It's sort of an experiment, but here's a 'fic' that is set up to allow for anonymous 'reviews'. So, if you want to just vent or bitch about FP, log out and then post a 'review.'

Oh, and if you've never logged out of FP before (because you're so addicted), the way to do it is to click on the 'Login' link in the upper right (yeah, intitutive, I know. Sort of like clicking 'start' to shut down your computer...) and then, on your profile page, clicking 'Logout'.

In the spirit of Foo Anonymous, no names or other identifiable information. If you have to complain about how someone completely missed the point of your story in a stupid review, try to remove as many of the specific as possible while still keeping the key gestalt.

Please PM me if you object to a post.