Best Friends

Does anyone really know what that means?

I think it means late night calls,

And early morning wake ups.

Best friends don't have to be the same person,

They just need to have a great time with the each other doing nothing.

Some people are lucky enough to experience a real best friend.

And I've realized I'm one of those people.

A best friend is there for you no matter what.

No matter how many fights you get into,

They'll still wait for you at your locker.

No matter how late it is,

You can call them and they'll always answer.

A best friend is someone you study with,

Or start marker fights with.

A best friend knows when you're joking, or when you're serious;

And can always tell that something's wrong,

Just by looking in your eyes.

They'll cheer you up when you're sad,

And when you get annoying, they aren't afraid to tell you.

They are still your friend after you become hyper and start laughing like a crazy.

They are the shoulder to cry on,

The safe haven in a dangerous world.

You pass notes in class,

And wreck havoc in the halls.

Best friends notice when you're sick,

And actually misses your company.

My best friend is all of these things and more.

That's how I know she's way past a mere best friend,

She's my sister, my twin.

And no matter what happens, she always will be.