Stare at the photographs and suddenly the smiles seem so fake

Flip through the pictures that he's taken always making this mistake

Every couple that he's chosen, scripted, made up, told to pose and

Don't they make a sweet commotion? Laughter, life- its love in motion


Frozen in a single still. Say what you want, it isn't real

No, not as real as the pills for headaches that will come until

he's gone. For all his photographs, how often can he make your laugh

Spill through your throat like notes in a song that can't be stilled?


There's romance in being alone and no messages on your phone

In dial tones and swears and groans and taking back the love you've loaned

Seems crazy, maybe, but it pays when he raises hell and tells

amazing tales about a life where you're left all alone, and, well…


Sounds better than his every whim and Life: A Movie starring Him

He's picking 'sink' in sink or swim and passing it as 'swim' and dimly

smiling in his camera, living amorous on sedatives

Well look into the darkroom, dear, he's nothing but a negative


And now we're losing focus. And when he'll go he'll go cuz

he's sure that all the memories'll send you round the bend.

Was he this at the first kiss and why'd the flash just go off now?

A film strip playing out the story, every gory when and how


The last snapshot of past is playing out in somber black and white

It's a suitcase and a slamming door- the remnants of a fervent fight

It's a frightened woman on the run and a light-tan table set for one

It's a show we all know, Coming to Theaters Near You tonight


Because loving isn't living if the love is all old lines

And now living is leaving and it's absolutely fine

And they'll talk about the stigma and they'll talk about regrets

But she escaped and you can too. So take my hand and-