((This is my first story here on ...so I hope it's okay xD.
It's a one-shot, unless I decide to write more about whoever these people are...
And the title of the story is not that great, either....
But I hope you like it! (even though it's extremely short) :).))

I heard a screaming noise and a struggle coming from our hang out before I got there. Maybe some others would have missed it – but I wasn't like everyone else. I naturally noticed these kinds of things.

The scream was that of one of my friends. Though most female teenagers now didn't have a best guy friend without some romantic feelings, that's what I was to her. And that's what she was to me – just a friend.

It was a kidnapper, it seemed. But whatever he was planning, I wouldn't let him go through with it.

"Let her go," I commanded. My height reached up only to his chin, but I knew I could take him on.

"Run!!" my friend shouted. I ignored her – did she not realize what danger she was in?

"What are you going to do if I don't?" the man asked. "Call the police?" His voice was mocking, as if he already decided that I was no threat. How pitiful, that this man would easily jump to such a conclusion.

"Let her go, now." I ordered, once again. My voice didn't waver. I wasn't afraid.

"You'd better watch your tone, or I'll have to deal with you, too," he threatened. "Or maybe I'll just hurt your girlfriend, here."

I didn't bother to correct the label he'd used. Either way, anger surged through me. I wouldn't let him hurt her. "Oh really?" I smirked. "You'll have to fight me, first."

"You think you can do any damage to me?" the man laughed, though it was more of a croak – his voice was rough.

"Yes, as a matter of fact..." I could feel the dark energy rushing through me. My friend's eyes widened a bit, and I wasn't surprised – evil, demonic power could probably be noticed through my eyes. I'd seen others like me. Partial demons, full of dark power, yet still in control of their humanity. "I can."

The kidnapper started to loosen his grip on my friend. "What are you...playing at?"

"Do you want to fight?" I demanded. "Or are you just going to let her go?"

"I'd like to see you try to hurt me," the man said, though his voice wavered a bit. He actually was scared.

"Gladly," I replied, letting the demonic power surface.

The man could barely get a scream out before he was dead.