I came up with this idea a few weeks ago. It's kind of a sad story, but sometimes sad stories are the best. This is where I got my username from. It's not my real name and the character's not supposed to be me. I just really love Lilith…


By Lilith Gray


Karina Gray opened her car door and sat down in the driver's seat after a long day at work. She put on her seatbelt, then took out her phone and dialed her mother's number.

"Hey, Mom," Karina said, turning the key, "I'm on my way home."

"Okay," said her mother, "But don't forget to-"

"Yeah," Karina said, "I know. I'll stop by the store to get something for you-know-who."

"You-know-who?" Karina's mother repeated, "Why the secrecy?"

"You know her," Karina, chuckling, "She could be listening on the other end."

"And if she was, she'd never know what we were talking about, right?"

"Exactly," Karina said, "There's no way she'll decipher our secret code."

Karina's mother laughed. "Okay, then, Agent Karina" she said, "Just buy your sister a birthday present before you come home."

"Hey!" Karina said, pretending to sound angry, "You just broke the code!"

"Goodbye, Karina."

Karina laughed. "Bye, Mom. Love you!"

Karina's sister Lilith was turning fifteen in two days. If she didn't get something nice for her, she'd never live it down. Karina remembered the last time she didn't give her a present. If she remembered correctly, it was her eleventh. As soon as the girl realized she had nothing from Karina, she grabbed a pillow and started beating her with it. Even though the two of them were laughing their heads off through the whole thing, it was still torture. Karina dreaded to think what would happen if she made the same mistake this year. Since her brain had matured a lot more since then, there's probably be more plotting and scheming than mindless violence. Lilith had been complaining about her broken mp3 player for weeks now, so for her birthday, she'd get a new one.

After hours of searching through the mall, Karina finally found an mp3 player for Lilith. She fought her way through the crowd outside the door, and walked out to the parking lot. She looked around for a moment, trying to remember just where she parked. This happened to her every time. Karina spotted it at last, and without thinking, she walked over to it. But when she was right in the middle of the street, she heard a loud screech.

Karina quickly turned around, and inches away from her was a car. Before Karina could run away, it slammed right into her stomach. Karina fell down on her back.

Everything after that was like slow-motion.

Karina tried to get up, but she couldn't build up enough strength. She started coughing up blood as she fell back down again.

A horrified woman bolted out of the car that had just hit Karina.

The woman dropped to her knees beside Karina, one hand clasped over her mouth, the other dialing 9-1-1.

Karina began gasping for air. The woman said something into her phone, then put it back in her purse and took Karina's hand. She started to speak, but Karina couldn't tell what she was saying. Every sight and sound was distorted. Karina knew an ambulance was coming, but it would take at least fifteen minutes to get there, she was sure. By then… It would be too late.

Karina knew in her heart that this was it. Everything began flashing in her mind. Mom… Dad… Lilith… All her friends.

What was Karina leaving behind?

Mom and Dad would both be devastated. As soon as Dad found out, he would immediately think it was a lie. He would deny that it happened, but after he was given proof, he would run off somewhere and cry. Mom would break down right from the start, and it would be months before she started talking again. She and Dad would start having problems with their relationship because Mom would be distant and Dad would yell. Karina wondered if they would stay together.

And Lilith… Once she discovered what had happened, she would freeze. She wouldn't scream, she wouldn't grow weak at the knees, she wouldn't cry… She would just stand there. She would have this blank expression on her face for days. Then, when she got home from the funeral, she would lock herself in her room. She'd suddenly know this was really happening. Then she'd stay there for a week, refusing to eat or drink, or even sleep. She'd just sit on her bed, hugging her knees, her eyes exhausted and unable to shed another tear since the first day of solitude. Heaven knew how long it would take her to accept it, or if she ever would.

There was so much Karina was saying goodbye to, but there was so much more she was destined for. She would be in a better place. Karina felt an overwhelming sense of peace as she breathed her last. She saw a light coming towards her, and she heard a voice calling her name.

"Karina… Karina…"