The Lover's Society
Chapter Four
Happy Birthday

It was nearly a month later, and aside from that ever-growing annoyance from Annoyance, everything was not going as smoothly as Selic had hoped. Sure he was able to start a relationship, from him coaxing the idea out of her, but there were certain pin points within their world that was making his tolerance of Fem difficult.

For starters, when Fem finally opened up and allowed a relationship to form, he had wanted to make it official as boyfriend and girlfriend, but she seemed reluctant on calling it that, yet would still make a nightly habit out of lying to her family on whom she was really spending her time with, instead of Jo, giving her bodyguards the slip and spending whatever free time she had with him.

He didn't know if she was playing hard to get, or was doing something wrong. But figured by now she would have at least allowed him a little groping, not even a massage of her chest area. Having able to start a deep, passionate kiss before things turned heated and she would back down.

It boiled his blood.

He knew she wasn't a virgin, so had no idea what the problem was. And when confronting her about it, she would just say something like how he was every other guy, start an argument, then leave him for the night. But would always meet him the next day, acting as if nothing had happened.

It was starting to get on his nerves and making him sexually aggravated, and that was something which scared him.

At first, he told himself he would never harm her, never force her or himself onto her. But now, with that steadily growing intolerance from Annoyance for the fact he was reaching the peek in his metamorphosis, the boost of hormones for wanting to reproduce and just plain out being upset and irritated, he didn't know how long he could last before doing something horrible.

It didn't help with him feeling sick from the nearing approach of his change, from her wanting to go out and do something when he just finished a session of nausea and vomiting.

Annoyance though had finally accepted Fem; he ended up liking her because of her snappy attitude toward him and even developed a way of pissing him off at the right moment between interactions with Fem making out like he was mad with her, when really it was Annoyance. She just didn't know he was there, or even existed for that matter.

Now though Selic was wishing he had listened to his other half when all this first started for having gotten in way over his head; The drones had picked up his scent on more than one occasion, she wasn't putting out but just couldn't just let go of her, and was tired of all this sneaking around, not to mention Fem's strange behavior with being happy and giddy one moment then snappy and angry the next. Annoyance toying with him wasn't helping either.

Black rings were starting to form around his eyes, even waking up sometimes with puffy hurting eyes, sometimes so swollen he couldn't see for a few minutes.

"Do either of you want anything to drink?" Came blandly from JoAnne through the kitchen.

Fem having lifted herself off Selic's hefty frame from the comforts of the couch, popping her head up over the couch, "No, we're fine."

That was another thing that got under his skin -- she was taking advantage of his situation. She having known he would not do anything to upset her, more so because he didn't want her to sic the drones on him, so had gotten this idea in her head where she could push him around, tell him what to do or what he couldn't do.

It at first started out by picking on him about it, but ended up escalating and becoming out of control, having even bought him an entire new wardrobe then making him toss out his old one.

How she was able to make him do that he wasn't sure, but when his long black hair became the next target he put his foot down. That cost him three days of her disappearing, but a message on his phone said she wanted them to meet at Jo's place again.

"Okay," Was Jo's reply, still void of any emotion before walking out the kitchen and into her bedroom. "I'll be in my room."

Jo meanwhile had accepted Selic and tolerated his presence, but the real reason behind her hostility toward him was that in her eyes, he was the competition. Sure she liked Fem as a good friend, but also liked her as a companion being she dated both men and women. To Jo, Fem was a package all in one.

But like Selic, Fem hadn't allowed Jo any access to her nethermost regions either. And like he with Fem, the two would get into the same argument about sexual encounters with each other, how nothing was happening when Jo wanted to take things to the next level.

Selic even recalling one time when Jo had set up a private meeting between her and him to try and bribe him to walk away.

He smirked at the thought; Jo was going to be in for a big surprise if she ever found out what Fem was really hiding.

His beloved girlfriend-to-be had told Jo she was in the middle of a sex change operation.

Jo wasn't being nice just because, she was tolerating his presence by hosting him so that she could rake in the points with Fem.

So far, Jo had a good distance ahead of him with Fem -- they had known each other longer, could be seen out in the open, even holding hands, and Jo had her own place.

He on the other hand always had to hide and preferred them meeting at Jo's, not wanting Fem to know where he was staying, and, his upside was the fact they could share talk that she couldn't discuss with Jo, with humans.

Where he currently resided was another thing Fem was becoming impatient about. Having assured her, he wasn't living on the street, that he was living in an actual hotel. However, she wanted to know the exact location and place.

Selic wouldn't tell her being his dilemma was part instinct and how he grew up.

As a rogue on another's turf, he had to hide himself and where he was hiding, the other part was how he grew up, location was key to survival, he didn't want everyone knowing where he lived, especially when money and power were involved. That's exactly what his mother possessed and what gave him the scars on his cheek and chest.

It all happened when he was thirteen, some guerillas needed funding for their cause, their plan; to kidnap and hold him for ransom. Only his mother became aware of the plot and hid him. The problem occurred when they tortured a villager who knew his location -- a cave he was sent to hide in. After finding it, killing the drones and taking him, he was used as leverage. The scars he received through having been tortured just because of the aggravation to locate him, then get to him.

After that, he learned there are some things that no one can know about. Fem didn't even know the true reason behind his scars, it was a touchy subject that he preferred ignoring.

Things with his mother weren't going so well either and had nearly avoided all vocal interactions with her. He did communicate via text messages and e-mails, but that was all. A voice mail one day though showed just how angered she was when recent history of the family credit card showed he had stopped moving, in Chicago. After that, he received a text message from her asking if he took interest in a Yanu, then another later on saying she would prefer a Yanu rather than a human.

She would rather him take his chances and reproduce with a Yanu then sully his loins by bedding with a lowly human. Not that humans were weak, they, currently the strongest species. Only their genetic structure produced weaker offspring. Naturally, the Techx always sought out for stronger offspring.

Looking to his left, he saw Annoyance's massive form perched on the coffee table, his gaze completely engrossed with the TV, tail steadily from side to side. If the creature had really been there, the table would have shattered.

Fem giggled as she ran her hand under his shirt, her small fingers running along the grooves of his toned abs, void of any fat, and traveled up to his chest.

Selic let his eyes close and relaxed as her hands wondered across his body. Nothing ever happened between the two of them when she did do this, but was still considerate enough to help him with his own release.

She laid down on top of him, causing a fire to erupt and sweep through his squirming form when feeling her small body touch his own. Her hands wondered downward and he groaned pleasantly.

A small section of his brain hated her toying with him so, but let it happen for the chance she might let something slip and he could take her.

Things were just started to get heated up when his phone buzzed then vibrated once: A text message.

Being the woman she was in their relationship, Fem sat up quickly and snatched his phone without giving him a chance to look.

Aggravated, he sat up and groaned in dissatisfaction from her unfinished business. "The phone could have waited." He mentioned.

Fem's features at first were neutral, her normal for being around him, but like her, it quickly changed.

Normally he would just shrug this off his shoulders, but what had him piqued was she becoming flustered, then shocked followed worry. Her head snapped to him and those hazel eyes showed fear, fear that was directed to him making his gut knot.

It was obvious. Something was wrong.

"Fem," He concocted, the treble of his deep voice shaky and scared, worried for what she read, "What's wrong?"

She at first seemed too shock to say anything, but moments later the shock slipped away and was replaced by anger, her brow furrowed and eyes shot daggers on him.

Watching in horror as she started to shake, this looked like an angry bout he had not seen before and was about to see.

"Out." Was the only word she muttered from the depths of her throat through clenched teeth, that one word spilling out with putrid.

Stunned by her strange actions, he just sat there and stared, wondering what was going on, wondering what she read. However, a small part of him knowing it had to do with his mother, one of the things he had been hiding from Fem all this time. Still, the rest didn't want to believe that.

He forced himself to swallow and caught his breath. Scared to death, his eyebrows flexed and one word fell from his lips. "Fem. . . ."

Cutting him off, she screeched at the top of her lungs. "Get out!"

That caused him to jump up and over the couch and headed straight for the door.

Seeing Annoyance standing in front of the TV, looking to him and perplexed as ever.

Selic opened the door himself, watched as Fem came tromping his way, stepped outside into the stair well and watched helplessly as she slammed the door right in his face.

He didn't even have his shoes; they were still in the apartment.

What did you do now? Annoyance quirked from behind, but Selic ignored him, not wanting to deal with him now.

The door opened.

Heart fluttering, vainly hoping he had already been forgiven for whatever it was he did. Instead, when Fem stepped out, she threw his shoes straight for his gut. Having put so much of her inhuman force behind them that when they hit, a well-heard "oof" escaped him followed by crumpling over.

Any other time that wouldn't have hurt, but he had been feeling sickly after all. The shoes felt like a cement block hitting him. It really did hurt.

Unable to help as the blow caused his un-eased stomach to lurch up what was eaten for lunch and spew it all onto Jo's doorstep at Fem's feet.

Now feeling weakened for having thrown-up.

"Fem," he croaked from a now burning throat, having fallen to his knees and cradling his stomach, he looked up to her. "Tell me, what's wrong?"

Her face went red and was shaking again, having seen Jo walk into the picture but when seeing Fem standing and he on his knees, hunched over in pain, had realized Fem was the one in control of the situation and had gone back into her room for their privacy.

More so Fem's privacy.

Her face had gotten so red she looked like she was about to pop.

She bit at him angrily. "This." Bringing up his phone for him to read.

He squinted his eyes, but from his shades and the glare from the fluorescent lighting could not see. Therefore, he stood, but upon standing, she read it aloud to him.

"It says:" she began to state, "Happy twenty-first birthday, Son."

That was it.

He already knew where this was heading.

Still trying to play innocent, to avoid the confrontation, he played dumb. "Yeah, so what's the problem?" Trying to force a look like he was clueless and innocent.

He failed.

Like his mother, she was someone he couldn't lie to, she caught on quickly and it made her even angrier.

She, protesting in a near shrill, "Don't lie to me Selic. You know exactly what's wrong. You're not normal."

He gritted his teeth at the low blow and barked back with bitter. "That's not my fault; I can't help it if I was born differently."

"Selic," she started, her tone lower but not the stress level, trying to keep others from hearing this. "You're supposed to be much older in your current condition."

Selic averted his eyes; he hated not being born like other half-breeds.

As part of a natural process to half-breeds, their Techx genetic structure would eventually repair itself, replace the human genetic code and cause the body to revert into its true nature as a Techx. All this though would start to happen around the age of fifty, not at fifteen when it happened to him.

His gaze turned back to her in his own anger and dared challenge her.

"Says who?" He scoffed, "It's not like your family is any better off than I am. Your brothers and sisters have me beat only by ten years. Their process isn't natural either."

Something was wrong here. Yeah he didn't look fifty, but it was normal for half-breeds to look around thirty to forty when reaching their fiftieth year. Selic didn't even look thirty, but figured she knew he was younger than that. He thought she would catch on that he wasn't normal to begin with. Having figured his twenty-year-old face would have said firstly he was younger.

She knew he was different, she knew he had already reached his first metamorphosis, however, she was acting completely surprised by all this.

Still, he knew and didn't bother mentioning it while she didn't bother asking.

All this was becoming too complicated and dramatic.

Her eyes turned steely and rushed for him in a shrill, grabbed his arms and slammed a knee into his groin.

The blow caused an eruption of exploding pain, having screamed before falling again, this time into his own vomit before spewing out more and lay on his side, curl into a fetal position and cradle that what was most precious to him despite never having used it before.

"Get out of here before I call the drones on you." She heartlessly ordered, her words carrying through his soul and striking him right in the heart.

You've done it now! Came from Annoyance as an exclamation. She's getting cranky; you better save our own skin and get us out of here.

His temples were starting to pound from the pressure forming in his own head, the searing headache. His aching groin and upset stomach was not helping, all of which was leading down to him breathing more heavily and already starting to over heat.

Come on Selic. Annoyance egged on. You can come back later, you're better off to let her cool down before she explodes on us.

Gathering what strength and pride he had left, he awkwardly stumbled to his feet and though couldn't stand to his full height of six foot seven; he still tried desperately in standing without holding onto his swelling jewels.

"No." The word from him was clear and stern, not angry but making his own statement.

"What?" Both Annoyance and Fem said together, surprised by his retaliation.

He continued, "No, I'm not going any where Fem. You're not kicking me out that easily."

He saw her expression change. It was a mix of worry and confusion.

He wasn't trying to make it out like a threat, he respected her and her space, but this was something he had to put his foot down with.

She bit her lip and eyes narrowed on him before spinning on her heels, walked back into the apartment and called for Jo before slamming the door shut.

Now you done it you idiot. She's gonna sic the drones on us.

That sudden realization from Annoyance hit Selic like a ton of bricks. He felt his face flush, a rock lodged in his throat, goose bumps crawled across his flesh and a chill went up his spine as his legs collapsed. Hitting the floor and looked to the door, hoping she would open it, hoping she would forgive him.

This all felt like a dream, none of this was happening, none of this could be happening. Why would she judge him when neither she nor any of her siblings were normal compared to other half-breeds?

Come on Selic. Annoyance pleaded, We have to get out of here before we end up as mincemeat for those drones. They'll be eating us on their dinner plates tonight!

He looked to the floor just beneath the door, so wanting to see a shadow, a shadow that belonged to Fem, watching him, pitying him.

That's when he did something he hadn't done in a long time, not since coming here to Chicago where he had to remain hidden in secret.

He opened his mind, his own pathway.

Opening up was like turning on a beacon that he was here. It was also the only way to contact others, to merge with others, to sync with others.

Not like speech, not like telepathy, it wasn't as if hearing someone's voice, it was an actual feeling, and with proper training could distinguish which feelings belong to the owner and which was outside the body.

Fem. His own stress-filled, pitying, saddened and hurt emotions called out.

You fool! Spat Annoyance in absolute fear. I-I don't know who you are anymore! I wish to be rid of your foul spirit, of your poor body and worthless mind. How dare you put ME in such danger!

Selic had gotten Annoyance angered before, but never once to this level.

Annoyance had never once referred to himself as an individual, he had always shared himself with Selic since they were one-person. But now, Selic was beginning to split that already fine line between them. Cutting off Annoyance in such a way could cut off his human emotions when the transformation took place. He could turn into an all out animal.

Annoyance was pacing now, then both their finely tuned ears picked up the front doors slamming open followed the stamping of feet.

Selic, Annoyance called out, please, for our own sake. Please, get up and run.

But Selic refused. If he were to be caught then so be it. He wasn't going to leave her.

Come on Selic, please, snap out of this. She's not going to come no matter what you do. I'm sorry Selic, but she's not. Think about mother.

Something clicked in Selic's head when hearing Annoyance say that, he thought about his mother and being back home. He wanted to go home.

Yes! No come on! Get up and run!

Looking back to the door, he had to wait on Fem to return all this time. This time though, he was going to do the returning

Not feeling as sick as before now, more so from the adrenalin already kicking in, he jumped to his feet and rushed further up the stairs heading for the top of building.

Shoes were already in tow when he slammed into the door and barreled out the other side. Sliding across the gravel laid roof, he quickly scanned his surroundings. Annoyance having willingly slid back into the depths of his torn brain, giving him control of the reins without any distractions.

There were only two buildings around him, the other two sides opened to the street.

Curious at was going on below, he stepped toward the edge of one side, looked down to the street and watched the drones below scurrying about like ants.

The ones that entered from the inside were probably making sure he wouldn't try to go back the way he came, and probably to make sure Fem was okay. These ones outside catching a glimpse of him as they were running around the building.

Estimating to where they were heading, he ran to the fire escape and looked down. Sure enough, they were quickly scaling the ladder. And by quickly, that meant faster then how humans could move.

Scanning his surroundings yet again, he looked the building right across and an idea started brewing. Turning, he ran toward the middle of the roof, stopped and turned back around to the direction he just came.

Taking in a deep breath, planting the tips of his shoes into the gravel, he then sprang forward with his calves. Stretching his legs as far as they could and swinging his arms while breathing properly, he made it into a quick sprint.

Nearing the edge of the building right in front of the fire escape and seeing a head pop up upon reaching it, he leapt. Feeling fingers graze him, his heart stopped as he flew through the air.

Nearing the roof of the upcoming building, legs became extended allowing his feet first followed by his legs which he allowed to buckle and bend to absorb the impact upon touchdown. But he didn't stop there, he didn't stop to look behind, to see if his chasers would pursue. He knew they would.

And by knowing that, he kept on running and kept on leaping from one building to the next.

Fear kept his adrenalin going, fear of what would happen to him and Annoyance if he had been caught, and not just because he was trespassing, but because of what he had been doing for the past month.

Heart racing and quickly running out of breath, he came to a stop at the edge of the block. Looking across the double lanes to the next building, there was no way he could make that leap.

It wasn't even a minute later when footsteps from behind caused Selic to turn and instincts had him ducking when claws lashed out where he face would have been.

The large male drone that lashed at him was met by another male, another that he bumped into before it lashed as well, but Selic had ducked, leaned and turned, wedging himself directly in between the two and caused an accident between the two by the second one.

The second's claws came lashing down onto the first drone causing him to scream in utter agony.

The one that struck had instantly stopped what he was doing, and seemingly his pursuit on Selic as well, when he started in comforting the wounded partner as he fell to his knees.

Selic already in the middle of a turn to run when something hard struck his shoulder sending him flying through the air into a 360 spin before slamming onto the gravel in a skid causing his shades to fly off.

Numb and disoriented, he tried looking around but found he couldn't move. Footsteps caught his attention and looked up just in time as hands grabbed the collar of his shirt and lifted him to his feet.

He was brought face to face with a female drone, one that looked pissed.

Probably another fan of Fem.

Looking into her black eyes, he started the process of his ability but knew it wouldn't last long since she was already merged with a nest. Watching as her wavering eyes stopped on him, then the anger slipping away and seconds later were starring off into space.

"Release me." He hissed.

Without having averted her eyes, she released her grip letting him drop like a sack of potatoes to the gravel.

Selic was crab walking backwards when she began shaking her head, another second later she was looking back to him with the same anger in her oval eyes, but then, something happened -- she drew in a breath, lifted her arms and glared at him as a deep, bone rattling howl escape her throat.

Her body suddenly growing larger, wings tore through the clothes on her back and limbs shredded cloth as she was relocated onto all fours, a massive tail already could be been seen swaying aggressively in the back as her flat face protruded into a fleshy, teeth filled muzzle, her pale flesh turned tight and taunt.

The once human looking drone now snarled at him in her Techx form. Her milk glands swaying about, covered though by the massive shadow she created in the moon light. She stomped her human resembling front claws, back claws on animal resembling haunches began digging into the gravel, her wings folded tightly onto her back and lowered her upper body to the ground.

Heart hampering in his chest, fear as well as Annoyance told him to make a run for it, but his brain said not to, he had to remain still until the right moment. Knowing she was about to charge, he waited for her to leap.

As expected, she sprang forward, wings carrying her high above him, he looked up as she was encased in shadow and came to realize staying put was a bad idea after all, he couldn't see her.

Using sound and instinct, he waited for the right moment and rolled. Hearing the sound of her whooshing by him and the impact as she landed then something sharp grazing the side of his face.

Not stopping, he positioned himself for roll onto his feet but was caught halfway there before being tripped by the tail and fell. Getting the taste of gravel and blood in his mouth as pain spread through his lips and gum. Fast-moving sound on the gravel had him stumbling to his feet once again only to be knocked back down when something painful struck his back.

Catching her moving at the corner of his eye, he rolled around flinging dirt and gravel everywhere.

A certain pitch from a loud eery screech echoed in his ears telling him she had been distracted allowing him to make a run for it.

Coming to the ledge of the building, he rolled over and off falling feet first. Seeing a closed dumpster below, he lifted his legs for the impact.

Lucky for him something was below.

The lids didn't do much for his momentum and weight, having fallen straight through until hitting the bottom of what was miraculously empty causing a loud thud to echo through his ears. Seeing stars and unable to move, he could only groan and listen, listen to the flapping of wings then something big landing followed by the scraping of claws, looking up just in time to see a shadowy head comes into view followed by the upper proportion of a body, then the silhouettes of a horrified hand come reaching for him as it latched onto his shirt.

"Stop!" A female voice screamed from the darkness.

The sound made the drone stop and pull back without him attached turning her attention else where.

"Just leave him alone." The same voice ordered, weeping carried behind it.

There was the sound of approaching footsteps followed by the drone grumbling.

"He's learned his lesson Nerry, now leave him alone." The voice shaking considerably now.

"Fem?" Selic questioned in a low moan, pain carried in his tone.

Repositioning himself, he turned into a roll. His whole body screamed for him to stop but screamed as he forced himself to move.

Moving through the empty dumpster, he placed a forearm onto the edge and used it to pull himself up. Growling through clenched teeth, he worked himself to his feet and was finally able to stand, but instead of seeing Fem and the drone that had attacked him, he saw nothing but the building across from him.

They were gone.

Tears streaming down his dirty, and blood stained cheeks. "Fem." He groaned sadly, "I'm sorry Fem, I'm so sorry."

Straining to get himself out of the dumpster, he screamed when losing his balance and fell onto the hard cement. The sudden jarring sent waves of pain reeling through his entire body making him cringe and flinch.

It took a couple of minutes before he could get to his feet and stumble further on into the alley.

Not wanting to head out onto the sidewalk, not wanting any of the unneeded attention, especially from humans.

He reached the rear of one building, propped his back onto the wall and slid down onto his butt. The coldness from the building was the only thing that felt good.

"Fem." He croaked, the idea of having lost her for good burrowed deep into his shattered heart.

Bringing bruised and bloodied knees to his chest as the forever loneliness settled in, he buried his battered face into his legs and began sobbing.

He could feel Annoyance forming in his head, but instead of taking shape and speaking to him, or even speaking in his own mind, his other half said nothing but simply wrapped its own self around him comforting him. His feelings alone portraying him sorrow and pity.

Selic sobbed again, Annoyance was all he had now.

"Thank you, Annoyance." Selic croaked before he started into a fit of sobs.

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