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Chapter 5

So much blood. The metallic scent filled my nose as everything around me began to spin and swirl. Screeching metal exploded around me. So much blood. My stomach churned nauseously.


I sprang upward, panting, my eyes darting around the room crazily. Safe. I was safe. The room around me was dark because it was still morning. My breath came out in a rapid and uneven pattern as I choked back the tears. The memories are just so horrible. I clenched my eyes and shuddered.

How did I end up back in my room? The last thing I remembered was being in the kitchen. A sigh escaped my lips and I got out of bed. It is about time I got ready for school. The process of brushing my teeth was quick and I was soon in a pair of worn jeans and a loose t-shirt.

I decided to skip breakfast; my appetite was still astray.

After walking for a few minutes from my house, I was soon greeted by the dark, looming building of my school. There was still time to spare since I took an unusually fast pace this morning. It was so unsettling.

I pushed the door open and it echoed down the empty halls. Where were the custodians? That Lance guy never really gave me the tour of the school. My eyes fell on the door that sat in the corner of the hallway. Strange how I never noticed it before.

I pulled open the door gently. A musty smell filled my nose. It smelled like a tinge of old paper and mildew. I don't think a lot of people go in here. I opened the door a bit wider and I stared off into the room. It was a library, a rather big library at that. Bright light filtered in through the large windows that sat high above the shelves. This library was quite appealing.

"Ah, found the library, did you?" a voice called from behind, startling me. I jumped and whirled around. Lance stood there, his hair standing on odds. Probably rushed out of bed this morning.

I eyed him carefully and frowned at him. What did he want?

"Are you mute?" Lance asked quite bluntly. Why, of course, that was an expected question.

My urge to respond wasn't that great, so I didn't. Instead I continued to frown and glare at him.

"You do know frowning isn't good for your health," he took his thumb and placed it between my eyebrows. "It takes more muscles to frown than to smile."

My face relaxed under his cold touch. It was like he controlled my emotion. His amber eyes flickered and he put his arm down.

"This is an unknown library," Lance continued and he gently brushed past me into the library. "There's actually a main one out front."

Why would they have two libraries?

"But I find this one more relaxing. Less people," he said thoughtfully and turned to me slowly. "Are you going to tell anybody about this place?" He looked almost scared at that fact. I pondered back to when we were at school, he never seemed to be in solitude. Lance was constantly surrounded by people.

I shook my head anyways. It's not like I even had anybody to tell. A smile creased onto his face. This was the first time I saw him smile.

"Hmm? You're smiling?" Lance turned to me, his eyebrows arched. "Your face is so much nicer if you smiled once every while."

I was smiling?

"Lance!" someone called behind me. I could see the slight disappointment in Lance's sun-filled eyes.

"What, Madeline?" Lance sighed and scratched his head exasperated. "Why are you here so early? I thought you weren't going to come yet."

I turned a wary eye to the girl who had a bob hair cut.

"You know I still have a part in all of this," the girl turned to me, her doe like eyes giving me a quick once over. "Mm, I thought you'd look different."

"Hello! My name is Madeline Cho! Nice to meet you," Madeline stuck out her hand and smiled cheekily at me. "I hope we can become the best of friends." She shook my hand rapidly and then glared over at Lance. "You! Come."

"For god sakes." Lance grumbled and walked out of the room. "Close the door when you come out."

He disappeared around the corner, leaving me standing there awkwardly in the middle of the library. I wonder what kind of books were in this place. My fingers trailed along the spine of a worn book that was shoved into an already jammed shelf. It looked pretty old.

I pulled it out and I flipped through it. To my surprise, it was actually a children's book, full of poems and little nursery rhymes. The whole time, I thought it was some kind of spell book. I didn't know where I was disappointed or excited.

The bell rang shrilly and I winced at the loud clanging noise. Ah, they must not let students into the building in the morning until that bell rings. Woops. I put the book back and quickly sauntered to the door.

I opened it and shut the door behind me before I took a quick step forward.

"Hey! Watch it!!" a loud voice barked maliciously and I was suddenly slammed into the wall.

Tiffany loomed over me, her face full of scorn. "Look what you made me do." I stared at the coffee stain that was on her expensive blouse.

"Oh my god, that's going to stay there!" her friend Greta muttered supportively to Tiffany.

It was a biggie. Well to her at least.

"Are you going to fucking answer me?" she snarled angrily and I saw her manicured hand clench tighter to the coffee cup. "This shirt was very expensive! Ah…this stain isn't going to come out."

My teeth snagged my lower lip as she rubbed at the stain.

"You're so fucking annoying. Why can't you answer me, you cretin?" Tiffany said harshly as she looked down on me, her icy blue eyes flickering with anger. "Are you dog? Can you even bark?"

I clenched my hands into fists as I looked down. Why couldn't she just go away?

"Damn you!" and suddenly my head was splashed with luke warm liquid. Shock rippled through my entire body, just like the coffee that slid down like sheets down my shirt shirt and dribbled along my back.

Her heels clicked away and her friend chortled loudly after her.

The smell of coffee was everywhere, it nauseated me. I picked myself up and feebly tried to shake out the coffee from my hair. I continued to walk towards my class.


Lance rubbed his eyes as he tried to get the sleepiness away. He didn't realize that she'd go to school so early, so he had to jolt out of bed just to get here before anything happened.

Tiffany was giggling loudly as she began to write something on the board. That's strange, she isn't in this class.

"Tiffany, what are you doing?" Lily asked. Red hair, green eyes. Lance tried to put the color of her green eyes to Amethyst's eyes. They're different to everybody's no matter how much he compared.

"Just some facts." Tiffany shrugged and then swished her hair gleefully before she admired the board.

Right above her breast was a light brown stain. Something that is surprising to be on Tiffany's clothes.

"Lance, what do you think?" Tiffany asked suddenly, snapping Lance out of his thoughts.

"What do I think of what?" Lance muttered and propped his chin on his hand.

She gestured towards the board. It read: No Dogs Allowed.

"Naturally…." Lance began. Then the door creaked open and Tiffany's eyes narrowed to the tiniest slits.

Amethyst walked to her desk. Her hair strands were wiry trails along her back that was covered in a brown stain. There were little flakes caked along her neck and it plastered to her face.

"Ahem," Tiffany cleared her throat loudly. "Well, I don't think everybody knows the rules."

The room became eerily quiet.

"No. Dogs. Allowed," Tiffany emphasized, her eyes focused on Amethyst who sat there looking haggard. She smelled like coffee. "Especially mangy ones like you."

Amethyst didn't look up or respond in any way. She just sat there. Something inside Lance twitched.

"Eww, did you pee on yourself?" a girl added. A Tiffany minion.

"Yeah, get the hell out," it was Jordan. When did he become an Amethyst hater?

"No dogs allowed," Chloe Armens stated snidely. The little petite girl was quick to change sides. Just to get on the good side of Tiffany. Tiffany is a menace.

Tiffany's group which consisted of practically half the class surrounded her desk.


I drew in slow even breaths. Even if I responded, would that really make a difference? My eyes remained focus to the swirls of the wood that made my desk.

"No. Dogs. Allowed," Tiffany said, her nasty tone tinted with smugness. Lance sat there, his eyes focused intently on me. His beautiful eyes smoldering into a weird color. What was he thinking?

"Yeah, get the hell out."

"NO dogs allowed!" a repetitive notion. I wasn't a dog. I'm not a dog. My gaze went lower as I bent my head. I didn't even have to come today. I could've just stayed home.

The coffee had dried and stiffened along the nape of my neck, it made it terribly disgusting to move.

I smelt the harsh scent of perfume as that sandy blond girl and her "gang" walked up around my desk.

"Did you hear us?" she put a strain on the us. Maybe it was supposed to make me feel bad about being a loner.

Anger swelled inside me. What gave her the right to do all of this? Again, I felt eyes, sharper eyes bearing into my back. Everything was just a blur. Anger, hatred….sadness.


A hand slammed onto my desk, the fingernails intricately painted and over accessorized. "Get out."

I whipped my head up and I dared myself to glare at her. She towered over me, her crystal eyes seething down at me, but my loathing matched hers. Our eye contact was unbroken and I saw her lower lip tremble.

"How dare you," she hissed in a low quivering breath. "Stop looking at me."

I didn't stop.

"I said STOP!" her voice got reasonably louder. But I persisted. Why the hell should I? "I SAID STOP IT." That was followed by a sharp slap across my face.

My head turned the other way from the blow and I sat there in shock. The classroom burst into cheers and gasps.

"That's enough." A stern voice from behind rang out. Despite all the noise and commotion, his voice seemed to slice clean through it.

Tiffany looked up, stunned. Her eyes flickering with tears. "W-what?"

Tiffany was the queen of this school, but Lance is apparently the king.

"I said that's enough," Lance stood up almost elegantly. There was an unusual flare to him. "Go back to your class."

The class was again scarily quiet. Tiffany whirled around dramatically and stalked out of the room. Even the people began to shuffle back to their seats, but Lance walked to the front of the room and he swiped the eraser through the words "No dogs allowed".

Just as Lance finished erasing the board, the door popped open again. It was the teacher. No, it was Madeline.

"Lance?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Hmm," Lance grunted and walked back to his seat.

"Good morning class," she called. "Ah, how nice of the new student to join us today."

All eyes were on me.

"Amethyst Crestings, welcome to the class. I'm your homeroom teacher Ms. Cho," Madeline stated all business-like.

I nodded and she turned around to begin telling us news and updates on the school. I spaced out.

Lunch approached quickly. I decided to leave. After packing my bag, I walked down the hallway towards the backdoor. Thankfully no one was here. I trotted down a couple of stairs and I prepared to push the door.

"Hey, there."

I rolled my eyes. That just had to happen, didn't it?

"Is she the one?" a male voice asked, boredly.

"Yeah she is."

Okay. This can't really be good, can it? I slowly turned around and was confronted by two delinquent looking guys. One had shockingly blond hair and liquid sky blue eyes. Another was short, pudgy and spiked hair with dull dark brown eyes; he was clearly not as intelligent as the blond guy.

"Amethyst? Strange name. It's like that stone!" the short one remarked to himself and he let out a guffawing laugh as if he just said something hilarious.

"Mm, she doesn't know where to go." the lightning blond hair guy said nonchalantly and he looked me down. "We can help her?" It was kind of suggestive.

No. I eased back towards the door. A hand was against the door.

"We're not finished," I froze as I heard the blond guy's voice right next to my ear.

"I don't get why they bothered to ask me….she doesn't seem like much of a problem," Blond boy said. Why is everyone saying that?

His hand enclosed my wrist. It looked like his hand can wrap itself around my wrist two times over. I was too thin. He wrenched me around and stared down on me.

"Amethyst Crestings," he muttered. "Been a problem to us for quite awhile now."

I sighed. High school is so stupid and everyone seems to have the same catchphrase. Why do they even know my name?

He was centimeters away from my face. I could feel his warm breath tickle my cheek.

"Alec." the short one piped up and I saw him glance around nervously. "I heard something."

"Now, be a dear and come with us," he produced a rag that reeked of a kind of chemical. It made me dizzy.

"HEY," I saw a blur from the top of the stairs. The figure jumped down and landed nimbly a foot away.

"Alec!!" Pudgy cried and he kind of cowered.

"Tch," Alec clicked his teeth and whirled a roundhouse kick. The figure ducked quickly.

It was Lance. He had a dark scowl on his face.

"Alec. What the hell are you doing?" Lance growled furiously at the boy who stood there casually.

"Doing my business. Tiffany's orders," Alec shrugged and then a smirk rippled across his angular face.

"We've made agreements. You know that. They've made an arrangement, a truce." Lance barked, fire flashing across his amber eyes.

"Then why are you here?" The blonde boy responded, harshly. I fingered along the wall and I prepared to push the door open. It opened with a pop.

"Hey!" Alec whirled around and prepared to do something, but his hand was jolted back.

"Stop!" Lance threw a punch and Alec dodged. They both jumped away from each other, a strange determination on their face. Both tensed to lunge. Alec proceeded with a kick, but Lance grabbed his leg and twisted it. The both fought neck to neck, and it wasn't those ghetto kind of fights. Each of the boy had a strange martial talent.

It felt like I was sucked into a strange action movie.

Stop! My vocals chord tingled, but nothing came out. They heaved a kick to each other. I ran in the middle, anger coursing in my veins.

STOP. A stunning blow clipped both my shoulders and I was thrown onto the ground. I hugged myself and grimaced against the pain.

Oww…I cringed and let out a small breath. A glare were thrown to and fro as I stared angrily at both of them. Strings of curses running through my head. Oh, if only I could say them. Without a word, Alec stormed through the exit and disappeared.

"A-Alec!" the pudgy boy followed quickly.

Lance gently touched my shoulder. He looked almost guilty. "Are you alright? I'm Sorry I couldn't stop in time."

I let out an annoyed breath and rolled my shoulder to make sure nothing was dislocated. It's okay. I wanted to say that; he actually looked guilty. He touched my shoulders gently, my shoulders responded with a throb.

He saw me wince and withdrew his hand. "Nurses'."

I shook my head. I didn't need it. It didn't even hurt that much.

"Come on," he stood up and was pulling my hand. I stared at our hands. He was warm…

With a grunt, he hoisted me over his shoulder, just like a sack of potatoes.

My face grew unfamiliarly warm as I began to struggle greatly. This was awkward!

"We're going to make sure nothing is broken," Lance said, though it sounded like he was talking to himself. He gives himself too much credit in his strength. I mean, both of their punches were lame.


Lance's brain whirred. Thank god I lessened the blow when she ran in. But, why did Alec go easy?

Alec's stubborn face appeared in his head. It's strange, they used to be best friends.