Chapter 1

"Who is that?" I asked my best friend Michelle Stone. I was referring to the guy with the dark brown hair that was covering his eyes, so I couldn't see the colour of them. I could tell that he had pretty defined muscles, but he wasn't bulgy or shrimpy he was just right, for my liking. He had a slight tan; he was wearing a plain black shirt and blue jeans. I also noticed how he was surrounded by quite a few girls who were trying to get his attention but he didn't seem to be paying attention to them. I had forgotten that I had asked Michelle a question. Actually I had forgotten her all together that is until I heard saying my name a bunch of times over and over again.

"Meadow, Damn Meadow stop staring at him, and listen to what I am saying. Ugh! You are so impossible." Michelle was saying but I was only vaguely listening, until I heard the part about staring at him that is. Damn I didn't realize I was staring for that long.

"Sorry" I muttered to her. She was looking at me with a look saying 'whatever just listen now'.

"Well as I was saying, he's new, he just moved from California. He's in grade 11 just like us and all the girls want him but, that I'm sure is obvious." Yeah that was definitely obvious. Honestly they should really get a life, considering half of them had boyfriends, and here they were trying to flirt with him. But then again he was a really gorgeous new guy. Who wouldn't be trying to get his attention? I would if I wasn't one of the shyest people around.

"Yeah, I wonder which girl will capture his heart. Oh well you know anything else about him?" I asked Michelle she was the best a getting the scoop for everything, and then reporting it too me. I wasn't very good with being in the know unless Michelle told me something, which was fine with me.

"Nope, not yet anyway, but as soon as I do I'll give you the info. Though I am curious as to why he's staring at you. Hmmm maybe because he noticed you staring at him." Michelle was saying. He was not staring at me. I looked up at him again and thought that maybe he was. I felt my cheeks burning; did he really notice my staring? No he couldn't have there was a lot of girls staring at him, there is no way he would notice me.

"I wasn't staring at him" the way Michelle was looking at me said she didn't believe my bullshit "and well even if I was there are plenty of people staring at him, not just me. And I'm sure he's isn't looking at me." I told her but I could feel his gaze on me.

"Sure maybe he didn't notice that, he just notice everyone is, but he IS looking at you, and you know it because, your cheeks are getting redder by my even mentioning it." Damn, why did she have to be so observant?

"Whatever, I have to get to English." I said turning down the hall to my English class. "See you." I said behind my shoulder to her. I heard her say bye behind me.

I walked into my English class and went to my usual seat in the back corner, near the window.

I hated talking in class so I always made sure I sat in the back of all my classes, all my teachers like me because I'm quiet and don't disturb the class, but they all wished I would talk in class, and show how smart I am. I know I can answer most of the questions; I just hate it when I have to speak in front of everyone. I was thinking about the new guy – who Michelle mentioned no name for- while looking out the window at the sunny April day shining on Lakewood Ontario, a small little town. When I heard someone sit down at the desk beside mine that was never occupied. I looked over to see the new guy looking at me.

"Hi, my name is Justin Shine." He said moving his hair out of his eyes so I could see that they were chocolate brown. He had his hand out for me to shake so I shook it.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you. My name is Meadow Green." I said having a fluttering feeling in my stomach at talking to him. It could have something to do with how much more gorgeous he was up close. "So you just moved here from California, I hear. It must be hard adjusting from living in the United States to moving to Canada." I said not really sure why I wanted to continue the conversation.

"Yeah, my family just moved, and yeah I guess it's kind of hard adjusting but, I think I can get used to it." He said with a smile playing on his lips. I swear my stomach did somersaults at that.

"Well I hope you can, and you shouldn't have a problem making friends. All the girls will be ready to make you feel comfortable, and guys will want your tips on girls." I said before I could think about what I was saying. I felt my cheeks turning red and looked out the window before I could see his face.

"Yeah I guess you're right, so would you be willing to help me out with my classes and making me feel comfortable at this school?" He asked, and I could feel my cheeks turning redder, I looked back at him and he was smiling, a heart breaking smile.

"W-well I-I don't know, I guess if you really want me too. But I kind of need to know your schedule. "I said stuttering for awhile. God how embarrassing, did he have to keep smiling that heart breaking smile.

"Oh right, I have English, math, world history, and drama." He said most of them were the same except I didn't have world history.

"Well, I can help you with three of the four, I don't have world history, but I do have all the others. Are you sure you don't want someone else to help you?" I asked half hoping he would say yes and half hoping he would say no. My heart was beating fast waiting for his answer.

"No I really want you to. But it seems I'll have to find someone to help with world history. I just hope it isn't one of those girls who seem to like surrounding me." He said, and we both started laughing. I hadn't even realized class had started, but no one was paying attention to us. As soon as our laughing slowed down a bit I thought of the perfect person to help him.

"Oh I have an idea who can help you, yes it's a girl but she isn't one who will surround you. She has more class then that." We both smiled at how I said that. And I continued on. "Her name is Michelle Stone, she's my best friend. You might have seen her, she has black hair that goes to the middle of her black, it's straight, and um she has sky blue eyes, an olive complexion she's about 5'3." I gave him her description knowing that of course he had seen her.

"Oh right I remember I saw her before class when you guys were talking." He said smiling again, god I loved that smile.

"Cool so since it's after lunch you can hang with us at lunch and then go to class together." I said looking out the window again.

"Thanks, and I forgot to say that you have a beautiful name." At those words, I cheeks got hot once again, and my heart started beating fast again. He thought my name was beautiful?

"Uh Thanks, my parents thought it would be nice if my name was Meadow Green. They always used to say how it just suits me, always have and always will." I told him.

"At least it's not Green Meadow that would pretty amusing." At that we both started laughing again.

The rest of class we were silent, I was looking out the window most of the time, but on occasion I snuck glances at him. Whenever I saw him looking at him, and we got each other's gazes, he always gave me that heart stopping smiled, and I would blush and look away. I tried to concentrate on what my teacher was saying but it didn't work I always felt his presence, usually I could just look out the window and still concentrate on what the teacher was teaching but not today. I just kept having my thoughts wonder back to him.


At lunch I introduced Justin and Michelle, and Michelle kept throwing glances at me meant to say 'Well look whose is growing up and talking to boys! That's my girl' and my replies to those were the death glare that I liked so much. But other than that she was having fun flirting with him, and him flirting back. As I watched I felt an odd stab of jealousy but it always went away when he looked at me and smiled. And when he did that Michelle gave me a warm smile that had a hint of something I wasn't sure what it was but, I knew it was something. Probably something I wouldn't like when I found out what it was. But other than all that lunch was pretty much the same as any other day.

When the bell signaling the end of lunch sounded I headed to my class and they headed to world history, part of me wished I could go with them, and the other part of me was happy to be away from him, I just couldn't stand being in his presence worrying about what he might think of my every move. All through my class my thoughts wouldn't stay off of him, wondering what he thought of me, what he thought of Michelle, wondering if they were flirting away right now, or laughing at me, or even how his class was going. One thought that didn't seem to want to go away was what he said about me name 'you have a beautiful name' I know he only said my name was beautiful not me, but it was a start. Right? Well I sure hope so; I don't know why I just really wanted him to think I was beautiful.

The rest of the day went by without anything too interesting happening, other than my insane jealousy in drama class which I had with both Justin and Michelle where they kept flirting. But honestly they were only flirting, and also I could always feel his gaze on me, and it was so hard not to look back, but I managed.