So... I love you guys... Please don't hate me.

I have deleted everything, because it's now for sale online!

I know I promised an epilogue, but I've been busy and its too late now.

So if you wanna read the epilogue and all the new and improved updated chapters...

Then go buy the book. :) Pleeeeeease! I get money if you do. And I reeeeeeeally need money.

You can buy it on www(dot) iuniverse (dot) com. Look up "The Things I Do For Love" by Sydney Pennington.

I know the price is kinda expensive, but it is soooo worth it. And sorry about the exaggerated vowels, but... I'm soooo excited. :)

Again, I'm so sorry that I kinda lied. My schedule got all screwed up. I'm rambling now. I'm sorry. Okay I'm not sorry. I'm too happy.

But go buy my book. Now. And if you want updates and stuff on it, then you can add me on Facebook. Again, my name is Sydney Pennington.

My profile picture is the offical cover of the book. :) Why are you still reading this? Go! Who am i kidding. No one is gonna read this. Oh well. :)