Note, I am not Bono. I am just as bad as everybody else, probably worse, I just like to publicly acknowledge it.

The more you say, the less they hear,

The more you scream, the less they care,

You fall apart, they sit and watch,

The more you cry, the more they laugh,

You're make-up'll turn you into a beast,

You're cat-walk dress a straight jacket,

You run, nails in you're coffin lid,

Run, rabbit, run, they're coming for you,

The more we look, the less we see,

If we don't watch we won't need to care,

We can turn our backs and pretend it wasn't there,

Yeah, we won't look and we won't care,

You can be your own best friend,

You can be you're worst enemy,

You can try and hide from the dark,

But you could never hide from you,

Dream your dreams, dream them while they last,

They will turn to your worst nightmare,

Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true,

Be careful what you wish, it'll come for you.