Hey there, up on the stage look at that man,

he sure doesn't look his age and I

think he's got something that he'd like to say.

So why don't we just,

let him speak.

Hello common people I speak to you from up here on my stage

and I can see your fingers that are clenched in rage.

Clasped around cheap imitation watches

and it sickens me.

The stars dont play here anymore

and thats the reason why

because you take your fandom to a new level

you worship and obsess just quite too much and

I dont think we can handle it anymore

The stars dont play here anymore

because of people like you and you and you... and you.

People who dont appreciate talent and think that money has something to do with everything

I don't wanna see your face here

No I don't wanna see your face here or there or anywhere

I just want you to leave and get out of here

you think that our looks have something to do with the money we bring in on a regular nightly basis

that's redonkulous

We make up words because we are above you, our famous kind

words that you could not comprehend or understand or utter back to me in your soft slow voice

you blend in with all the other common people like a symphony of choir kids who are quiet and shy

You just dont know what its like to be all the way up here in the sky, so high. So. High.

Climb the mountain but you will break the rungs on the ladder on the way up because

you don't have a degree in climbing or math or history because

lets face it, your just a common guy, doing your common things and you wish you had diamond rings like

me and every other famous guy

Cause the the stars wont play here anymore

and this might be one of the last times you ever see me.

You should feel lucky for I have given you charity, no charity is not the right word

we've done more than that, we're a blessing you are a curse.

You the common people do not know the worth of our visit, my visit no.

You do not appreciate you neglect, you will never be on the level that I am on, because you, you are a common person

you are all common people.

The stars wont play here anymore cause of people like you and you and you... you know what?

This will be the last time you see me, the very last time so I

hope you enjoyed it because

I hate common people.