away.

This was going to take a while. All he needed though was to smell one more, if she was it. Bingo! If not, it would surely be the other.

It took another five minutes, but this time she had neared him unknowingly. Off in her own world of sister to sister chit chat, cell phone calls and heaps of clothing. He thought the site was funny and cute.

Letting her scent drift over, he scratched her off. It wasn't her. It had to be the other one, Femmulus Yanu.

Glancing to her small form, he seen her heading for the dressing rooms.

Making a dash for a sign above the floor, he went straight for the dressing rooms. Half were occupied, the rest emptied. They were somewhat open too, not individual rooms but more open where women could apparently talk to each other while they changed. He could even see their feet clean across the floor.

An idea was already brewing in his head. It could work, it was a good idea, one part though would be running on sheer luck. He had to be ready if he was seen and make a run for it.

Turning back around, he scanned for a lone female. Any female that was human. Seeing one at the corner of the store at the front. He went straight for her.

Once at her back, he lowered his glasses making sure to keep his eyes trained for where her face would be and called out.

"Excuse me, Ma'am." he said.

As he thought, her reaction was to turn and her eyes met his. It was a moment later before her bright and curious eyes faded ever so slightly, her shoulders slouched and stared off to space into his red eyes.

"You wouldn't mind being my girlfriend for a couple of minutes would you?" he asked with confidence.

Her almost seemingly dead self suddenly lifted, and she smiled. "Sure!" she chided with glee.

He smiled back to his new puppet. "Then you wouldn't mind dragging me into the dressing room with you so I could see how your clothes fit?"

"Well d'uh! Girlfriends are suppose to drag their boyfriends into the dressing rooms." she grabbed his hand and led him straight to the back with a big smile on her face. "Come on!" she said loudly.

Moving around the corner into the big room and slipping past the drones. He was able to catch them eyeing him as he and his new girlfriend passed by.

"Let's go in this one." He whispered in her ear, motion for her to venture in the emptied room to their right, right beside Femmulus.

Getting a glimpse of the drones and seen from there were standing, it was hard to see the dressing rooms from their angle. They had backed off to give the girls their privacy.

Entering and his new girlfriend closing the door, he sat down, removed his boots and placed them beside him on the carpeted bench where he squatted onto on the balls of his toes so the drones couldn't see his feet or boots.

His girlfriend stopped suddenly, instead of bright and vibrant, she looked lost and confused. Knowing the problem, he lowered his glasses and called out to her. She looked right into his eyes before asking moments later. "So which one, the white shirt or blue one?" placing both in front of her.

"Try the blue one."

Without any sort of hesitation, she removed her top and his eyes popped opened when discovering she was braw less.

She giggled and flaunted herself to him.

"Wow." was the only thing he uttered, too much wrapped in "awe" to say anything else.

It was a lovely sight, she was skinny and young and beautiful, but it didn't turn him on liked he so hoped it would.

He was caught off guard when she latched onto his wrist suddenly and placed his hand right over her breast.

"How hot is that?" she asked in a sexy tone, her body gesture already hinting at something else, something that wasn't meant for a dressing room.

"Extremely." Was the one word he pushed from his mouth, already starting to get aggravated with this. She wasn't doing it for him and he wanted to continue on with his plan before that third sister exited her stall.

So close now he could taste her scent, it was in his mouth and on his tongue. She was teeming with both female and male hormones.

Annoyance wormed to life in his mind, not taking any form so as not to distract him and gave him a bit of useful information as to why she was smelling like she was.

Pulling his hand back. "Why don't you put on a show for me?" he asked, trying to get her to move on.

She stomped her foot in a protest. "That's not any fun." Then she turned and slipped the shirt on.

Phew. He got out of that one by the skin of his teeth.

Watching after a few shirts, he yanked her to him and went digging into her pockets until finding her phone.

"Ah ha!" he proclaimed while whipping out her phone.

"And what are you going to do with that?" she asked provocatively with a big hearty smile.

"Sexy pictures are perfect for a dressing room stall on a sexy girlfriend."

She instantly struck a pose in her new clothes. "Ready when you are stud."

Lifting his hand than standing, he positioned himself to stand passed the top of walls aiming the phone down but then allowed it to drop from his hand, bounce off the ledge and into his target's stall.

"Dammit." He protested.

"Oh--my--god." the woman's voice, Femmulus, came from the other stall.

"Nice going." His girlfriend shunned.

"Hey, sorry about that." he called to the woman.

"That thing almost hit my head."

He apologized again. "Can you toss it over?"

Right then he leaned forward, planting his eyes right into his girlfriend's and told her, "I was never here, forget all about me." Then grabbed his boots, slid under the open section at their feet into the next stall.

The move was bold and daring, if the drones didn't see him, then Femmulus might, which was why he had to be quick.

As expected, her back was facing him and was quick to snatch her, making sure to cover her mouth. She yelped through his hand and dropped the phone. He meanwhile already squatting on the bench, boots pinned between her and his hand.

"It's okay." he whispered into her ear, "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm a half breed just like you. I just want to talk, that's all."

"Femmulus." One of the drones called out.

Selic scowled inwardly and felt Annoyance shiver.

Keep it together Annoyance.

"Are you all right?" The same drone called out in a question.

"Listen Femmulus, I know you're not normal, I know you're more than the average half breed. I know you're a hermaphradite. I just want to talk but you as well as I know that that's not going to happen since I'm considered a rogue. But all I want is to talk, that's it, nothing more. I promise."

He heard the footsteps from someone heavy then seen the drones big feet and his massive shadow. He was standing right in front of the door.

Thankfully the door were solid and not shutters, or else he would be spotted.

"Femmulus," The drone called out sternly, "answer or I'm coming in."

Her tensed body said she was about to make a run for it, but her eyes actually showed she was debating.

"Femmulus," a sister called out with concern, "are you okay?"

Taking that leap. He removed his hand from her mouth and he and well as Annoyance held their breath.

"I'm fine. I'm fine." she groaned, and actually sounded like she was annoyed by them.

Selic let out a relaxed sigh and let his back fall onto the wall in relief.

"I make one little noise and you're threatening to break the door down Jerik."

The drone apparently known as Jerik grunted and walked away.

"He was only worried about you Fem."

"More like over reacting." Femmulus began to protest.

"You sneeze and know one thinks anything of it. I sneeze and father rushes me to the hospital."

"That's because you're his little one." she answered.

"Daddy's little one!" The other sister picked.

Femmulus growled and nearly yelled, "Will the two of you shut up already."

"Sibling rivalry I see." Selic whispered.

Femmulus remained silent as she turned to him. Her cold eyes burned right through him.

"What do you want?" She whispered very demanding like.

He looked down to her feet and back to her face.

"Turn around and move your feet, make it look like you're trying on some clothes." he instructed.

Rolling her eyes and sighing, she turned around and crossed her arms and she moved her feet about.

"Do you know who I am?" she asked.

"Yeah, you're Femmulus Yanu."

"So you know I'm a Yanu then, and you still did this little stunt." she exclaimed.

"Off course. Who wouldn't?" He asked.

"Apparently someone without a brain." she retorted.

Selic smiled. "I can tell you got some spirit."

She sighed, sounding very unmoved by him. "So what do you want?"

"I just want to talk, that's it."

"Well we're talking. Happy now?"


She stopped and turned her head to look at him, then she smiled ever so cooingly. "If I had been topless, I would have screamed."

He replied quickly, "And I would have ran."

Femmulus turned back around and started with her moving again, "You're not a normal one, I'll give you that."

"Why thank you. I do my best."

"You know. If I don't walk out of here in at least five minutes, he will break down the down the door." With that said, she stopped and turned completely around, hands on her hips as if she was testing his reaction.

Eyes hidden behind his glasses, he did not falter in his reply. "Then I guess we're just going to have to talk some where else."

She chuckled, trying not have it heard by others. "And what makes you think I want to talk to you again?"

An evil grin slid across his square face. "You didn't scream."

Now she was blushing.

"So, where can we meet then? Can be wherever you want, whenever and around who ever."

"Tomorrow night at eight on the corner of Brown Street and Washington, be in the building by seven and stay in there, don't draw attention to yourself and don't wonder out. My friend lives their and their will be drones guarding the outside of the building before I arrive and after I leave, so be careful."

Selic nodded eagerly, "I'll be there."

She went to open the door with her handful of clothes then stopped as her hand fell onto the latch. "What if I'm setting you up?" she asked.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take."

Smiling to him, she turned around sliding the phone across the floor into the stall he was just in and slid herself out into the hall quickly before disappearing.

"You're through already?" One of the sisters had asked, "Did you even try anything on?"

He listened as the three continued with their conversation before fading off. Selic meanwhile having a hard time holding back the joy for his triumphant win while Annoyance was constantly protesting of how stupid that move was, that it was one in a billion chance that she didn't scream.

I'm just lucky. he told Annoyance.

You're just lucky you're not dead. Annoyance retorted with dissatisfaction. We shouldn't even be in this country. We should be back home and getting ready for ourselves to merge together.

Relax, we got plenty of time. It'll be years before that will happen.

Annoyance snorted before disappearing completely, fading back into the security of his mind.

Right before stepping out of the stall, he felt Annoyance re-emerge.

"I would ask where you get these crazy ideas from. But I already know that answer."

Selic smiled, though he wanted to be a unique individual, he was exactly like his mother.

If you are wondering why Fem acted the way she did, when any woman would have freaked out. That's because she acts differently than most women, she actually looks for trouble, if she's told not to do it, it translates in her head to do it. She lives under her father's wing, is fiercely protected and babied because of her "rare" condition. She's also one of the younger siblings and is her father's favorite.

Next: Selic better be on his best behavior if he wants to snag this one.