Second story in Fiction Press and I feel like I'm on a roll of some sort (kill streak or something similar to that).

This would be a collection of short stories describing a whole picture. The universe, in totality, is a lot of things happening all at once, much like the same concept in my other story In Omnibus (please check it out as well. Would want to provide a direct link, but don't know how).

All comments and critiques are welcomed, as long as they are kept in sensible terms.

Hope to hear some feedback!



"Greetings! Thank you for calling Wish Makers, from pets to perverse, kills to kings, garish to godly, we accompany to your accord. Wishing is your specialty, granting is our propriety. This is Lucy, what is it that you need making in to reality?

Yes, sir. No, no, this is not a joke sir. Yes, sir, we're legitimate. Not sanctioned by any country but I assure you, we are upholding international and universal standards, sir. Ha-ha, yes sir, I know, I know. But believe me sir, the fact that you're able to call this number means you are special. Ha-ha, no sir I really mean that. You'd be astonished to how many would kill for this privilege, but pshaw! Now now, sorry sir for being a little chatty, let's get back to business, shall we? Wishing is free sir, and it just so happens you are given the opportunity to have those made to reality with our expert services. Payment? Ha-ha, as long as you cooperate with our conditions of granting, that's all the payment we need. Sounds like a joke? It's alright sir. You may back out at any moment. Just hang up the phone sir, and you are held to no liability whatsoever. We can't force wishers to have their desires selfishly granted, right?

Are you still there? Going through? Ok sir, thank you for the trust. Going back sir, what is that you want? . . . Ah…! Ah, yes. Yes sir, I understand. Valiant type, I see? Not many make that choice. In what specific manner would you like that executed, sir? Rather sir, scale, scale. How big would you like yourself to be? Huge? As in… superman? Ha ha ha! Yes, yes… that's possible sir, that's possible. As I said sir, granting is our propriety. Intricate, but we make it happen. Anymore specifications you would like to add sir? None? Ok. Now, next would be some information about you. Oh..! Aha ha ha, yes, yes. Very smart, sir. But don't worry sir. We wouldn't be asking anything about basic information. We protect you as much as we protect ourselves on that matter. Ha ha ha, right you are sir, right you are. Now now, sir. Don't worry, we're professionals. This is kept under strict confidentiality. Ok now sir, let's start off: Community condition, sir. How's the neighborhood? Ok… ok… Next would be physical condition… Specific? No sir, it's alright. We just need some information. No matter how vague, it's fine. But it would save us the trouble if you speak honestly now. Don't know much? It's alright, we can work on that. Ok, as I was saying, physical… Ok… Next would be mental capacity… IQ, etc. Ok… Lastly would be emotional… How do you handle things? Ok… ok… Ok then sir… Let's move on to the contract… I'll be stating the contract in general while the full details would be in the complete contract that would be made once you would accept our offer. Don't worry sir, you aren't held liable if you agree at this stage. Only when you sign the full contract will you be held liable, alright? By that time, you can still pull out, don't worry, sir. We follow procedure... Now then, I'm sorry but I will be in strict mode now. The contract is very important and this would affect your decision on our offer. Some decline, so please listen carefully. I will not entertain questions while I'm stating the contract, alright?

Your wish sir, "Hero" falls under the company's categorization scheme under the Universal Recalibration Amendment (URA) – Coordination League (CL) #31, is broken down to the categories: "Enhancement", "Circumstance" and "Denizens". Therefore under such categories, we are to follow procedures in each of the given categories in order for your wish to be fulfilled, following the URA - CL Revisa #32, 37 & 43. Following the guidelines, we are to accomplish conditions as per separate category in order to accomplish your wish. Accomplishment would require some manipulation of your current environment, body, history or any factors, past, present or future, in order to attain such. This, however, must be done under strict guidelines according to various physical, logical and causal laws.

As per category: Enhancement means that your body needs some upgrading, thus we would need to have your body replaced with a few more efficient parts – this may involve, but is not limited to genetic manipulation, physical augmentation, and mutation caused by, but not limited to, exposure to radiation and mutagens. Methods would be chosen depending on which would cause the least strain to universal laws. Circumstance means that the sequence of events that led up to one's life needs to be altered in order to accommodate one's wish. In other words, the wish must logically fit to the situation. This may involve, but is not limited to – alteration with the customer's bloodline, removal and introduction of key life events, past, present or future, appearance of major influential characters, and creation of accidents. Methods would be chosen depending on which would cause the least strain to universal laws. Lastly, Denizens means mental and societal factors, caused by the creatures encompassed, must be of direct cause for the necessity of the wish. This may involve, but is not limited to – change of morals, laws and standards of the given population, increase or decrease of criminality in the area, war, social conflicts, religious preferences and government.

Once you sign the contract, you pledge your bind to universal laws of the outcome of your wish. The contract will only end when the wish is completed. Neither you nor the company has the right to end it, superimposing all existence rights such as the right to choose, the right to live and the right to die. Once the contract is in effect, you are able to keep track on the progress of the wish granting via contacting us on designated numbers we would provide.

Phew… yes sir, I know… long winding. And expect more when you read the full contract since it will cover every single nitty-gritty detail and every possibility. No sir, you're not allowed to have a lawyer but we would provide you the full capacity and knowledge to understand the contract to make sure you give your full consent of it.

Now then sir… Given the conditions, will you accept our services or not? It's alright sir. You can think it through first, but please don't put down the phone. Once you do, that means you refuse.

I beg your pardon, sir? I can't hear you. Please repeat. You want to…?

You wa-"