Fanged Princess: Her Liberation

The princess stabbed her father and her soon-to-be husband right through the neck. Their intention of mixing the bloodlines took a literal turn, as the royal blood of the two powerful houses of the east bled and mixed together on the marble floor of Dfebaul castle's great hall. The guests' faces all grew in horror, shocked at one of the most impossible things that could have happened in the betrothal announcement of the monarch of Dfebaul and the only daughter and last living child of the Xzxen.

Reality froze the great hall, the dignifieds' expression plastered in an expression of awe and terror on the event and the worst of consequences it would have in the next days after. What does this mean? Is this an open declaration of war between us? What are the guards doing? How could this have happened? Should they capture the princess? What of the dignitaries of Xzxen? How can they escape without getting butchered? What about the nobles of Dfebaul? Were they only lured to such an occasion only to be calculatedly slaughtered en masse? What of the remaining prince and princesses of the Dfebaul? Who would succeed the throne? Was this the trigger of the throne struggle?

From the bigger picture, their thoughts quickly descended to more selfish ones, as each suddenly feared for their lives more than for their country. Confusion set as a cage for the past few seconds as they carefully witnessed each drop of blood from the two patriarchs stain the polished floor. However, within the frozen crowd of servers and noblemen, a baron made his quick and stealthy escape from the crowd and out of the hall. Dfebaulan and Xzxenese soldiers were stationed outside the door, waiting for the baron's arrival. As he passed by them, he gave a nod which signaled something tremendous.

The baron continued to walk straight through the hallways, passing by the dead guards and hearing the smoke and struggle of rebellion on the town outside the castle. Not longer, he heard the doors of the great halls slam shut and the screams of dying men and women barely audible with the chaotic background. He pressed on through the halls and towards the highest tower of the castle. His walk was rather leisurely, arriving at the tower at an intended time. He took down the banner of the Dfebaul and quickly replaced it with a standard that was never seen before.

From the tower, he stared down at the town engulfed with the town folks' chaos and thought of the castle bathed in royal blood; the same should be happening back in Xzxene, according to plan.

"You sure are one crazy princess, Jeanne… So this is how your pursuit for happiness took a turn…" the baron muttered to himself.


Feb 20, 2010, I realized that writing my comments AFTER the story makes this note less intrusive looking.

Let's reserve Damsel-in-distress princesses for fairy tales, yes?

Thanks for the read!