I have always loved riding my bicycle.

Especially down the country side, for miles and miles, up to my usual look-out from a sky high cliff. It is a beautiful place, with the waves of the ocean crashing against the gigantic rocks down below.

This is my form of doing something therapeutic, watching the sunset every evening, and then cycling back to my cottage-house type of home.

I've always loved the place where I live. With the trees all around, the sea only walking-distance from our house and the outstretched fields behind our house which is covered in rows and rows of vines.

But, somehow, today was much different.

Of course, every dream has its down side. And mine is so big it practically covers my entire universe. I hate it. I hate every single second of it.



"Now, I have a big announcement to make. You all remember the essay you had to complete for last Friday? Well, I have marked it and most of you only got fifty percent or less, which is absolutely shocking.

"Although, there was only one exception." The teacher pointed at me and motioned for me to join her in the front.

I did.

"Her essay, called; Souring, received full marks."

There was a lame applause, which filled the atmosphere with so much jealousy, it made me cringe. Everyone was whispering rude remarks to each other about me, once again.

"Quiet, class."

The classroom quieted down to a painful silence, and my hands started feeling clammy.

"Read it to us, please."

The teacher handed me the perfectly written essay with no red marks scrabbled over it. There was only the mark: one-hundred percent, written at the top in big letters with the teachers name next to it. The few pages felt cold and too perfect for me to hold, but I reminded myself that I was the writer of this essay.

I slowly cleared my throat, and took a deep breath without looking at the twenty grumpy faces staring up at me.

Soon the classroom was filled with my dramatic voice, speaking every word as it should be spoken. Pausing for just how long I should be pausing.

It was like I was the only person alive in the world, totally lost in my own imagination as the story plays like a movie in the back of my mind.

It went by quite quick, even thought it's a four-page essay. At the end there was a very long moment of silence, and then the teacher began a lame applause which continued for only about five seconds.

"Beautiful. You may go and sit down now."


There was a smile on my face as I thought back to earlier today, reading my full-marks essay.

In a way it was quite pleasuring, reading my inspiration to the rest of my fellow students.

The down side was the fact that I knew their hearts were filled with green jealousy. And after that class, at lunch…


"You're weird." I heard one of my few friends admit after a long silence on our usual place under a big oak tree.

"Why?" I asked her with much confusion.

"I don't know, but I think I want to sit with those girls from now on." She slowly pointed to the football field where a group of girls were giggling and whispering next to the football pole. Some boys were playing ball.

"But they're…"

"Weird? Is that what you were going to say?"

I nodded slowly and stared at her with my mouth stuffed with lunch.

"You don't know anything." And just like that, she stood up and left me, forever.


I threw my bicycle off the cliff with force.

"Is this what you want?? Do you want me to suffer for the next few years like that???" I shouted into the sky, to no one particularly. Warm tears streamed down my face and wetted my cheeks, making the wind cold against my skin.

No one replied, only the waves kept rumbling two hundred feet beneath me, crashing against the rocks.

"I am sick, and tired, of this life of mine. I hate my friends, I hate my teachers, I hate my school, and I hate myself!" I spat at the horizon lying motionlessly in the distance. The wind whipped my hair high up into the air and a long horrible shiver ran down my spine. My lips were trembling as the sobs broke through my throat, making my whole body tremble in pain.

"I don't want to do this anymore." I whispered in a cry to myself. My life flitted through my vision, as I paced up to the edge of the cliff.

"I will do as the character in my essay did, she wanted to soar. Now I will awake that character in me, by taking my very own life. "

I curled my toes around the edge of the cliff and slowly looked down at the breaking waves beneath me. I looked up, smiled, and slowly closed my eyes for the last time. I lifted my arms and stood like a bird before taking off.

I flung myself into the air, and soared.