Sighing, she logged off her facebook account. She couldn't help but feel depressed about the present situation. HE would never know how much she liked him. It was not as if it was is fault, how was HE supposed to know, all SHE did was stalk him on facebook. She felt like such a loser, never having enough courage to walk over to the guy she liked and yet obsessing over him every pausible always happened to her. She could never muster enough courage to talk to any guy she liked and this one was no exception.

The summer holidays were coming to an end. Finally, SHE will be able to watch...stalk HIM in person. Her sources had informed her that he had gone to Las Vegas for his holidays. She bit her lip trying to force the thought of HIM hooking up with some random chick out of HER mind. Her mind would wander to the same topic. It was as if SHE had no choice in that was just insane. She couldn't do do anything about it.

'What are you wondering about, girl?' her best guy friend, Jon, asked startling her.

'Jon, you scared me for a second there, you fool.'

Jon just smiled in return and studied his best friend and his CRUSH. Yes he was crazy about HER. She was wearing a pajama with strawberry shaped things all over it and a t-shirt, twice her size. She always had a penchant for baggy clothes .She was a portrait of innocence and looked like a child...a pretty child, his bubbles..!! He knew her too well for his own good.

'Mojo, is Tia coming too?' She asked referring to her other best friend.

'Don't know, Bubbs'

'Jon, do you think he will ever like me?' She asked suddenly, voicing her thoughts for the first time that day.

She did not know about HIM liking HER.

'He will be mad not to like you.' Jon replied, not telling about HIM liking HER already.

That brought a big smile on her face. He still remembered how mesmerized he was when she had flashed her smile at him for the very first time. God, how he loved her smile. Scratch that, he loved every fucking thing about her. He could do anything to make her smile. Once he had worn a pantyhose and cat walked for her. Somewhere along the line Jon had fallen in love with her.

Tia never did come to HER house. She couldn't face Jon, not after noticing the way he looked at HER. Tia's love(Jon), loved HER and Jon's love lived in complete oblivion. It hurt Tia, tore her apart- she had spent nights crying over Jon in these holidays. For Tia, it was love at first sight. She had probably loved Jon for more than half a decade now.


Next day, SHE drove to school early hoping to catch a glimpse of him before the school started.

SHE waited for HIM by the staircase knowing from experience that he'd have to pass them. By now she had his complete schedule etched in her memory.
HE never did turn up then and SHE was late for class.

During lunchtime, SHE was alone because Jon had disappeared off to someplace without warning and Tia was in library doing God knows what.

Someone sat beside her, SHE looked up, it was HIM .He smiled and asked HER if HE could join her. She could just manage a goofy smile.

Jon watched the scene unfold from distance, hidden from view. He was trying hard to stop tears from welling.

Wasn't love all about letting go..??

Jon had talked to HIM about HER. Jon knew that HE liker HER and it was slow murder to see HER so sad, so lost. SHE deserved happiness and as said before, he could do anything for HER.

And that's what he did. Jon made the sacrifice. Jon gave HIM that necessary little push towards HER.

Slowly Jon turned his back towards them. His work was done as here.

AS long as SHE was happy with him, he was too.

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