Chapter 15

I woke up in the morning, feeling somewhat better. But knew that it probably wouldn't last long. And I was right. I walked downstairs and saw everyone eating breakfast. Everyone was silent in their thoughts, thinking I assume about what will happen today.

"Hey everyone." I said breaking the silence.

"Morning Meadow." they all said not even glancing up from their breakfast. I sighed and went to go make some toast for myself.

I ate in silence, everyone was finishing up. When they were finished they all went to get dressed and get ready to go to the hospital. Natasha stayed though.

"Thanks Meadow." she said. I looked up from my food, and gave her a curious look.

"For what?" I asked, she gave me a small smile that was more forced.

"For last night, for helping me deal with my breakdown." she said.

"Oh no problem, but I know people who have worse break downs so don't worry about it." I said shrugging.

"Would one of those people be you?" she asked.

"Why yes it would be." I said.

"Thought so. But still thank you Meadow." she said before walking out of the kitchen to go get dressed.

I finished eating and headed upstairs, I was walking upstairs while Eric was walking down them. He gave me a small smile, and I returned that small smile.

I got dressed not even really thinking about what I was putting on-luckily though it matched-I put on a white top, plain white shirt, and a normal pair of light blue jean capris. I put on white flip flops and left my room.

"Everybody ready?" my uncle asked as I was coming down the stairs. Everyone nodded and he then ushered us out the door and into the car.

We got to the hospital and saw that Noah, Justin, and Michelle were all waiting at the door with coffees for everyone. I smiled at them as everyone took a coffee.

"Thanks guys." I said.

"No problem." Michelle said, taking my hand and squeezing it, while she did the same for Natasha. She then went over to Eric and grabbed his hand but didn't let go.

I was able to smile at that. Maybe they'd go out after all this was over.

Eric smiled at Michelle, and they walked hand in hand inside the hospital. We got to my aunt's room, and was told that only three people were going to be allowed in at a time.

The first three people in were, my uncle, Eric, and Natasha. I waited in the hall with the other three, waiting till I could go in. I was going to go in with Justin.

An hour later, they came out and I went in with Justin. I looked down at my aunt, and felt tears come to my eyes, which was not supposed to happen. I couldn't let this happen, I couldn't breakdown.

I felt Justin's arms wrap around me, as I looked down at my aunt. She looked so peaceful looking. But still it wasn't how she was supposed to be.

After everyone had visited, we waited outside for hours, hoping beyond belief that she'd wake up soon.

I was so exhausted that I laid down across a few chairs with my head in Justin's lap and fell asleep. I woke up and saw everyone had fallen asleep, I looked through the window of my aunt's room too see my uncle asleep with his head on the bed, and his hand holding my aunt's.

But I saw something else too. I saw my aunt's blinking eyes. I blinked to see if I was seeing things but I saw that I wasn't. I shook Justin awake.

"Hmm?" he asked sleepily.

"I think my aunt's awake." I said, he instantly woke up, and looked over.

"I think so too, I'll go get a nurse." he said getting up. I nodded and watched him go. I debated on telling everyone else but decided against it until the nurse came.

The nurse walked right into the room startling my uncle awake, I saw him look at my aunt and he smiled and laughed. I walked into the room with Justin right behind me.

"Hi Mrs. Green, how are you feeling?" the nurse asked.

"Alright I guess." she said, looking around as if trying to remember something.

"And do you know why you're in the hospital?" the nurse asked.

"Kinda, I got shot, I think." my aunt said.

"Yes you did." the nurse said. "I'm going to go tell the ones in the hall she's awake everyone can be in now if you want. You can fill her in on everything."

My uncle just sat there and cried, tears of joy until everyone came in. my aunt was bombarded with hugs and kisses and everyone was crying.

A few minutes later everyone calmed down, and my uncle told my aunt everything, with Natasha's help. Noah was standing holding Natasha's hand.

I was standing near the back of the room watching it all, and smiling and crying like everyone else. Justin was beside me, I turned to him and gave him the biggest hug ever.

When I let him go I could see from the corner of my eye Michelle, and Eric in an embrace and when it ended Eric kissed her. On the lips! A very sweet kiss from what I could see.

A few hours later, everyone left the hospital except for my uncle who wanted stay with my aunt.

Justin and I went to park and sat on a bench. I was leaning my head on him, and we were talking. Just talking. We expressed our joy to my aunt waking up, and well everything.

"You mean so much to me." Justin said, I smiled at him, and lifted my head to look at him.

"You mean so much to me too, you have no idea." I said and gave him a kiss.

It was a beautiful kiss. It was filled with joy, and pleasure, and everything great with the world. It sucked when we had to pull apart.

"I think I've fallen quite hard for you." he said, I smiled. And pushed my hair behind my ears.

"I've know I've fallen hard for you, and I just keep falling, I don't think I'll ever stop." I said. And we leaned in for another kiss.

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